#LARams LIVE: Post-game press conferences following preseason game vs. Texans – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Annette Mendoza Reply

We have a great team and this year is ours Rams!!! 💪

Joshua Batts Reply

I said it once and I’ll say it again there’s only 1 McVay

pam0077 Reply

You can see why the Rams organization hired Sean McVay as head coach at just 30 years old. Every time he steps up to a mic, he continues to show he has an incredible command, confidence, wisdom, and knowledge of the game that’s well, well beyond his age.

Make The Lakers Great Again Reply

Go Rams!




Soon people will realize we are a superstar team
Rams are the real nfl of the new era……

Anish Gala Reply

Thank you to the crew member who zoomed the camera in @ 20 seconds. Coach looked like a kid at first

David Espinoza Reyes Reply

GO RAMS I was watching the game at work on my mobile phone 📱
#MobSquad baby!!
Fan from Australia 🇦🇺 right here!!

Bright Brass Reply

Bortles over Wolford?!? If Goff goes down, we are completely F’ed….

    Sojo R Reply

    Reeder over Dakota Allen? Morgan Fox over Franklin-Myers? Hmmmm 😒 *RED FLAG!!!!*

J Med Reply

Does any Ram fans have a YouTube channel/podcast?? Asking for Panther Nation.. #KeepPounding

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