#LARams LIVE: Jared Goff’s postgame press conference following win over Saints – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Erick delacruz Reply

Lets go get it together yall looking better rust going away good win 💪💪

MaDwOrLd365 Reply

Great Job JARED ! 💯🐏


Bowls of Gumbo for everyone

Omar Reply


mike jackson Reply

Tela what?

Dennis Kirk Reply

Goff is Cali. Cool 😎

Todd Nansel Reply


leveetator Reply

Jared Goff did not fumble, the refs got it wrong- he was trying to tuck the football, so should have been Rams’ ball.

    folo93 lbc Reply

    Goff admitted it though.🤷‍♂️

folo93 lbc Reply

He can do better 1st half was a little bad some play calling too, still progressing✊💯 though go goff.

Who Am I D.I.Y. Ryan Panana Reply

Great Game JG. On to the Browns. The team really came together on all phases. #MOBSQUAD

Dat RanDumb Comment Reply

Saints would’ve turned up after Half time also…too bad we didn’t get to see that thriller,but I’ll take this win. Hope Saints beat Seahawks and Cowboys. Especially Cowboys

The Glorious Reply

Warm up into the season, The Patriots way.

Mike Reply

Hey Saints……scoreboard!

Timothy Duckett Reply

good job Rams love it

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