#LARams LIVE: Jared Goff Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Larry Roa

Man I wish they would do something with the volume I can’t hear a thing.

    Ray Rodriguez

    Most of Jared’s conferences are low volume for some reason

Jordan Partiss

Jared and I were wearing the same shirt today 4-0 confirmed


I got us winning this one… Big Time! Check it out https://youtu.be/Z3IM1feTzig

Victor Ramirez

This is Los Angeles, so much good technology and we can’t hear the questions and barely hear the answers.😡

    David Gatzen

    I guess the Rams do not read the comments, because we’ve been complaining about this problem in comments for all of Jared’s interviews on the Los Angeles Rams channel videos.

Dancing through canyons

The audio is way too low.




Yes , Thank you self inflicting . Let’s get this W vs. the Bucs !!!!


And O-Line lets pick up the protection ! Let’s get the W 4-0. GoRams

mike jackson

Audio is bad for jared for the last 2 yrs

Victor Ramirez

W H A T ???????????? Can’t hear👂🏽😝 👴🏼👴🏼👴🏼👴🏼

M Andrade

my left ear appreciates this…

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