Lane Johnson “This is a Must-Win” | Eagles Press Pass – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Lane Johnson “This is a Must-Win” | Eagles Press Pass

Hear from players Lane Johnson, Brandon Graham, , , , , , , and after Wednesday's walkthrough.

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SeanLee 30

Fly eagles fly super bowl number 2 this year

Forrest Smith

Miles is not explosive yet. He needs to put his head down and use brains and power!!!

    Just F*cking Send it

    Forrest Smith all rookies do it. Bounce out


    He’s trying to do shake and bake, he is used to college where you can do that. In the NFL the Linebacks are too fast and will close those holes. He gets holes but hesitates. He’ll get it it just takes time. Deuce will straighten him out.

    wy2 fly

    @ Forrest Smith…🀣…I’m dead….☠☠☠

Bobby Tsunami

once miles LEARNS u can not bounce outside as much in the NFL he will be fine

    Trey A

    Precisely, i said that earlier today to someone. Transition from college. He’ll be OK fam.

K.o. Reacts

Miles cant bounce in the NFL but Shady can? Nah, Miles just needs to be smarter at choosing when and where to bounce. Yeah, Sometimes he could run full speed ahead for some power yards but he has been dancing when its not time to.. doing too much


DARBY plays better in PRESS COVERAGE… watch the tape…. Can’t get pass rush in OFF COVERAGE(QB’s getting ball out faster in off coverage)

Goat Stature

I know the offensive line it’s coming to show off this Sunday they didn’t play well last week

John Lancaster

It’s easy to criticize Sanders but when there are no holes to run through it’s going to be kind of hard to run up the middle. The offensive line was tossed around like rag dolls. These next two games are must wins. Cowboys get Dolphins Sunday so another loss puts you two back.

    Kerry Ramler

    yes, thank you!

John Mindler

Put Sidney Jones on the outside and keep him there. Either he succeeds or fails. If he fails, he fails. Schwartz must give him a chance to succeed or fail. He has the speed but can he use it?

Bradley Slusser

I agree. We need this one.. Green Bay is going to be harder. Then hopefully start getting some guys back, and put some wins together…

me email

JJ play scared hahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ big body lil heart he need to flex up

    Len Halz

    Was his first game.

Mir Dubya

Why even concerned with Sanders we brought in Howard for reason just use him damn it

Donald Brown

Well get right. Fly Eagles Fly

Leonel Thomas

Eagles should start the rookie LT for pass protection.

Fuck U Pay Me

O line been trash thru 2wks, lets put the blame there lol. They should be MUCH better the rest of the season

John Omalley

Why does Darren talk like that does he have a speech problem

    northdakota momma

    John Omalley Yes, Darren does have a stuttering problem and he did a documentary about helping kids with stuttering problems and if you have a problem with it and make fun of it then shame on you. He is a good player and a super human being.

Brandon S

We wasted two games finding out who miles sanders is when i believe howard can actually make a difference hes hardly getting a chance

kitdacraze phillyphilly

Sanders got speed just don’t. Dance around man just hit the holes and gain yards by yards

Thomas Upham

Boy better be ready to contribute this week. If he can’t be competent then it will really congest the Offense.

Fisherman Freso

Sproles sound like he’s watching every word that he says lol

Len Halz

I wish Sidney Jones had a killer mentality

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