Lane Johnson Breaks Down Blocking Angles, Hand Placement, & More | NFL Film Session – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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The HeadAss Man !!

NFL is the best sport channel

    Costa Zambaras

    Wow you really went out on a limb. Your insight is remarkable.

Is Az

Top 100 player. It’s criminal he wasn’t.

Anonymous Automaton

I would hate if someone got inside of me on a play


    Lol why not?

    Erik Lerström

    @Nittyque read that one more time


    Oh lol taking it back 😂😂

    Fumitsuki Nanakorobi

    Anonymous Automaton Your phrasing tho

Santhosh Gumudavelli

Opens up holes so big, you literally cant miss them, but somehow Smallwood literally hits the hole and instantly initiates contact


    Don’t have to worry about that anymore! lol


*this many people woke up today* 😳🙏🏽


_Btw Im Gifting My Next 100 Subs_ 🔥🦙!

    Kazi420 SB52

    This was a shitty comment . Work on how you advertise yourself cuz you looking kinda goofy right now

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    jinyu jin

    Watch SportLive 😉


Its good to see lineman getting some credit


Love how he told people about wide 3 and 4i

Hugo González

Bring tj watt plz

Phillis Soffdic

We need a Byron Jones episode showing how he’s transitioned from safety to corner and had a successful season. Curious to watch his tape and see him analyze it.

Alex Garcia

Beat tackle in football, let’s go birds!! #FlyEaglesFly 🦅🦅🦅

Captain Gnar

I played tackle as a youngster this was awesome to see broken down

Randy Broadnax

Can we just all agree O lineman are not appreciated as they should be?


Voch Lombardi inspired by the way.

Reece The Kid

One of the best tackles in football‼️ these film sessions are a blessing

solo sports

Lane never gave up a sack to dlaw ever


I love that so many of these film sessions feature lineman. Keep it up!

Smart Kid Jimmy

Am I the only one who is excited about the upcoming NFL season?

Smart Kid Jimmy

Also never heard of Lane Johnson

Vicente Keaney

Lane Johnson sounds like he’s drunk

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