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I’ve been saying this since last season. That part of his game was always good, and now that the game has slowed down for him, he’s got insane field vision at 22.

Mayokun Okuboye

Nice one, pls just keep him out of trouble and unnecessary stress. I hope one day I’ll be there at the stadium to watch the game.

Joshua DaCosta

Ramsey on his way home everybody.

    Eddie Business

    I believe you

Blacc R

Ramsey would fit perfectly and would love to play with Lamar and the rest of the Ravens Nation youth!

    MNRS E.B.

    Nah bro
    we don’t need a player who gives up on his team after 2 bad games
    that ain’t how this ravens team works
    we got good hardworking respectful guys in here now
    no need to potentially mess that up

    Blacc R

    This not his first season! We don’t know what’s really going on! I’m pretty sure it’s bigger than what we see!

    Matthew Bittenbender

    Blacc R why and how would we use 3 1st rd CBs? And the cost in draft picks and cap hit are too much for long term success.

    Blacc R

    Matthew Bittenbender It’s always a way! I’m just saying I know he would like to play with a team with his speed

king shark

Hmmmm, proof of that is, … Jackson gets his read, another read, and dont like what he see, and hits the road, vs other QBs dont have hit the road ability and get sacked, or force a throw, that’s picked off.

I’m just waiting for them little nuances of , reading defenses, setting protection, and changing plays. Oooooo man when that come, dammm.

When lamar is Lamar, but vocal like dak, Brady, Roger’s, and rivers. Game over, we back to a cap hit team, lol

    Leroy Worsley

    Very True! Lamar reads The Defense very well & makes better decisions!

    king shark

    @Leroy Worsley … no ints, so far proves fact, but his 3rd option is lit.


Lion Thomas

I hope the Ravens DB’s are 😡🤬😡🤬 all this talk about Jalen Ramsey……lol………MOTIVATION
in my Jeezy voice

    king shark

    Lol, facts…. as if we don’t have Marlon Humphrey, we better not bring some outsider in and king of the castle him over our guy.

    Hell what has ramsey done, ahhhh talked about some qbs, and him and his team ends up beat by those qbs.

    We getting the job done with the draft and smart decision vets, .. ramsey is a pass for me, our guys will show up and put on. 😎

Deborah Kerns

🤫 Don’t jinx him…💜🏈🖤


I think most of us saw that last year! It’s just that he didn’t have the actual mechanics to go along with what he saw!

You can tell that LJ been grinding this offseason because a lot of his throws are really really smooth! He’s still a work in progress, but he’s definitely advancing at a good pace.


So we getting JR ????!?!?!?!?!

Eddie Business

“Vision”bet you won’t here in N.F.L experts repeating that it doesn’t fit their narrative.

    Matthew Bittenbender

    Eddie Business actually they all love this kid. He has more positive press now in his career than Acxk ever did his entire career. Field vision was never LJ’s weak point as much as this accuracy which they now praise him for.

David Vazquez

Stop it with the mentioning of the interceptions!! We have soooo many other stats to talk about!! You guys are better than that

Leroy Worsley

He reads & reacts very well, You can tell He worked Harder in the offseason on His Quarterback skills!


You can tell his work ethic is amazing, but don’t forget although he ran a lot in College he also threw for over 4,000 yards and won the hiesman 👈 spell Check lol ppl forget that now that he’s in the NFL …..keep balling #LJ8 💪💪💪

    Matthew Bittenbender

    dapointful Heisman Trophy winners don’t usually do well in the NFL. Only recently now does it seem that it translates more often.


Not bad for a running back eh?

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