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Lamar Jackson’s Record-Breaking Day! | NFL 2019 Highlights

Today, Lamar Jackson had his 3rd career game with 100+ rushing yards, most by any QB in the Super Bowl era within their first 2 seasons. The Cincinnati Bengals take on the Baltimore Ravens during Week 6 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Miami Sports fan Reply

He’s been having a good season

    Victor D Reply

    1RICHDEV I’m sorry what team did he play?

    1RICHDEV Reply

    Victor D I’m sorry if he is a running back and isn’t good according to you internet nerds he wouldn’t be good against anyone right ? The narratives have changed because you’re literally stupid lmao I beat when he starts doing this to everyone y’all will start talking about excuses and who CARES WHOS HE IS PLAYING PLEASE NAME ONE WEAPON BESIDES HOLLYWOOD ( WHO IS BANGED UP) and MARK ANDREWS

    Victor D Reply

    1RICHDEV so by your standards Kirk is good because he can get some wins too?

    Victor D Reply

    1RICHDEV and he got exposed because he could keep up vs the chiefs and had 50% completion with 0 passing TDs. They started coming back in the end but too little too late. Most of you raven fans were talking big everywhere you looked and got humbled after that game

Bearboy193 Reply

Lamar Jackson > Dak Prescott

    SoDedicated6 Reply

    And Baker

    Chapin Wiscombe Reply


    Adrian Barnes Reply

    @Giffond Hall 😅😅

    Skin Boming Reply

    I thought dak was better at first but now i think Lamar has a slight edge on dak at this point.


    Bearboy193 That’s not really saying much.

MRTUPAC 28 Reply

Lamar Jackson= Potential
Baker Mayfield= Sober Mazeil

    Victor D Reply

    Shuron Cromartie not a mayfield fan but when Lamar lost to the browns, granted he was 2:3 while baker was 1:1, baker had near 100 more yards with 4 less attempts

    Shuron Cromartie Reply

    Victor D good for him. OBJ has a better passer rating than him for the season he’s trash. 5 TDs 11 picks, 67 passer rating 🤮

    Victor D Reply

    Shuron Cromartie yeah but from what I’ve seen multiple of those ints aren’t his fault. I haven’t watched all his games but I’ve seen a decent amount of highlights. I agree his aim has gone down, tries to make the big plays and doesn’t complete most of the time

    Wesley Pipes Reply

    @MRTUPAC 28 What’s good homie

Jon H Reply

He’s basically just Mike Vick if he were mature out of college.

    Keith Davis Reply

    Lamar is good but he not an game changer too where his team down by 30 an comeback win the game that what he missing an is he going be better then Vick no he not he going too be Lamar Jackson an have his own legacy it won’t never be another Michael Vick or MJ

    ZZ Groove Reply

    @Keith Davis Lamar not a game changer? Lol you have not a single clue of what you’re talking about. Teams base their game plan around him because he is such a game changer

    Israel Doe Reply

    @Keith Davis did you watch the game? Well he does this damn near every week

    R'shawn Santiago Reply

    Vick had a better arm imo, but I think Lamar is faster

Saint Aubyn TFG Reply

1:57 it looks like he glided

KeepingItReal Reply

Lamar has some crazy stamina. This man ran for 155 yards, took all those hits and still threw 33 times and completed %64 of his passes.

    GetBuckets Reply

    @Compton 187 God it must suck being you

    Skin Boming Reply

    @WVU STEELERS CELTICS Thats what you hope


    Skin Boming Nah I don’t. I never like to see anybody’s career end short Raven or not. His size and play style have never resulted in a long career tho. Look at Cam who is a whole lot bigger than Lamar.

    IOS Gleesh Reply

    Simply Trolled bro dont even respond to dude he a bum lol

Tamir Hall Reply

I read a comment on Instagram that said lamar Jackson playing real life madden connected franchise as a mobile qb

    Ms Sandy Reply


    Bro What Are You talking About Reply

    I can’t even do the stuff he doing on Madden

    Mr X Reply

    But EA cant simulate real mobile qbs? Still 2019 you cant, for example, run full speed in your backfield. Thats not mobile, thats shitty gameplay.

Vaudi6 Ave Reply

Watching Lamar is like watching a game of Madden

    jspence -_- Reply

    Vaudi6 Ave and i love it

    Ioane Vaaiiluga Reply

    He did a madden juke at 1:57

The Nigel Douglas Reply

Lamar Jackson ain’t no mobile quarterback, he’s a punt returner who can throw and read coverage


    He’s a football player.

    Shuron Cromartie Reply

    Not bad for a running back.

    RejaxFN Reply

    @KeepingItReal I thought u were a ravens fan…hes a QB dont get it twisted now

    KeepingItReal Reply

    @RejaxFN I am and I know he is. At this point the joke isn’t really gonna stop so might as well play into it and say lamar can do anything.

Corey Broady Reply

That last shake was scary 😭

Zachary Johnson Reply

He’s only in his second year. Let that sink in.

    The InvictusSamaritan Reply

    Zachary Johnson I believe he’s 21…let that sink in

    The Hell Walker Reply

    2nd year but has not played a full season of games. Let that sink in.

    B-DuB 813 Reply

    Hasnt even played 16 games yet tho

    Yeshua Dean Reply

    Second year and he doesnt even have 16 starts yet…

    Bryan Alston Reply

    @Yeshua Dean Which means he’s technically still a rookie by game experience!

Jake Sam Reply

1:47 are we just going to ignore the fact tht man just bounced on his head

    Arkayem Reply

    This is what happens when cg gets stuck in between animations.

    …and ppl say Madden graphics suck.

matthew reynoso Reply


ldodson99 Reply

Better than every quarterback drafted ahead of him.

    Tristan Draper Reply

    @Skin Boming After what Lamar just did Payton looking at Hill like “I have an idea” 😂

    Shadow9220 Reply

    @Shuron Cromartie I’m pretty sure Teddy saw that and was like “nah Ill stay a backup over there” lol

    Bearboy193 Reply

    @Skin Boming He is already great

    Skin Boming Reply

    Somebody’s going to offer him a whole lotta money but id stay in the NO and take over after breeze. Look what that did for Aaron Rodgers.

    Skin Boming Reply

    @Tristan Draper All head coaches lookin at the running backs like which one of yall can throw? Lmao

Breon Mitchell Reply


    -Z3us - Reply

    Breon Mitchell ppl noticing it too , Baker got all these damn ads like he Rodgers

    Amalachukwu Okafor Reply

    Mannnn….I’m like wtf lol

Justin Campbell Reply

“Not bad for a running back”

*Proceeds to run for 152 yards* love Lamar Jackson

Chyko Money Reply

1:57 he really pulled the walter payton mid stride

Shawn Prout Reply

Love this kid.I cried when we picked him

TELEthruVOXx Reply

looks like he’s still in louisville. easy peasy

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