Lamar Jackson Wired at the Pro Bowl | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Lamar Jackson Wired at the Pro Bowl | Baltimore Ravens

Did Lamar Jackson break Ronnie Stanley's glasses or not? Let's check the slow-motion replay.

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King Berserk

Mans get so much hate for no reason 🤦‍♂️


    I’m sayinn


    Fizzgig yet they don’t put up the throwing numbers jackson puts up even with the runs? that’s what we mean with the unnecessary hate

    bacon burger on your mom's booty

    People just want to be right about their preconceived opinions and not knowing they exposing themselves.

Simon Harvey

Man you can hate him if you want on the field but off the field and as a person makes no sense to me


    The Truth stop praying on his downfall how do you think he got here haters he has more motivation to go be great his intention really isn’t to prove you wrong but to be great you get proved wrong in the process sometimes it’s just how it be close ya mouth for a second and take in what i said cause don’t be the reason he goes and wins back to dang back super bowls and what have you done that you’ve done before based off just this vid he is at the pro bowl second year and everybody loves him what about you and that’s just based off this he from florida like me and i’m only 11 but soon as i hit the age my time is coming i will he drafted doubt me if you want i don’t give two remember the name Tysen Norton

    Jacabo Blanco

    @The Truth Jesus Christ.

    The MVP quatterback who led the league in passing TDs, 3rd in QBR, score a TD every 10th pass, one of the higher completion percentages, and 6 interceptions needs to be a wideout?

    Boy, you best get that idiocy outcheaaa

    Jacabo Blanco

    @The Truth you didn’t watch a single game if you think he doesn’t have quick decision making skills.

    Dude. That’s what he’s been PRAISED for all year.

    His mind his his best tool. Even better than his legs.

    Watch someone like Baker Mayfield, then Lamar.

    Lamar goes through his reads. He looks safeties and linebackers and corners off of routes almost every play. And he gets the ball out when he should.

    You are an idiot. You didn’t watch him play other than what? The Titans game?



    I think they hate that he’s “ethnic” guy doesn’t try and be something he isn’t.

    robert Chin

    @The Truth using the same logic you used above, if has only been 2 years so as much as we can’t say he will win a SB for certain, you can not say he will be damaged goods. However, everyone has an opinion.

Rick S

😪 “I’m a be in Miami working out, I have to get better.” I wonder what will be in store next season….

    Lauren Sharp

    Rick S imagine Lamar with some of Watson’s strength. Whew that’s a bad man. Watson is great at breaking tackles in the pocket and so is Lamar, but y’all uses that speed. If he can get a mix, it’s done for

    Rick S

    Lauren Sharp What do you mean Watson gets sacked more than Lamar. Lamar is way more elusive in the pocket🤦‍♂️ You do realize Watson have 2 number 1 receivers, his receiving core is almost as good as the Chiefs receivers.

    Chosen one

    Rick S Lamar has a good offensive line and is deshaun’s is trash so of course he gets hit more. Lamar is still more elusive regardless but Deshaun isn’t to blame for all those sacks. You can’t throw to your receivers if they don’t give you time to throw

It doesn't matter who I am...

Lamar is so chill out there..dude must be cool to hang out with.

Christopher Njowusi

You can’t hate the guy just a great guy on and off the field


    A Lee (some people) hate the patriots just because they were really good. People hate Lamar Jackson because he’s really good. Some people hated them because they cheated, but most just get mad that they win a lot.

    Jd Flores

    Lowellhawk nah people don’t like them
    Because they cheat


    Lowellhawk they hate that tom brady is trash and gets all the praise in the world and his family practically owns the nfl which is why


    NovaTV lol weird falcons fan or something


    Lowellhawk no when i was born i’ve been a steelers fan cause of what i grew up to all my friends love them i guess but my grandpa gave me a bunch of cards and i found out about ray lewis and ed reed and i liked ravens ever sense and i seen lamar at a game i am in florida so it wasn’t far and i loved him ever since then i was a fan and the fact he hopped on the ravens is crazy


After further review the call on the field is overturned , freaky L caused a fumble of the glasses , recovered by ronnie but they were broken on the play. Blame will be put on mark automatic denial


    PoloNoLogo i don’t think people realize how much effort you put into this comment props i’m not finna like cause look at the likes


    NovaTV what was it at it’s at 112 I’m guessing 111?


    NovaTV but thank u , just popped in my head when they did the replay


    PoloNoLogo yea

    I wanna touch the booty

    The glasses fell out therefore they’re on the ground back to you joe

Mike S

Von Miller is smiling like he wants to be part of the gang. Well, free-agent Von Miller, we could use you here in Baltimore.

    Kern Chahal

    Nut_nasty R at one of his games next season 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Mike S

    @308 JV damn you’re right. I could have sworn he was.


    @308 JV get your fax machines ready…

    Jacabo Blanco

    @Jason Cardenas man I wanted a Ravens niners repeat bowl so bad this year 😭

    SAS Burner

    2 years left both club options

Kode Blue

The ruling on the field is confirmed, Lamar did break the glasses. Baltimore will be charged with a time out.

    Dirty Sprite


    Ishemel Goddard



    …and the cost of the glasses.


    4thegloryofthelord he already bought him a Rolex he should let him slide on the glasses lol

Chris Corbin

Someone I know (Pat’s and Brady fan) told me he thinks Lamar is arrogant. I asked him based on what other than he plays for the Ravens. No answers.


    👏👏👏😅😅😅😅 good one. I guess they missed him being a little star struck when Brady came up to him and told him he liked his game…people are funny

    Deon Pitney

    @YoogiNation Fake news… There is a waiver order from least to greatest and the Ravens happened to be last in that order (Because of their record). Had no one signed Suggs he would have had a chance to be back in B-More… Go back to twitter, there were players who wanted him back when he became available.

    Jacabo Blanco

    @YoogiNation dude. No.

    Chiefs paid LEAGUE MINIMUM to sign him.

    Everyone knew we were gonna grab him if we could. We needed an extra pass rusher more than anything on our team.

    Problem is, the chiefs were willing to spend the VET LEAGUE MINIMUM (less than 1 mil), to not only take that chance, but to also keep him from getting to us.

    Young Savage07

    I like to see teams do good I’m a patriots fan I like to see teams like the chiefs and 49ers do good


Did you just over hear two great QBs from two different teams sayings they going to work out together so they both can get better.

    Exar Kun

    @usman riaz oops only saw the number my bad😁


    @Exar Kun lmaoo thats what i was thinkin at first but then i saw the team logo on his shoulder


    Yup, that’s how you do it!

    Tonya Pendleton

    @Exar Kun Duuuude they look nothing alike. Not at all….

    Tonya Pendleton

    That would be awesome and although they are competitors its nice they are cool with each other same draft class and all…could have been hate but they seem to genuinely like each other…

Jovhonte Jones

This year was an audition year for all the good free agents who wants to come to Baltimore next year.

    SAS Burner

    Pretty sure you have to pay them with Money

    Jovhonte Jones

    @SAS Burner and money they shall have my brother

    Cody Harmon

    Harbaugh and Lamar have to do some recruiting there. Our call situations is going to good for another two years before we have to pay big bucks to Lamar

    The Life Expert

    Ravens will be trash next year. There is a blueprint on them now.

Blade Brown - Put The Bitch On The Phone.

Glad to see Lamar having fun. That press conference after the L was hell 🤣. We all felt that.


    Yes sir…and I don’t know if you read an article after the news conference but it said Lamar left with the towel wrapped around his neck, got to his locker threw it in and sat down and some of his guys huddled around him. It made me even 😟…good to see the team out there laughing and playing around.


C’Mon Man! Stanley protects you all season long, and the 1st thing you do is break the Man’s glasses!!!

    Matthew Arnold

    To be fair Lamar bought him a Rolex

    Ron Jones

    😂 he probably already got him another pair knowing him.

Gary R

That kid #8, Lamar, is just something special…On and off the field. I hope he has many years of success. He’s got the potential to be one very influential player.

Mod Jay

Lamar is a likeable person bra is authentic and being himself.

    Travis UM dolphins

    @Mod Jay FACTS!

    Jimmie Pringle

    Facts and I don’t see why people hate him💯

    Leroy Ray

    @Jimmie Pringle who hates him,give me some names?

    Pone Vongsouvan

    I like bras. I like to unhook ’em.

    Jimmie Pringle

    Leroy Ray you must not keep up with football 🤦🏽‍♂️

Julian Hall

As a Ravens fan he changed the game completely! Jets players want his autograph, breaking Vick’s record & Drew Brees som have his jersey. #👑KingLamarJ8

Dasean Chandler

Ayo this my boy how can u hate this kid man he’s humble ASF

Lawrence Hamilton

Lamar and his positive vibes make this guy even more loveable. We are lucky to have him.


Yeah lamar seems like such a cool dude.


    Yeah? Duh..

James Holly

Man, it was nice to see Lamar joking around with Ingram, DeShawn and Henry! I was so angry with Henry rushing 195 yards on us and Tenn winning the game. Once, i saw how relaxed Lemar was with Henry, I got over it LOLOL…


    me too lol

    Matthew Arnold

    Lamar hasn’t mad at Henry he was mad at himself

    Ban Yarling

    why hate an opponent who legitimately dominated us. I was rooting for him after that game.

    James Holly

    @Ban Yarling I didn’t say “hate”… just angry about the way the game ended.

    Ban Yarling

    @James Holly I get it now. Angry that not angry at.. 100% agree

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