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Wonks One

I’m smoking a blunt for Raven Nation

    C F

    @Cody Comstock lmfao u a fool for that😂

    Cody Comstock

    @Wonks One like mother, like son I guess.

    Kave War


Wonks One

I’m buying the best Kush on Sunday Baltimore wining this game


    @Zakari Thomas Precisely

    Chase Carter

    @Slash687 stop drinking coffee, addict.


    @Chase Carter I don’t drink coffee bozo


    Ha, ha..

    Radza Martin

    Beleee dat!!! Get that ice cream cake, it’s official

Boom Jackson

Much Respect Lamar Jackson Do your thing 🏈🎉

Damond Hopkins


    sick_boy 666

    Damond Hopkins it’s supposed to be a inch of rain that game. so we definitely gotta run the ball

    Damond Hopkins

    @sick_boy 666 Plus The chiefs focus is to out score us hoping we depend more on our pass than our run so we can play into THEIR defensive strategy for this week

Kevin Wilson

“P’tshh…win. the. game.”

love this young man. for real


    FACTS. No nonsense, just facts. Gotta love it.

king shark

2018, our greenhorn rookie, went into kc, on just his 4th game, in a offense that wasn’t schemed for him personnel wise, and a sandlot backyard game plan, and with our defense, the chiefs who had everything schemed for mahomes, needed two lucky plays, and overtime to beat us by 3pts.


Well lamar is green, but his horns are sharper and we got better athletes coming to town.

As, big ronnie use to say,…. light weight baby, yeahhh buddy.

Az, woke us up, we ready. Awwwwwrrrk.

Troy Mathis

I expect to see more of Anthony Levine in this game matched up on Travis Kelce. He’s a ͏CB turned safety turned dime LB that can matchup on him with size and coverage ability

    dimitrius walls

    Troy Mathis bruh they needa put Deshon in more

    Wtd MRD

    Troy Mathis yea levine is underrated he should be starting

Jordan Davis

Lamar got that smile like he knows Ramsey is on his way



    He’s a bit immature

    We don’t have the time to babysit him


    djbasquiat I wouldn’t worry about that, Ravens have a lot of true leaders unlike the jags he would adapt to the culture quickly, earl Thomas is the leader among the DBs whereas Ramsey was the leader before so that change I believe would straighten him out


    djbasquiat and we do have time for a great player that could help a lot



    Hopefully, we won’t acquire him

    For the Ravens,
    He’s just not a good fit

    Taylor Hairfield

    djbasquiat you’ve got Ramsey all wrong. When you’re the best corner in the nfl, or at the very least if you feel like you’re the best in nfl, there is nothing worse than losing. When you leave everything out in the field every week and it doesn’t matter, there’s no worse feeling. The man wants to win and that’s it. In a winning environment that’s the guy that you want. The guy that is gonna give you everything he’s got every single week. No need to baby sit, just win

Ms Sandy

God bless you Lamar and the Ravens. I hope the coaches have a great game plan and the team executes it perfectly, and the Ravens win!


It’s so refreshing to have a guy like Lamar on your team he’s a team player! I’m so sick of these players like Antonio think they are God’s gift to the game! We need more players like Lamar in the nfl!

    Ms Sandy

    Yes and amen!


    most players aren’t like that, you only hear the bad ones. the good ones stay quiet and keep to their business so they don’t make headlines.

    Playthell Benjamin



They gon get a ring outta me too. Believe dat!!!-Action Jackson

    Kuya Rick Kelley


    Jay Brown

    I BELIEVE HIM!💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾



    luskiee BOAT


    Seth's Smorgasbord of Sports


That’s my QB😏

    Ancy Daman

    Fake ravens fan you SUCK ingayven WORST youtuber EVER. Guys unsubscribe from this fool he don’t know anything about football he opens his mouth and only says what fans want in his videos and can’t say reality. He believes everything everyone tells him and never uses his brain when giving an opinion and is bias about Lamar Jackson and shows to much emotion to be an anylist

    ManBearPig YT

    @Ancy Daman why are you so angry 😂😂

    Ancy Daman

    @ManBearPig why do u think

    Ancy Daman

    @Master Markus make me why don’t u stfu he sucks and you know it he often says false things about the nfl making people think the ravens are gonna trade for players like gaylen Ramsey and saying should they trade for David Johnson when the ravens never consider this or even put this on the news and rumors never surface about what ingayven says he makes people think the trades are happening when Jen is wrong 90% of the time he tells lies and shows bias towards Lamar Jackson when ever people criticize him he complains and whines annylists don’t do that they say the facts fool

Tye The Great

Unpopular opinion: the ravens win Sunday by 10!!!

    fred davis

    Tye The Great Chiefs by 20+

    Sloppy Jo

    fred davis Ravens 34-21

    Greg Carter

    I said that too at least by top scores, we hold the ball go up by one score then they press to score and makes a mistake that lead to an interception

    Coolio11 Jones

    Tye The Great I’m buying the hype and the chiefs don’t have the best defense. That boy Patty Mahomes is no joke.

    craig hoffa

    God I hope so!

Stephen Salach

He ain’t facing Patrick he’s facing the defense. Here’s a man who gets it

    Ken Texican

    Indeed. ‘Like the way he handled the questions.

    These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty

    My job is to score points, so thats what im gonna do. Lets GO.

Jace Woods

Where’s his Hulu commercial? Or Progessive with Flo 🤔😎😁☺🤗

George Houston

Ever since he said “Belee Dat,” I have believed him. He is a true leader. A man of few words and all about his actions. Lamar will be MVP of the league and Superbowl.


“I don’t care about the hype.” – St. Lamar Jackson of Baltimore

The Puppet Masters

This dude matured about 10 years in this one offseason, mentally, physically, and skill wise! I’ve been to every game since 2008 and early last year and the year before you could definitely feel the passion dwindling from the fans but all these young draft picks have brought the excitement back to M&T Bank! That place was rocking Sunday like it used to. #RavensFlock

    Not No But Hell No!!!

    Maybe not 10 but 5yrs. Hope just keeps growing.


    I agree. The end of the flacco era was killing the fans in Baltimore. It’s so refreshing to have some excitement and energy in the air again. Having a modern offense also helps.


Lamar is nice behind the mic. Dude soo professional n charismatic as hell…no question his future is bright

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