Lamar Jackson Week 1 Preview Press Conference | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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AJ Reply


Justin Humphrey Reply

Action Jackson

Baller Dexter Reply

Let’s go it’s action Jackson

Elias Ghanem Reply

My prediction for this Sunday
Ravens 28
Dolphins 10

    Certified PrettyBoy Reply


    How Could You Hate Me ? Reply

    I got us by 3 scores as well

    Melvin Melvin Reply


    E-baby TV Reply

    It was 59-10 ravens win

PoloNoLogo Reply

Calling it
Lamar 23/30 240 yrds 1TD
Lamar 8 rushes 59 yards 1 TD
Mark Ingram 18 rushes 104 yards 1 TD
Gus bus 13 rushes 55 yards
Justice hill 4 rushes 25 yards

Score 27-0

    first name last name Reply

    Tucker the leading scorer via 3 for 3 on fgs from 27, 33, 47 yards.. add on 3 extra points..
    Very busy day foot Tucker. special teams player of the week.

    T Waddy Reply

    PoloNoLogo I like those stats, especially Lamar’s numbers. Eight rush attempts should be his top including scrambles. Let’s get it!

    boastfuls Reply


    Dylan Reply

    Lowballed lol

    PoloNoLogo Reply

    Dylan within 4 yards of each RB tho👀

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Oui Bay Reply

When your best athlete masters the fundamentals, you get a transcendant player. Lamar is about to become the MJ of the NFL.

    frank Reply

    i like the way you all think. this kid is the youngest heisman winner ever… i look to him to set many more records. i been a fan since his feshman year at louisville and he’s came such a long way. no one his freshman year ever thought he’d be a 9,000 yard passer in only 3 years. he will just continue to shock people !

    Oui Bay Reply

    frank when has Lamar had weapons? The best receiver he ever had just got cut from the Ravens. (Smith). Now he has multiple weapons

    Bennybass Reply

    Oui Bay gang gang

    mrhyde2484 Reply

    I hope you’re right.

    larry watts Reply

    @mrhyde2484 lol I’m a titans fan but it looks like the guy who commented on to,something lol

GHOST intheshell Reply

Love his swag … can you not support this guy?

    Dallas Cowboys Number One Fan Reply

    GHOST intheshell U can tell Lamar loves the game that’s what it’s about.

    GHOST intheshell Reply

    @Dallas Cowboys Number One Fan no doubt!!

    young Sneed Reply

    These white people. I’m sorry for the people whose white. But it is what it is.
    He everything that has to do with greatness.
    Heisman winner. Youngest qb to get to the playoffs. 6 str8 wins to get there. Took over veteran job. On n on n on

    otherZinc Reply

    @GHOST intheshell,

    *Word* *!*

    Lion Thomas Reply

    @young Sneed you got dam right shorty

Tristian Whigham Reply

how could you not love this man! the face of our franchise!

    Moomer Elite Reply

    Vince Greene post a video of your face you know you prolly don’t got the right to talk 😂

    Vince Greene Reply

    Damn!! This guy make me look like Denzel Washington 😂 he gotta ninja turtle face

Maurice Smith Reply

He just wants to ball. Let him ball. Hope this is the new wave of B.S.H.U.

    Lu Kim Reply

    Maurice Smith boy I’m going to miss the alumni tho😔

Lion Thomas Reply

Ravens are quietly dangerous on offense with those matchup problems….You are gonna have to respect the speed of Lamar n Hollywood, the size of Boykins and Handrews it should be TD’S all over this season

ijimkoz Reply

My prediction Ravens win 45-13.

Lamar has 3 passing TDs for 225 yards and 2 rushing TDs for 100 yards.

    Afro Samurai Reply

    ijimkoz definitely I see him breaking a huge run and I think Jaleel Scott and mark andrews lead in receiving, hard to predict rb’s stats but I see mark around 80-100 yards

Courtney Smith Reply

” I prolly won’t see em all but they’ll see me ” 😎😈👿

    T T Moore Reply

    That chyte was too funny bro. 😂😂

    Bryant Wright Sr. Reply

    He’s country with swagg , let him be himself 🤔

    Courtney Smith Reply

    @Bryant Wright Sr. always brother, this was said outta respect no malice.

    Bryant Wright Sr. Reply

    I respect that my brother, we gotta keep that positive energy flowing #🏈

Tasha Ingram Reply

This young man is so humble why does he get so much hate he will silence his haters go action jackson

    Jake B Reply

    Because he has the throwing mechanics of girl.

    Hamzah Ali Reply

    @Jake B If he couldn’t throw he wouldn’t be in the League.

    Hamzah Ali Reply

    @Matt C Dante Cullpepper, Vick, Warren Moon, Cunningham, Mcnabb were all treated like crap. But people act like its just a coincidence.

    Matt C Reply

    Hamzah Ali
    Ah yes, all those super bowl MVPs.

    Also the only one there you can legitimately say was “treated like crap” was Moon.

Craig Flippen Reply

I love this kid!! I love our organization! Baltimore let’s go!!!

Ron Edward Reply

Man, I can’t wait to see this new offense!! I hope they keep some stuff under wraps for the Browns and Steelers.

Adam N Reply

Lamar what do you want the fans to take away from Sunday’s game?
That we the best offense they have ever see. Yup. That’s what Im going for…
Yes that is exactly what you want to hear from a QB. Other Qbs cam only dream of having his talent.

Daniel Tawil Reply

“Critics always gonna be there but i just wanna win.” People hate on this man for no reason


U gotta understand tho…. No bum ever got these many doubters so fast💯 they Kno he’s special n already commands respect. Lamar hold ya head n Kno u got the city🙏
I saw ya face lite up when ET name came up.. lj knows he gonna get the ball back more. N the weapons around Lamar r best we ever had.people say it’s all cuz dfense but great clock management helps. There’s a reason we #1in time posses n D…… We got 1 player who demands a whole teams attention, even offenses hate him cuz he kills clock which in NFL history was always a huge part of great offenses

Isaiah Thomas Reply

He did great 5 passing touchdowns against the dolphins and they said he couldn’t throw great job Lamar

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