Lamar Jackson Vows to ‘Make Up For’ Last Year’s Playoff Loss | Ravens Final Drive – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
juan gotti

Go ravens !!

    Swirl King Tommy


Julian Shipp Jr

He’s gonna prove the doubters wrong 💯😈

    Anthony Norman

    Heg yea especially this year they gone blow up

    Jerame Lowe

    Lamar Jackson going to be special this season

Kamal Porter

When’s the hype video coming out?
But let’s go!

Donovan Sales Sr.

You do not know how glad I am to here Lamar say he HATES LOSING!
I still think about the kc lost and the L.a. chargers.
Lamar has a FIRE that still burns and that is going to make him A GREAT QUARTERBACK!

    Peyton Loved

    Especially bc he really picked it up throughout that kc game. That Mahomes and hill duo is just too much to handle sometimes.. even if you are the #1 defense

    Your Daily Milk

    And you know what nfl qp is known for hatred of losing.. Tom Brady👊🏻

Kai Sommers

Everyone I putting us 3rd in the division and under 10 wins this season… THEY ALL WRONG!!! WE GOIN BIG 💪🔥🔥🔥

    Seth's Smorgasbord of Sports

    We’re one of 3 teams in the AFC with a chance to go all the way!

Eddie Business

Love my quarterback!!!!! GO RAVENS

Antwon Dorsett 980i9

In Baltimore we riding with you all the way. Good, bad, mistakes in all. We’re nothing like colts fans who boo the best thing since Payton

    Rick S

    Antwon Dorsett 980i9 y’all boo’d that man in the Chargers playoff game 🤔

    Antwon Dorsett 980i9

    Rick S we booed the play calling

    Ryan Spence

    @Antwon Dorsett 980i9 im saying this as both a colts and a ravens fan both fan bases are terrible

    Paul Prestianni

    Ravens fans showed their class when they cheered Boller getting injured. Not like Colts fans, maybe worse

    Bro What Are You talking About

    @Paul Prestianni he was trash anyway 🤷

Will G

Lamar with a true deep threat good route runner in hollywood , a new full playbook with types of crosses and 1 on 1 mismatches if teams try to do that chargers sellout defense vs the run Andrew’s Hurst sneed and boykin will eat alive , good running game of power and speed on the screen off tackle game. This season is about to be exciting and the experts are going to be talking about this offense all year long un literally being unstoppable if they stay ahead of the chains and limit the false starts and holding penalties. Everything the way we are constructed now cost the defense a dangerous price if they execute the mismatch. Remember it took a no audible set run offense with no check out short slant cross pass options (which would have killed the chargers last year) and a defense playing cover 0 with 80% of the game with corners and safeties subbed in = mismatch hurst , Andrew’s, boykin , and now ingram if he gets to the second level. And most teams don’t have a derwin James to even run that type of defense.

Ravens Review

Go get them, Lamar!

ColdRain34 Leo

Joe Flacco is No Lamar Jackson!!! Lamar got heart and he want too get better every day. Joe got Satisfied with the defense always saving him. Too The Future Ravens 💪!!!

    king shark

    @ColdRain34 Leo … goddam facts.

    king shark

    Hard truth.

    Paul Prestianni

    Right. It was ALL Flacco’s fault when the #1 defense choked on Christmas against the Steelers. Or the time they blew 2 14point leads against New England in the playoffs. And it was totally his fault on New Years Eve not stopping Andy F’n Dalton on 4th and 12. Damn that Joe and being “saved”. The defense sucked against any decent qb and Joe’s best receivers were always over 30 and on the downside of their career. Don’t forget the slew of “great” RB’s since Ray Rice went Mike Tyson on his wife.

    king shark

    @Paul Prestianni … 🤔, so how did joe, lose his job to a rookie with a no arm so called. What happened.

    Andre Myers

    they kept saying #5 was elite…..then how come a rookie took his job, and didn’t give it back!!!! Go Ravens Go Lj8!!🏆

Ron Edward

Well damn!! I hope the Ravens go undefeated then!! 😅

Ms Sandy

God bless you Lamar! Keep that passion! Looking forward to a great season for the Ravens!

Rolling Stoned

Hear how he slightly called out the coaching staff. ” we kept running, wasn’t much I could do about it “.

    Rolling Stoned

    @Jahmal Drummond yeah bro I was just lost that game. I don’t get how you run the ball and watched it constantly get stopped for 3 quarters and don’t wanna adjust until its too late. He cost us that game not believing in Lamar.

    Paul Prestianni

    Because when a roookie qb has a 58% completions on limited throws, you should throw it more?

    sean dent

    Ive been saying that for the longest, the OC was absolute garbage that game. Looks like I was right, they weren’t letting him throw as much as he actually wanted to.

    sean dent

    Paul Prestianni well lets be real, Crabtree had a lil over 50% of his catches dropped last season. Bad receivers hurt stats, case in point, Daniel Jones.

Strive for Greatness

People say his stats in that game were padded when the chargers ran “prevent defense.”

No. If you actually WATCHED THE GAME, he was throwing tight medium-deep passes in the coverage and completing them. The reason he did so much better in the second half is because they actually let him throw. Not because of prevent.

Lamar is not consistently accurate yet, but neither are Rosen, Allen, and Darnold, and they don’t get anywhere near the criticism he gets.

Just ridiculous. Kid will be a stud for 6-8 years

    Ravens Highlights

    Strive for Greatness Also gotta consider it was his first playoff game. He’ll be back with not as much pressure as last year! Raven nation💜🖤💛

S. Joyner II

Lamar can be a top tier quarterback. He has the skill and most importantly work ethic. I just hope he takes care of himself and lives to play another down!

Quan 1993

Humble Humble Humble… love it

KS Mahomes

Most underrated QB in the league currently, people bring him down based on seven games he wasn’t ready for.

Robert Picco

The loss wasnt on Lamar it was on the BS play calling. Ravens love putting a leash on their QB.

Paul Prestianni

Lamar just needs to vow not to fumble EVERY game

David Daniels

We gonna get a Super Bowl out of him. Best remember that.

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