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Frank L

If you study them you can tell he doesn’t like when they call designed QB runs.

    Derrick luv

    He’s better when he just takes off on his own instead of design run plays for him.

    Troy Mathis

    That stupid Tebow formation they ran on the first 2 point conversion is so dumb! We’ve done that several times since last year and it never works. It’s obvious who is getting the ball

Julian Shipp Jr

But when he runs it’s very entertaining

Manny Frescas

Yooo y’all gotta take this down lol…. keep his game lowkey 💯 Lamar showtime Jackson… come on now 💪🏼

Luccky Lucciano

Keep playin aggressive but stop with the holdings it cost us big plays. We got that game this weekend

Amalachukwu Okafor

Lamar be you please. If you have to run, run. It makes your game better.


    THIS…..It is obvious at times he frowns upon running when there is a gaping hole and he will stare at it while attempting to find an open receiver. Forget the ‘running back’ naysayers and BE GREAT!

    king shark


    Ryan Pennington

    Thank u

    Ryan Pennington

    @devae98 bro….im sayin


I’m quite impressed about the Ravens team! I hope they make it to the playoffs! That is my goal for them, I will be a happy fan if they do. If they don’t, oh well! I’ll still be rooting for them!

Oui Bay

Now watch him get 100 yards on the ground Sunday. Lamar toying with the media..

    king shark

    Riiiiiiiiiiight. Nezzz like to run, them juke moves is proof in the pudding

godlikekreations. com

If your offensive line is playing like crap so many free runs to Lamar last game and your wide receivers are not getting open outside of brown in Andrews and you constantly have defenders in your face you can’t do anything but run your passing is going to be off you have no one to throw it too and he’s still not throwing interceptions can’t throw deep because there’s no reason for safeties to come up there not working the middle of the field but that’s on play calling yes he has to get better but with the offensive line player like crap wide receivers playing like crap and play calling to always push the ball 40 yards downfield they’re putting my man in a lose-lose situation

A J C Sr

It seams it’s only taken one off season for the coaches to have broken what should have been the absolute best dual threat QB ever. We went from, “Take the over on a 150 runs season.”, to Lamar saying he hates running ! He’s actually looking a bit uncomfortable when plays break down a bit and he gets flushed out of the pocket. Last week when a solid running attack was working and it looked like a couple more designed runs from Lamar might have won the game, they had Lamar heaving the ball all over the field to covered receivers ! We had how many two point conversion attempts and never a bootleg with Lamar waltzing into th endzone. Come on coach Harbs, don’t F this up !
This kid saved you your job. Time to put your ego on the back burner and stop worrying about what would make you look good, and start utilizing the most awesome weapon in football, correctly !
Bill Belichick would kill for the opportunity you have.
Designed runs for Lamar open up the wide open passes, not, try to pass to unopen receivers, until we can run the ball when they are all covered ! There is no excuse for us to not stomp the Clowns this weekend.
If Lamar looks uncomfortable because you guys are trying to take the (Street ball) run game out of him, we’ve already lost.

    E M

    Maybe he should run more but our RBs are doing fine and as much potential for growth he seems to have, don’t wanna run anymore than you absolutely have to, a big hit is worse when your running and can’t brace.

    -Z3us -


    Jordan Franklin

    The coaches didn’t do that. It was people in the comments.he is human . Under every Lamar post there is 100+ running back jokes. You don’t think that can affect a man. He is human . People be acting like athletes don’t experience the same things we do as people. The fans did that. Well I wouldn’t call them fans but his perception of running was tainted by fans

Derrick luv

Let him play his game , yes I dont want him running running running but just keep it equal 50/50. His running is dynamic the best , play your game Lamar.


    He has to run because his arm is just not that good. If it was good that he should have beat Kansas City last week. I have watched Lamar’s throw that same little pass right into the turf when he’s running to the right several times. mahomes can run to the right at the Royal against his body and throw a 40-yard strike with accuracy. Lamar has trouble throwing a 10-yard pass straight in front of him when he’s on the run. How can you have a guy right in front of you and throw the ball into the turf?

    Derrick luv

    @Brian I had too think about it and yes his arm sucks , mediocre at best but his playmakiing ability is phenomenal if he is using his legs. Passing just doesnt come natural for him but he has gotten better. So I look for the Ravens too make a big decision on him within the next year if he can’t raise his passing game to a good level. Saying that he doesn’t like too run , kind of put a dark cloud over our season because your not that accurate in passing. We have good back up QB’s though so it is what it is..

dominique henson

Politics have this man hating something he was gifted at doing. Smfh.

    E M

    Maybe he wants to be known as a passer first runner second. I don’t know if he literally hates running, but maybe just tired of hearing that’s his best attribute. Someone can be gifted at or with something (running,art,music,math etc etc) and not be attached to that thing.


    Ask Michael Vick what happens to you when you run into a Ray Lewis type player? Lamar keeps running eventually his time is going to run out and he’s going to get smoked. Lamar will not pan out for the Ravens long-term. he’s a great runner but he simply does not have that great of an arm. My Holmes already has that type of arm with incredible accuracy and power. Lamar constantly throws the ball into the turf or overthrows a wide-open player. There were multiple plays during the Kansas City game that should have won the game for Baltimore but he overthrew a wide-open man or did not see a wide-open man. Mahomes already has those skills. It’s innate to some quarterbacks and two others they’ll never get it. Brady is a prime example of it being innate and Cutler and Sanchez being examples of where is just not innate.I could be wrong but I do not think that Lamar is going to pan out. you can have all the talent in the world and still suck when you get into the playoffs, ask Peyton Manning.

Nick K

Whose else gonna be there Sunday💪💪💪


Save the scrambles for the playoffs. You’ll extend your career another 5 years

    Goku Black


El - Amin

Time to keep our foot on the Cleveland Browns neck. Ravens need to bounce back and improve to 3 and 1 and place Cleveland at 1 and 3 while either Pittsburgh or Cincinnati will also be 1 and 3 or 0 and 4!

Be opportunistic Ravens!

Let’s go…


Troy Mathis

I hope doesn’t feel like he has to prove to everyone that he can throw. Don’t listen to what the idiots say Lamar. There were times last game where he could have scrambled for 1st downs but he ran around looking for someone to throw to too much. Just do you

Ms Sandy

No! Run Lamar run! Whatever gets the win, do it.

lamar chapman

They done got in his head! Man run that ball of they coming in on you!

Sean Owens

He only runs when he’s about to get sacked which he should💯


Lamar Jackson:

“I hate running, only if I have to.”


Ravens O line?….Block for your quarterback!

Wide receivers and running backs?…..Get open and catch the football 🏈!

Everybody, when he’s running, block down field because if you do, Jackson will take it to the house!

Jackson will get you the football 🏈!

Give him a clean and protected pocket to throw from.I

Ravens offense?

Get the message!

branden8045 theultramangofighter

I thought i would hate Lamar cause I’m a cleveland fan, but he seems like a nice guy

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