Lamar Jackson Reacts to Week 1 Honors | Baltimore Ravens Presser – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Jesse Eubanks Reply

Keep it going. They gonna doubt every game. 💪 🎮

Trying to get 1,000 Subs with no vids Reply

Lamar your Amazing!!!!🤩

James S Reply

If he keeps throwing the ball like he did week 1 defenses are going to have a hell of a time

Daryle Dabbs Reply

Very humble young man. So glad we have the pleasure to watch you play.

    Jason’s Vlog Reply

    Daryle Dabbs it’s a pleasure to call him my QB

IversonCrossov3 Reply

I love how my friend is a dolphins fan🤡

    Mo Brown Reply

    My barber is a HUGE Dolphins fan😂

    AzureRaven Reply

    @Mo Brown Be careful next time you go in for a cut lol

king shark Reply

Vegas dropping mvp lines on our guy, wheeeeew been like uhhhhh never since that’s been a story.

Young fella, good job week one. Keep growing and advancing into a mentally strong qb, that can command the offense, game, and team. Dont just rest on your talent. Evolve into a elite status guy, and with those physical gifts, we gone have to break the bank for a dynamic position player.

Good job on that perfect qbr and 1st 3bill game. Keep getting them, as they present themselves.


Ooooo, and nice spins on that porkchop, ball action looked good

    Eddie Business Reply


Nick K Reply

I love this kids mindset and attitude. His humbleness and love and respect for his teammates will bring him as far as he wants to go in this league. Baker mayfield should take some notes from our guy.

    C F Reply

    @Nick K not to mention hes a QB… If he’s still starting when his contract is up, he’ll get nice check. Teams are more than willing to overpay for a QB.

    Sloppy Jo Reply

    Belee Dat!

    Sloppy Jo Reply

    Retro Revelations if we overpaid Flacco, you don’t think we will overpay Lamar? Teams don’t let good QBs walk away. I don’t even know why you would comment this in the first place, he has 2 more years after this season before it’s even a discussion

    Melanie Hale Reply

    👍👍👍🙌👏👏👏👏👏👏I’m excited to see how the season goes!

    Derrick luv Reply

    Bakery 🍞 Mayfield is arrogant , Iam willing to bet that he has rubbed a few teammates the wrong way..

Bodymore MDummy Reply

Lamar the goat they going hate on dude regardless

    Last Name First Name Reply

    Let them, makes him work even harder and get better.

    Mo Brown Reply



    That’s how saints are perceived..

    Anunnaki J Reply

    They hate Cuz they prolly racist! Ijs

-Z3us - Reply

Lamar hasn’t done a single thing worth being hated on man , but aye ppl love to hate.

    johnny jones Reply


    Eddie Business Reply

    I love him as a example for young people

    -Z3us - Reply

    Eddie Business yeah , he’s very humble , hates losing, thanks his peers a lot especially his o line , I could go on , he just doesn’t do anything to dislike unless you don’t like his play style

    Anunnaki J Reply

    Done🤔 Done a single thing…& most of the haters are racist!



Truu Mayweather Reply

He is 100% down for the nest and I love that about this kid! Joe got us another ring, but this kid passion, heart, and commitment to being better for us Ravens fans makes me a fan of his period!!! Action Jackson is about to take over this league. BOOK IT!!! In Lamar we Trust

    BendingRods Daily Reply

    He will get us more that one!

    Sekou Vellis Reply

    Lamar is a high character guy with unique ability, plus he’s humble he should’ve been the first guy taking in last year’s draft

    Brian Noland Reply

    I have to admit, I was concerned particularly with how last season ended, but you can definitely tell he worked really hard on his mechanics and clearly improved with his decision making and comfort in the pocket. You see players say that every off-season, but he clearly proved it in week 1. Not saying Flacco was worth the money, and Jackson was clearly the better choice going forward, but you’re always concerned until you see the decision pay off.

    I’m not ready to crown the kid MVP quite yet, and it’ll be tough to gauge even now against a pretty bad Arizona team. I think seeing how he performs in what is likely to be a shootout with Patrick Mahomes will be the real test. But you have to love the kids improvement, and more imporantly, his personality is perfect for the city and this team. Humble, direct, and honest.

    BendingRods Daily Reply

    @Brian Noland No need for concerns. It was a coaching failure to not adjust to the speed the chargers put in the box until the 4th quarter. When they spread out the offense and let the man sling the ball, he damn near brought us back, not to mention he was the only rookie quarterback to make it to the playoffs. If you are a fan, we are definitely in good hands and I see us taking the AFC North BACK TO BACK!

The Twisted Arcade Reply

His mentality is gonna take him far. He doesn’t focus on external distractions he just takes the good and the bad learns from them both and uses it as fuel to win the next game. Always hungry for more never settles for less.

Lion Thomas Reply

Lamar has became my Favorite sports player…over LBJ

    Kinetic Energy Reply

    I agree. I want the best for this guy

    Bro What Are You talking About Reply

    Fck LeBron

    Kuya Rick Kelley Reply

    Lyndon B. Johnson, former president of the united states?

Julian Shipp Jr Reply

They hate to see Lamar succeed

Carlo Ironaddict Reply


    Last Name First Name Reply

    Because everyone has haters regardless of how great they carry themselves.

Vee Aye Reply

T.O. voice this my quarterback!! I’m so proud of my team and the organization as a whole,

Rusty Shackelford Reply

AFC Offensive player of the week…

… “Not bad for a running back”!

Ron Edward Reply

“That’s my quarterback.” 😢
Apple, Google, or somebody needs to make a crying T.O. emoji.

William Powell Reply

I believe fans just mad cause he not on there team

    Aaron Cook Reply

    Me too

    Eddie Business Reply

    They all passed on him now he is PASSING ON THEM🏉. 😦

    MulhollandDrive Reply

    Facts! That’s where a lot of the hate comes from. They wish they had Lamar Jackson as their qb.

Sean Henderson Reply

This kid won’t stop until he reaches greatness. Lamar is the truth. I’m gonna just enjoy the ride.

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