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To think some so called SPORTS ANALYSTS actually said he would be better as a running back. This kid can be something special for the Ravens and the NFL for years to come in my opinion.


Lamar’s passing game ain’t no fluke

    Daniel Snyder

    @I Like Waffles his pint is that it wasn’t a difficult pass, not a bad read

    Norman Getsinger

    No, it is not. Everyone who doubted him should watch his Louisville tape. I mean I know they did, but maybe they should watch it again.

matthew reynoso

AYO THE 31 teams that passed on him ☠️

King Turkey

hes improved tremendously…. young cat to watch out for in the near future for sure

    michael jackson

    @wyamane what are you watching, the sample size is small but my God, improvement is an understatement, the man is a better version of Mike Vick and Vick said it himself.

    The Dante

    King Turkey he came in the league as a rookie and he didn’t even know his receivers well and you guys judged him as if he had been in the league for decades.


    michael jackson Oh yeah he’s improving tremendously. I’m not trying to sell him short at all i’m just saying that he’s improving. A lot of people say he’s only doing good because he’s played bad teams so far but that’s not the case. If Lamar played these teams last year, he wouldn’t be putting up these numbers. So he’s obviously improving and that’s the general point i’ve been trying to get across.

    Norman Getsinger

    I hope he has kissed people. Mono is going around.

TDG bravo

Not bad for a RB right?


    @rj nationprolly so 😂😂😂


    Both the teams they played are cheeks

    Lorne Green

    @MrShaneCorrin you can’t have it both ways bro, if he loses to a bad team y’all say he sucks, but if he beats them y’all say they were a terrible team

    Max 43

    @Raansu all nfl teams are at an NFL level.

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

Picked him up last second and started him on my fantasy team.

    VonHizzle Doe

    He’s doing way better than dak

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    I took him late in my draft to be Aaron Rodgers’s backup but he took Aaron’s starting job on my fantasy team

    Mark Mattiacci

    Congrats on Tampa’s win. Such a good game!


    @Larry Legend is a GOAT lol aaron isn’t the same

    WhoopedDatAss Bruh

    Yeah same here, he’s my ride or die this year

Mansa J Lion

But he can’t throw they said during the draft🤣🤣

    YHWHoshua Ben yisrael

    Chi Ngo great comment!

    Quick Hands

    @Glizzy Yea that’s bullshit they just saying that because hes not the “prototype” QB they are used to. Looked real accurate to me.


    J A reread what I said, I quoted that former NFL players and coaches said he should play receiver, I Nvr said a team ask him to switch positions💯

    DeShan Nichols

    @raphealh12 That was comparable to an Allen Iverson crossover nbs

    Norman Getsinger

    Looks like we need to trade Ingram, we have found our running back.


Haven’t heard much from LJ critics that much. Wonder why. #NOTaRB

CommandoWolf Pack

Ravens fans stand up! This ain’t no fluke!

    King Dirk

    CommandoWolf Pack Lamar best young QB all time 🐐 #ravennation

    Norman Getsinger

    Dynasty on the way

Cole Tadlock

Not a Ravens fan but pulling for Lamar! Glad he’s ballin!

Ivan Quinonez

Lamar is actually nice wit throwing now, that man put in some work during off season 🙏

    michael jackson

    He was great in college as well. That’s why he threw for 7k yards in two years and over 60 TDS

ColdRain34 Leo

Lamar read the Defense and faked it to the flat and then went Deep!! Action Jackson Time!!! Thank you Ozzie!!!!

    reaLA LA

    Very good comment 😂😂

    Jeremy Bear


    ColdRain34 Leo

    Thanks Ravens Strong 💪!!!

    Norman Getsinger

    All hail Ozzie, one of the greatest football minds of all time. Can we also give some love to Eric Decosta for picking Hollywood brown? I love Ozzie, but he never did draft an all-pro receiver. We could have our first all-pro wide receiver with Eric’s First pick. You know who Ozzie’s first pick was? Jonathan Ogden. We have a dynasty on our hand’s boys.

Brian Turner

Ok I was wrong about him He’s improved a lot good for him

    michael jackson

    @Max 43 he’s better because he clearly makes better decisions, fastest qb since Vick bar NONE, and he doesn’t just wing it, if the throw isn’t there, 15 yard pick up with his legs, nbs I think this year he cements himself as a top 10 qb atleast.


    Thanks for giving him credit. Although he’s my qb, the skepticism was justified.

    Mike Gamble

    It takes a good man to admit he was wrong .thanks for recognizing talent . God bless you

    michael jackson

    @Mike Gamble using God’s words against the oppressor. Interesting.

    Mike Gamble

    @michael jackson it’s all good ,I’ve said things and my pride wouldn’t admit I was wrong .i hated Tom Brady passion I’ve lost so much against him. Until he mad me humble. At least you caught on quick.a damn lost it all till I came to my senses lol

V fa' Vellian

That first pass was fast af.


    Yeah it was. He threaded the needle with that one.

    Savage 101

    On GOD

Piped and drought

He oddly looks like a young Aaron Rodgers.

Brandon Stokes

Man, that running back sure can throw. He could be a QB

    Max 43

    @K Shady clown shoes have been added to your inventory, Lamar better than you’ll ever be

    K Shady

    Max 43 im clowning the kid calling lamar a rb kid

    B-DuB 813

    @K Shady He was being sarcastic…

    K Shady

    @B-DuB 813 true

    Norman Getsinger

    Do we need Ingram? Lamar looked like a solid starting running back.


Lamar might be the most lethal QB in the AFC North.

-Browns fan

Kevin Ros

I think it was shannen Sharpe at the start of the season who said lamar jackson would be mvp…he’s starting to look like it

    Brain Over Brawn

    Did he? I know DeAngelo Hall said it on NFL network.

    Kevin Ros

    @Brain Over Brawn You’re probably right..that’s why I said I think…anyways..he’s looking like a beast out there..almost four hundred yards of total offense…I wish we had him

    Brain Over Brawn

    @Kevin Ros Cool. Yeah, he’s balling and he doesn’t even look flustered one bit.

Mikito The Great Sage

After this game everyone putting lamar on there fantasy team

Adam Rittenhouse

glad i didnt jump on the hate train with lamar knew he was somthing special

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