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Patrick Mahomes

Lamar Jackson is popping off this season

    Chris Windham

    Are u actually Patrick mahomes

    Drew Brees

    Chris Windham yes he is. And I’m actually Drew Brees

    Minnesota SportsFan

    @Chris Windham He’s obviously not.

    Sandman Huffmaster

    Jackson is a joke he sucks as a QB

Escocivo 30

He has highlights?


As a Steelers fan I have to respect Lamar because he’s playing well this season despite all the hate he was getting during the off season.


    @Sandman Huffmaster Only 1 INT was his fault. The other should’ve been ruled incomplete and the other should’ve been flagged for interference.

    Don’t repeat the same BS saying “it still counts” because it’s a very misleading stat for that reason.

    David Anthony

    Lamar Saxton you will never be a Hall of famer like a former great Baltimore hawks half back Baron Davis, you just don’t have enough transition defence in you.

    Rose’s are Red violets are blue Saxton you will never win the Stanley cup so just go buy a ring from the pawn shop

    David Anthony

    @YHWHoshua Ben yisrael Baltimore hawks suck , they can dream about the Stanley cup , but they are never getting it

    Sixth Dream

    No grown man should ude the word haters. He sucked so bad vs the chargers for 3 quarters plus. It was well deserved

Andrew Kyle

People are looking at how good Lamar Jackson is doing, but my boy Mark Ingram is doing good too

    Sandman Huffmaster

    Ingram is the backup running back Jackson is the starting running back. The ravens don’t have a quarterback


    Sandman Huffmaster just can’t stand to watch it can you? Jealous hearted MF

    Sandman Huffmaster

    @ThaKronDon no I’m not jealous in fact i like watching that running back try to be a QB, it’s funny as hell

    Brandon Smith

    Sandman Huffmaster you are hating now, you on everybody comments saying something negative smh wow!!! Lmao


    Sandman Huffmaster bruh he was tied for the most passing TD’s in the league coming into week 5. Because that’s what a failure he is when it comes to trying to be a QB..

I'm Glad My Fans Are So Dumb

it feels like he’s hesitating on making decisions.

    MRTUPAC 28

    It’s his 2nd season so he still has room for improvement.


    @MRTUPAC 28 he still played less than a full season

    MRTUPAC 28

    @JIGSTAR That’s why I said he has room for improvement.


    Yea I noticed


    He does but he’s also comfortable. As the season goes on and the game temps get colder he’ll see defenses start slowing down. Right now everyone is fresh & mobile.

bruce lau

Dang he had them highlights today , aight imma head out


I love watching him play win or loose 💯 he’s amazing



Alex's Gmail

This video should have been 2min tops..a 5 yard screen isn’t a highlight.

Jay Bey

Offense needs more screen game everyone taking away deep passes

    ugg jr

    Yeaa to Justice Hill…Utilize him more & get snead the ball more 🏈💯


    They did throw more short passes today though to their credit

Kamalu Ukpai

when Lamar learns how to dissect a defense like frfr

the league is his

all that being said, he still looks comfortable out there


    “when” just last week people were anointing him a top 5 quarterback

    Kamalu Ukpai

    Nebula true. based solely off of how rapidly he had progressed since last season not only as a passer, but as a decision maker


    @Kamalu Ukpai he has improved a lot, but he’s still nowhere near top 5. he’s around the top 15-20 range, but he can get better.

Edmund Russell

Jackson’s 3 ints are not his fault. One was clearly an incomplete pass, two of them were bobbled by the recievers and the other was because two reciever were to close to each other.






90% of qb’s won’t try this👀 @3:24🕺🏾🕺🏾Lamar break you down.


    99% of Qb’s..most runningbacks cant do that

George Panagiotou

My boy Lamar is doing great, despite the interceptions. But I have noticed him hesitating to run a lot lately and it’s been causing him to get sacked.

Itu M

Fans these days are so impatient. They want instant impact and have no room for a player to develop. Some QB’s have to be good the moment they start playing. If not, they are trashed.

Lamar played an average game today. Most of the play calling were rushes so it limited his pass attempts. 3 Picks in which 2 of those picks where difficult but catch-able. 1 pick that was solely on him. When they needed him to drive the ball down the field and take the game to OT he delivered.

I just hope he can get back to being more composed. When he is anxious he does not play well.

Play calling needs to change. I think more checkdown plays that move the chains consistently is where the Ravens excel at but don’t do it as much.


highlights?, this looks more like one of those “every play this qb did against the opposing team” videos

Mo Salah

Wow they actually gave him highlights this week lol

Bodymore MDummy

Could you imagine if he ain’t have these skills this man avoid so many sacks and negative plays just by being him the things you can’t teach


Damn Lamar I believe in you, but this was a rough game tbh

X1area51 II

Jackson got a good foot work when his on the move!

balti4s #79

Man Lamar has improved so much only going to keep improving

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