Lamar Jackson Full Press Conference After Week 3 Loss to Chiefs | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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John Garliss Reply

The ravens played like champs didn’t pay off but they played great that all that matters.

    Chris Williams Reply

    @Jon Doed -put the crack pipe down and slowly step away dude!!

    Jon Doed Reply

    @Chris Williams never

    Jon Mikelonis Reply

    @Kevin Knight I know but at least the offense gave us a chance in the end to win but defense let us down after the Lamar touchdown

    Prince Jaabaal Reply

    @Hunter Owens in my opinion he started throwing the ball to a higher apex after getting so many knocked down by the d linemen as a result sailing balls

CK52ftw Reply

He still played good though

Julian Shipp Jr Reply

Questionable play calling today

    La’ Garv Reply

    Exactly we should came out running the ball, we were being aggressive way to early

    Troy Mathis Reply

    king shark Na play calling was terrible too. Too much damn passing. And that stupid obvious play call on the first 2pt conversion.. that Tebow formation it’s so obvious that Jackson is running the ball there and it never works.

    king shark Reply

    @Troy Mathis …. lol I’ll give you that one on the conversions. But nah was a good called game, just up against the refs, a better chiefs defense than last yr, and our own coach putting us behind the 8ball.

    We got out coached.

    Brian Heim Reply


    shiva kc Reply


Toy Soldier Ken Reply

Offense should have scored on that turnover on downs.

Myra Fair Reply

It’s All Good… We Still 1st In The Division 😁🖤💜💛💪🏾👿🏈

    aaron berhane Reply

    Marcus Robinson eww

    Casey Freels Reply

    @Marcus Robinson 😂😂😂

    Brian Heim Reply

    @SILK THE SHOCKER SILK THE SHOCKER true dat hahahaha!!!

    Tommie Parker Reply

    Myra Fair everybody lost in our Division we on top tho ✊🏾🖤😈

    Myra Fair Reply

    @Marcus Robinson Thank You ❤️😘

Right Left Paradigm Reply

Should’ve just kicked the extra points.

    Winston Lewis Reply

    General Maudy we went for it on 4th down that’s 3 points and and went for two 3 times that’s 3 points we lost by 5 and left 6 points on the field

    Lex Reply

    @General Maudy
    Get what u saying, but desperation plays leads to mistakes. We all seen it in lots of games, toward the end of games. Some just got luck on their side. But those extra points does make your confident level stay high and have your mental thoughts that you can still win because you put points up. It’s the momentum physiologically thing. But yes, alot of mistakes and some play calling did mostly lost the game.

    Jullpz Reply

    The horse collar on 3rd and goal was also terrible

    Supergamer cell Reply


    bioLarzen Reply

    Would have still lost the game…

-Z3us - Reply

Defensive backs were on their last legs , Mahomes had open players

Jalen .12 Reply

I see us going 11-5 or 12-4 this year

    Joe Mama Reply

    10 and 6

    Elliott Hudson Reply

    UFO 51 punish no , but it will definitely be the game to watch that week.

    Cairo Ma'yieu Reply

    I agree. We’re going to get better. The defense will start to gel by mid season and Lamar is going to get more and more comfortable and confident each game. There’s not many Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL so I’m to loose by 5 points this year and 3 points last year, I’ll take that.

    Joshua Hoffman Reply

    11-5 I think. Steelers and bengals are looking to be much weaker than we could have known. It’ll be nice to see them play a team that isn’t tops in the league or bottom of the league so we have more idea how good they are.

    Jonathan McGrath Reply

    Rexy 1776 the ravens have only beat garbage teams this year as well😂

Sup Reply

Averet and Canady can’t cover. Carr could’ve played better. Hopefully Jags decide to trade Ramsey so we can pick him up

    PushPenPro Reply

    @GREEEDOOO _ oh yeah didn’t he cost us that game with a Personal?

    Yvette Buchanan Reply

    I thought their was a fly on my screen lol

    How Could You Hate Me ? Reply

    PushPenPro no I think he was the one that got burnt by Tyler Boyd up the seam

    Matthew Bittenbender Reply

    Sup what about Jimmy Smith?

    Sup Reply

    Matthew Bittenbender when he’s healthy he’s great. When we don’t have him we struggle

liltaydarock Reply

That was not traditional ravens defense

    Chris McKee Reply

    Well it was the Chiefs offense so I’ll give them a pass this time. Mahomes seems to beat pretty much any defense he plays.

    westbmore89 Reply

    AT ALL🤦🏾‍♂️

    Ben Fardin Reply

    It was that BS Prevent Defense..If they play it against CLEVELAND it will be another LOSS

    MCPrimetime Reply

    Not playing a traditional offense.

    C B Reply

    *Chiefs* aren’t the Dolphins or Cardinals…………

Brice Waldon Reply

Outside of Ingram, the offense looked horrid. They abandoned the run when it was working and just too many costly penalties. The defense was getting worked all day. The secondary was getting blow torched by Mahomeboy and you just can’t leave guys wide open like that. Hopefully they look at more film and get this thing fixed ASAP.

    Issac Harding Reply

    No Lamar did him overall plays wasn’t in our favor like them two points conversion wasn’t necessary that was six points we lose think about

    Anthony Anderson Reply

    @Issac Harding No technically we only lost 3 points from going for 2 and thus we still would have lost. People making too big a deal about going for 2 like that’s what cost us the game and it wasn’t.

Emanuel Curry Reply

Die hard Raven fan 😈👿😈 keep your head up Lamar one lost we all face adversity its what you do after it

    Bodymore Praying4MyCity Reply

    Emanuel Curry FACTS 💯

    Chase Monte Reply

    Facts everyone out here hating on him and the defense. But losing is inevitable especially an away game at arrowhead

Troy Mathis Reply

Only people that came to play today were Ingram and Gus. Judon came to play too but he also came to be overly aggressive.

    sammyvh11 Reply

    You might as well pass a rule that says you can’t tackle the QB on a pass play . Just 2 hand touch. Judons a baller. The 68 Colts would have loved him

    Troy Mathis Reply

    Yeah well this ain’t 1968 and he also tried to chokeslam a TE and he didn’t hold the edge on outside runs

    sammyvh11 Reply

    @Troy Mathis yeah I know totally water down brand. Oh well it’s only September

    C B Reply

    If you’re giving credit to Mark Ingram, you’ve gotta give credit to the O-Line… From a Chiefs fan..

Troy Mathis Reply

Can someone tell Harbaugh that logic>>>>analytics?? Analytics are for baseball, not football. There are way too many factors involved than to just go off some computerized mathematics nonsense

    Troy Mathis Reply

    Common sense/eye balls >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>analytics

    Anthony Anderson Reply

    @Troy Mathis That’s not what cost us the game. Still didn’t matter at the end because the defense couldn’t get a stop.

    Troy Mathis Reply

    Anthony Anderson it all contributes to it. Win as a team, lose as a team. There is no one factor in a 60 minute game

    Anthony Anderson Reply

    @Troy Mathis I understand that. You were the one aaying that Harbaugh’s decisions to go for 2 cost us the game and they didn’t. A much bigger issue was the lack of pass rush after the 1st quarter, massive miscues in the secondary and costly penalties.

Lion Thomas Reply

2 point conversion in the beginning was boneheaded, A Lamar sweep!!!!! G-Ro u got great backs man…..use em!!!! Where are the Hollywood screens…..get him the ball easily…..Let’s Go

    Antwon Dorsett 980i9 Reply

    Lion Thomas yea that 2 point try messed the energy up things started to switch

    Lion Thomas Reply

    @Antwon Dorsett 980i9 momentum killer Harbs specialty he doesn’t know when to use his 2 cents

General Maudy Reply

We still would of lost by 2 if we never went for 2 pt conversions. We lost. Plain and simple. Penalties cost us. It took a big run away, an int, and a 3rd down stop. Not harbaugh fault. The offense play calling was a lil underwhelming the first half as well. Something about after that first drive that has been reaching a standstill these past two games. Thats on Greg roman

Markes Pyke Reply

You gotta love lamar he holds himself to such a high standard every mistake no matter if it’s the offensive lines fault or receivers fault he always blames himself I take responsibility please team’s actions

Naiyersss Reply

you did what you could Lamar, we still proud! one loss ain’t gonna stop the Ravens from getting the Lombardi. on to the Browns next week. keep it movin💜🖤💜!

ColdRain34 Leo Reply

Lamar looks pissed!! That’s my Quarterback….🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Kay Bellz Reply

    We love the passion

    ColdRain34 Leo Reply

    He also taking responsibility for moving the ball down the field….

Nissan370Z Reply

Dude is a great athlete. That said, Mahomes is the man.

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