Lamar Jackson Explains How He Stays So Humble | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Lamar Jackson Explains How He Stays So Humble | Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson talks about still being bothered by the Browns loss and refuses to think about the possibility of not winning the Super Bowl.

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Crazy how humble he is and he’s breaking records left and right


    yea that is insane and how much history he made in one year

    Kony 23

    He was raised right

Robert Kleebauer

Big Truss!!!! Stay that way. Love this young man

Ethan Heady


Robert Kleebauer

Freakie L…..bring it sunday

Lord Yamcha: Lord Above All Humans

All should inspire to be humble as Lamar Jackson.

Abdul Saadiq

So proud of you Lamar. The people’s champ!! Let’s get this W flock 😈

Augie N.

It is one thing to be great and and it is one thing to be humble. Lamar is great, humble, a pro bowler, the goat, and the mvp.

    Alex Spencer

    I agree with everything, except for him being the GOAT, let’s give him some more time in the league before we start throwing that title around.

Xxxx Big Rich

We should all aspire too be that humble yet he oozes confidence‼‼‼👉🏽🏆

Kai Sommers

He is humble because after every good play, he knows he’s done that before so he doesn’t have to brag

    Dead Viking

    Just like Barry Sanders

Peasipa Namoa

Let the Lord know He number 1! -Lamar Jackson

#BigTruss #GodWins #HumilityAtItsFinest

    Ms Sandy

    I love it!!!

TexasBass Fishing

“The Lord” Amen #ActionJackson
#RavensNation Ravens 13-2

Kin DaBoss

bro literally brings everybody up . love this guy


“Tails never fails”…
My guy. 👍😁

*Go Ravens!*


Man, Lamar is A treasure in Maryland, I would say National treasure but theres too many haters from other teams’ cities

    Tonya Pendleton

    LOL, well I’m not in Baltimore and I love him!


1:00 I love that he’s focused so much on the goal that he doesn’t even think of the idea of not obtaining it. He’s giving the Ravens a 3rd ring this season

    Diogo Padrao

    I’m a Vikings fan and even I want this dude to get the ring right now. He is just so much fun to watch as an NFL fan.

    Haha Ur mom

    Y’all gotta stop jinxing it

steve Haynes

I have to get the teeshirt from him that says “NOBODY CARES WORK HARDER”, great humility..

Billy Ramirez

“I’m not even gonna put that in my head!”

Computer Guy

He’s humble because of a God-fearing mama behind him.

    Ms Sandy

    Amen! I tell my kids, “I’m here to help lift you up when you get too low and bring you back down when you get too high”.

Corey Greenhouse

“Let the Lord know he Number 1.”

King Kunta

Damn I hope he gets that ring. That would make his draft night quote so legendary.

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