Lamar Jackson Discusses Week 2 Win over Cardinals | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Lamar Jackson Discusses Week 2 Win over Cardinals | Baltimore Ravens

Quarterback Lamar Jackson met with the media after topping 250 passing yards and 120 rushing yards in a victory over the Arizona Cardinals.

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Hamid Mohammad

He’s really humble I like him and he’s improving every week

Ed Eshmont

I love this man on camera. Love the interviews. U can tell he wasn’t completely comfortable with this win. He holds himself and teammates to a higher standard. Cant wait to see him develope more.

    Alejandro Rease

    @Deborah Kerns …y would u think the schedule is difficult..u play who is on ir schedule …Pittsburgh us done cleveland over hyped bengals not worried at all…K.c we should have beat them last yr…just remember B-more is 8-1 with LJ8 as the starter

    Deborah Kerns

    @Alejandro Rease ~ Do you think this could be Rothlisberger’s last year? Although he’s held up pretty nicely in the 15 years he’s been with Pittsburgh, I wonder how much more physical punishment his body can stand?

    As for the Chiefs, I’ve looked at all the games we have played them since the first one in 1999, (9). We usually (but not always), do better in their stadium, then in our own when we play them. Right now, they are also 2-0. Still, we can’t afford to get all the penalties with KC, that we did in the Cardinals game…

    B00fpack '

    @Deborah Kerns Ravens have probably 6 easy wins coming up to Pitt who lost Ben Bengals who aren’t good and browns who after this season will win this division after one season together and building chemistry

    Deborah Kerns

    @B00fpack ‘ ~ I wouldn’t call
    The Chiefs an easy win. Nor most of these games. Pittsburgh only lost by two points. And we came close to losing our lead during the Cardinals game…

    B00fpack '

    @Deborah Kerns please read over my comment when i only said their divisional opponents no where in my fucking comment did i say cheifs my niuggah

Team Jesus

Time to take home the AFC North

Lion Thomas

Lamar have the keys to Baltimore city already!!!!

    Malik Billings-el

    We taking over the north it’s wrap

Too much Remy

That iPhone has a home button??? This kid is a millionaire??? How tf does Superstar athlete have his priorities in check more than me

    Matthew Bittenbender

    Too much Remy first, he has skills coveted by a multibillion dollar industry. Second, he worked hard. Third, his momma raised him right.


    Sometimes one for social media one for the coaches and fam that’s not his only phone in I know that


    Thats not his phone lol. Thats to record his answers


    Too much Remy 😂😂😂

    Śłøw Grïñd Tv

    Nah that wasn’t his he walked off without it

Isaiah Singletary

Seems a be a reoccurring theme here….”we came out with the victory” 🤔😈🤘🏾


I think he’s doing great. I appreciate how he is bothered they didn’t do as good as he’d hoped. Keep growing Lamar, be you!


He played maybe his best game and seems like he lost because he feels he should’ve been more successful.

    Nick K

    not just him tho, he feels the team should’ve been more successful.

    Nolan Gleason

    Never be satisfied that’s a trait of many all time greats

Allen Drew

The Maturity of this Barely 22yr old kid is incredible. Bright Future Ahead

Santana Gordon

RAVENS owns the AFC North..


I love it. I hope every game is a mixture of lamars run game and passing game, with a solid back field. You become efficient at those and defenses will not relevant

Grim Reaper

Lamar Jackson most improved player of the year.


Pissed off for greatness. Love to see it ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

joe lav

Absolutely love this man’s humble accountability as a leader!!

Trev Mac

Lamar looks like a 70’s TV star in a situational comedy


    Trev Mac he a beast on the field


    You must not know greatness. I feel sorry for you. That young man can play football. Wake up from your dream.

    Trev Mac

    @SHERRI HUGHES I’m not criticizing him i am only saying in the YouTube video he looks like a character from the 70’s (you kids obviously weren’t brought up in the 70’s) and yes i agree it appears he’s pretty good so far *BUT* it’s a long season we will see come playoff time

Blacc R

Lamar is his worst critic! That’s what creates superstars!!! Get ready!

the legendztruth

Thank you Lamar. Keep proving the haters wrong. You are doing outstanding. Go Ravens!!!


there pressed audio is ALWAYS HORRIBLE – maybe raise the mic ?

Sean Henderson

Lamar is tick off about the mistakes even though he played well. Lamar is the truth. We are in good hands.

LaRon Elliott

Where did the Lamar haters go????? Come back! We miss you.

    Dark Sharxx

    Naw let em stay gone 😂

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