LaFleur 1 on 1 ‘Our defense really got after the passer’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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T _cringe Reply


AnthonyK55 Reply

The defense has swagger. Something we haven’t had since Charles Woodson and Nick Collins were all over the field.

    Joshua Eugster Reply

    dont forget about yung sam shields

    AnthonyK55 Reply

    @Joshua Eugster of course not. I was just mentioning the guys in a leadership role.

    Julick Reply

    We all know what the result was when those two were together. REPEAT!

    Chauncey Wade Reply

    Joshua Eugster another 🐐

Keshan Mitchell Reply

Eagles next. Let’s get our mindset right. Good win packs

Melissa Cassell Reply

We just need to do better with our offense. Overall amazing job

Hector Rodriguez Reply

Outstanding performance by the defense but the Packers need to score more touchdowns according to Aaron Rodgers statement

Gunnar Geroy Reply

I’m happy we have a thursday game. I don’t have school on Friday

Doug Jankowski Reply

As long as the players don’t get cocky, the Pack is back.

Timothy Kenyon Reply

Im sure Eagles will be hungry as well, Go Pack Go

Deon Lawrence Reply

I know he wants to run the ball but this offense doesn’t make any points unless they are pass first with some run’s sprinkled in here an there .Anytime the offense looks good it’s when we are passing on first and second down.We can be run first once we have the lead but we need to move the ball in the air more .

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