La’el Collins on Ezekiel Elliott: “Not Just A Teammate, He’s Famiy” | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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    Lava LifeGuard


Diyah Danelle

    Boxing Hero

    You gotta tell me how you got that star!!

    Mark Bowman

    Boxing Hero

    @Mark Bowman ☆ this one is not the same

    Boxing Hero

    *Dallas C☆wboys!*

    Ricky Dominic


Dodger MVP

Let’s hope Zeke can come back so this running back can play at their full potential


    Dodger MVP that makes no sense you mean our rb at full potential

    Dodger MVP

    @TrevDean my bad sorry that’s what I meant😂

    Lava LifeGuard

    @Dodger MVP Don’t worry about it, we all knew what you meant! Well, almost all of us did! LoL

    Dodger MVP

    @Lava LifeGuard When do you think Zeke will be signed?

Feed Me Highlights

He’s FAMILY***

    Lava LifeGuard

    Yeah sure! Family’s mouth piece just called Dak a bum and Jaylon hasn’t earned his new contract like Zeke has. LoL

Klay Kerr

Go get it Pollard.. Not a whole lotta talking.. Just gets down to business

    used 2be

    Ha ha ha ha ah
    Thanks I needed that

    Boondock Patrol

    Yep! Go prove you belong!

da Star

The title captioned what a lot of fans don’t get especially when they speak against Zeke. He’s doing what’s best for him and I’ll be ready when he return to the team. Go Cowboys!

Lava LifeGuard

Yeah we’ll see how that family thing works out after Zeke’s mouthpiece, Marshall Faulk called Dak a bum and that Jaylon Smith hasn’t earned his new contract like Zeke has! Should get interesting


    Who is marshall fauk? Who cares what he says. He isnt an agent. Isnt he just a fomer rb?

    Idmtz Temp

    Zeke the freak!! Com,on’ man!! Mr Jones backed you up ,an you pay him back this way??! Two years left on your contract,!? An you still acting the fool in Nevada!!


#Zeke #Faith #Zeke’sChoice #LetsGoCowboys💖


Collins needs to learn to block the speed rush not talk to the media

Steven Allbee

This was pretty much clickbait putting Zeke isn’t just a teammate he’s family in quotations as if that’s what he said in this interview I mean don’t get me wrong I mean I like to hear from all my cowboy players but it seems like the caption of this video is saying something else that wasn’t even said really

Drizzy Fn7

Pay the man😩💜


Yea..he’s our famiy

Boxing Hero

With or without Zeke we will be a great team. Hopefully it’s with Zeke.

    Rizzo Aristotle

    Thats a lie lol

George Hillary

I’m beginning to feel guilty for doubting the boys ability to go 3-0 The first three games even without Zeke. This team is really good and is even more experienced than they were last year. Which means they’re smarter too.

Boxing Hero


    Boxing Hero

Rizzo Aristotle

Pay Zeke. Collins hopefully you play out this year

Shawn Paige

Both sides are being foolish right now..get it done and let the Cowboy Dynasty be reborn #Get6Boyz DCFL HotBoyz🔥🔥and the Purge squad shall be ready at all times.

Shawn Paige

DCFL keep the core of this team together..and be Super BOWL contenders for the next 5 years. #WeDemBoyz

Warwick Davis

Unfortunately after paying EZE, Dak, Amari.. Collins is probably on his way out after this year. Boys won’t have the $$ unless they let Byron Jones walk.

    Alfredo Ortiz

    Collins just got paid lol

    Warwick Davis

    @Alfredo Ortiz lol I saw that so now looks like Byron Jones is gone. 5 yr 50 mil w/ 35 guaranteed… saw some intital reports of Zeke getting 6 years 90 mil… we’re gonna have a bunch of studs and a bunch of jeff heaths on this team in a couple yesrs

IncogNito Revived

Hope you’ve been doing a lot of extra stuff to learn how to protect your qb better and stop completely missing and whiffing in the pass protection. Big dummy. You let Michael Bennett damned near cripple Dak on a sack last year.

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