Kyler says offense gets predictable when team gets behind | Arizona Cardinals – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jojo Manzo

I love the cardinals

    Albert Ornelas

    Jojo Manzo me too

Larry Legend is a GOAT

Yeah they literally only pass when they’re behind. But when they aren’t, they run their full play book. Remember how creative and exciting the first drive was on Sunday? They were running everything and the defense had no clue what to expect. We gotta have more drives like that


    That’s what I’m talking about.

    Josh Lucas

    We played our best ball in weeks 1 and 2 when we were always behind.

Dylan Coolbaugh

Hey kluge want to call a deep pass

Brad P

I think we should have more run design plays preferably up the middle cuz there getting to him a lot on the outsides. And if we can start making plays on the defense it would be a game changer! Go Cards rise up! defend the Nest! Please?


    Yeah man


We really gotta win this


He saying the division game is more important . ever since preseason they didn’t matter he said. Now 3 games in .now it’s in matters. Wow.i said it awhile back.0-4 here we go . maybe we beat Cincinnati.but don’t bet on it.when he gonna say it’s his fault and man up.never


    Idiotic comment. First off he said it’s the most important one because it is the next game and the game you are preparing for is always the most important. Secondly he literally said that he needs to do better on multiple occassions…


    @Wanheda yeah that’s what you do when you’re upset you lash out.but soon u will b 0-5.then will c what u a pro ! Every game is important. .


    @ANTHONY FIGUEROA And your next game is always the most important. It’s simply another way of saying that you are focusing on the game that you are preparing for. There is literally no story here and yet you seem to think that there is.

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    Ahem actually 0-3-1

Brandon Rothell

New O-line
New RB
New Gm
New uniform designs
Successful team 👌🏻

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    We dont need a new RB but we do need a new other two. But our jerseys are nice

j king

Imagine Murray playing for Bears in place of Trubisky. They could score 35~pts every single game.

Fred Castro

Kyler you need to play smarter this is not college anymore

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    He’s learning. I just hope he learns soon that he can’t outrun everyone like he could in college

Winston Wood

It’s time to get a win 1 I know you can do it but the rest of the team needs to step up as well

Brylight 36

Our entire team just needs to be better. Try harder, work harder = Win

Tone Ham

Every teams game plan is to blitz/control the outside so if we want to win we have to execute going through the middle

Tone Ham

Every teams game plan is to blitz/control the outside so if we want to win we have to execute going through the middle


This kid is gonna be great. Patients people, the guys kept us in every game. I say they win this week. Go…….Cards…..💪🏼🌅

Stan ezen

Upset of the week. Cardinals win, 31-27

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