Kyler Murray: “We’ve Been in a Position to Win Games” | Arizona Cardinals – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
James Waters

We need a new coach and gm. Aside from our line the talent is there. Granted, not 4-0 talent, but we’re good enough to not be an embarrassment. We shouldn’t be 0-3-1 right now.

    WeedNugs Weekly

    @Larry Legend is a GOAT Kliff has been impressive though, he’s handling this pretty well and if not for the o line and penalties the Cardinals would be moving the ball and scoring with ease. Defense is much more the issue besides the line which Kingsbury really doesn’t have any playcall for


    We have played the panthers Seahawks ravens, all solid teams

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @Savi lions haven’t looked so bad either

    Ima Infidel

    Lol…. couch experts who play fantasy football therefore live in fantasy land.

    Speaking Facts

    James Waters the offensive line is way too bad bro. You win in the trenches


He said the same stuff last week. He is the problem. Watch and c ! 0 – 4 here we come. Bet on it.i have said this 3 week’s in a row.


    @Murr Plays While it would appear that Anthony has a screw loose with his comments it is on the whole team that they are losing. Can’t blame the defense for the offense only scoring 10 points against the Seahawks or 16 against the Ravens. Both sides have a fair share of the blame for the 0-3-1 start.

    Speaking Facts

    Dale Montgomery but Rosen is a bust? And Rosen is the white privileged guy right lmao 😂😂

    Speaking Facts

    Z.D.T Squaad how you going to blame kliff, he’s made some good play calls. Though he’s made mistakes, murray has too.

    Speaking Facts

    John Haver but Rosen didn’t look as good as expect? Our whole offensive line was out😂😂 you’re a murray fanboy, I already know this. Pretty sure I’ve seen you in a different comment section trashing Rosen.

    lil p90 misery

    Best rookie. QB.

Brad P

I think it’s time to stop kicking field goals when we’re down by the goal line, especially when we’re only 1 or 2 yards away from the first down, we have to start scoring touchdowns early and then keep scoring through out the game. Come on guys! Turn it up!! Go Cardinals!!


    Brad P True, but it would help to make most of our field goals anyway. Gonzalez is like a 50/50 crap shoot everytime.

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @jmgmarcus Gonzalez was perfect (included preseason) until last week. What do you mean “50/50 all the time”?

    Yung Melon

    jmgmarcus Gonzalez is a great kicker

    Angel lopez

    jmgmarcus you stupid af, the stupidity with your comment deserves you to be escorted out this comment section

    Brad P

    He did have to deal with a new holder.


Keim still trippin, gotta let him go but Kliff deserves 1 more year

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @Lionel Sanchez I wouldn’t because that’s how mind-numbingly stupid this organization is.

    Brad P

    Kliff is gonna stay because of Kylet but if our defense keeps looking like it does then we will probably get a new defensive coordinator, hopefully somebody that will get on their asses because they need it!!

    Brad P

    Kyler* haha

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @Brad P I say wait for Peterson’s return to see whether the secondary struggle are on his absence, or if they’re on VJ.


    Your comment is pathetic….

Brylight 36

We’re winning this game for our sake and Bills. Get this Dub. #RedSea


I wish I could hear the questions and knew who or what they were talking about. I mean, it is a press conference and we did figure out how to get men on the moon. So, yeah I don’t think that’s asking a lot.


Do u guys forget how bad our offense was last year?! Give Kliff time!

John Haver

Hard to win with a bum General Manager

    Speaking Facts

    I didn’t know the general manager played football, what position does he play?

    Jesus Mejia


    John Haver

    Speaking Facts that might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read on YouTube. Steve Keim is directly responsible for the disaster he’s put on the field.

Fred Castro

David johnson has been running like he has a hangover

mild melon

still can’t believe how tough it is for guys this young to be expected to carry a whole franchise on their shoulders

    Josiah O'Connor

    i know right,

josh espedahl

Honestly our defense has lost us the games not the offense. Sure the redzone playcalling screwed us agaisnt the ravens but the game was still winnable same agaisnt Detroit but both games the corners dropped the ball (litterally and figuratively) only game the felt like a defeat was agaisnt Carolina and Seattle we only passed to David Johnson for some reason.. once Patrick Peterson gets back they will have good secondary again.

lil p90 misery

Best rookie qb.

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