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Erik Vargas

the 2016 pathers is only a dream for them right now

    Owen Raefield


    Alex Kamara


Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career

Kyler “it worked in college, so it should work in the NFL” Murray.

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    It worked for the first 3 quarters

    Zac Stone

    @Larry Legend is a GOAT kinda needs to work for 4

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @Zac Stone the oline went back to the lockers when the 4th started

    Zac Stone

    @Larry Legend is a GOAT joined the D that had been there all game

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    It worked until today maybe 8sacks had something to do with it you think? Hmm ? Hmm?

Larry Legend is a GOAT

Despite the 2 meaningless 4th quarter interceptions, he had a pretty solid game. Unfortunately he had about 70 yards and a TD taken away from him by drops and that his oline wants him to die

    Ryan Maul

    Those picks werent meaningless though. It was a one score game…

    John Diederich

    Maccabeach you sound really mad, Rosen didn’t do as bad as you think he made rookie mistakes, kyler made rookie mistakes. The question is do you draft olinemen to protect 2nd year Rosen or draft rookie kyler Murray and trade your old franchise qb for nothing. IMO we should’ve kept Rosen and got him offensive line help. May I remind you rosen is in second year kyler is a rookie. Also he took 8 sack because yes the oline is bad but we passed the ball a lot. Our RBs need to be more successful running the ball, which we need to block. Kyler murray is legit watched him followed know a good amount about his success. he’s great and I’m glad we used his legs which we should’ve more against Baltimore. He’s crazy versatile, but pass first qbs can struggle in their first year, like look at Rosen last year he made fixable rookie mistakes. I honestly thinks it one game and think we should really chill on the “fire Kliff” thing cuz he’s a great offensive coach and gave us rejuvenation on offense. Steve wilks didn’t have the team ready last year, I respect him and hope for the best for him and he did good for the browns this Thursday but he wasn’t good. You can hate on Vance Joseph, but the panthers have the 10th pff ranked oline going into season I’m pretty sure. the panthers have some formula against us and the 3-4 cuz they went up against cards w/ arians and Todd Bowles 3-4 in the nfc champion 2015 and scored a lot of points, they knew to attack the
    3-4 by long tds by one missed tackle cuz that’s the attacking 3-4 a lot of blitzing. We will bounce back, we didn’t know what to expect with this Zach Allen guys debut. Plus we aren’t very good pass defense to begin with especially without pat Pete, and I blame the 3-4 but I like the 3-4 because you get to the qb and can stop the run. Just like week 2 against ravens we stopped mark ingram and ravens pff ranked #11 oline. So a like our defense and think we will get better it is disappointing but week 3


    73.1 passer rating

Mo 243354

He looks like a child out there


This kid is already putting up some major yardage to begin his career. He keeps working on his game and Arizona can build around him for years to come.

    Larry Legend is a GOAT



    He averaged 2.5 yards per pass. That is a joke.


    I wouldn’t call less than 200 yards passing with 50+ pass attempts “good yardage”. That’s actually a poor average for that many attempts

    Tac on crack

    Its the offense he’s in.

    Nate Mayorga

    Tommy ok but he has 830 yards through his first three games buddy?


When he said “quick twitch” I instantly thought about bill burr.


    “I was thinking it but you said it” lol😂😂

arnold oliver

I have no doubt in my mind Tyler Murray is the real deal if the front office can draft well and the coaching staff do there part MAN WATCH OUT !

    Taylor DeLoach


    New England Patriots

    Who’s Tyler Murray ??

    Brandon Allen

    @New England Patriots lmfaooo


Why does the thumbnail have giants vs bucs


Wtf is the thumbnail?

Trench Coat Records

Forget the haters, Kyler doing his thing and they gonna get better.

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    They haven’t had a decent o line since ST louis

    Mervin Bustamante

    1 2 I mean the 2007-9 and 2014-15 O Line was good but everything else has been horrendous

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @1 2 they literally haven’t had a pro bowlers olineman since 2015. Ever since 2016 it’s been a nightmare

    Albert Ornelas

    Larry Legend is a GOAT what happen to our o line

Sariha Altaf

Why does the thumbnail have giants vs bucs 😂


    I thought I was tripping for a sec lol

    Big Ball Of Sunshine

    The game was that good

    Van Damn

    I thought I was just high

    Sterling Shepard,

    About to comment that

    Barry Ritchie



2.5 yards per pass average.


    John Diederich

    Well when you have one of the worst olines in the league pff graded, you may want to get rid of the ball as quick as you can, mixed with runs to try to cover the oline deficiencies. Kliffs air raid has been amazing, though he’s made mistakes, kyler wasn’t great, but he’s a rookie so🤷🏻‍♂️

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    There were afew drives that really worked. But the defense wouldn’t let the offense catch a break and that led to them forcing and panicking

sam cruz

This thumbnail is super wrong lol.

Kevin R

Time to fire Steve Keim. Get that clown out of Arizona

    John Haver

    He should have been fired along with Wilks. Keim owes his career to Reggie McKenzie and Bruce Arians. He’s a joke


Wrong teams in the thumbnail but ok

Kaden Ndzana

Guess the cardinals are the bucks and the panthers are the giants

The Awesome Fantastic Mobastic BFS

Breaking news kyler murray has been traded to the bucs

Dropped my Hotpocket

So its about kyler murray but the teams are the giants and bucs😭😭

Colin Stapleton

> Kyler Murray
> Giants Bucs thumbnail

Go to bed NFL, you’re drunk

Addison Fifield

Kyler is great. The people who hate him are the same guys calling every top prospect a bust until they get one right. They don’t watch or know anything about football lolol.

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