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michael thompson


RB Misty

It was a good game but the hawks ended up with the dub

Also Carson really bounced back today

    Munchie Crunchy

    Yee haw yippee 💪🤠


Come on cards. Lets go.good game but we gotta get it together

    Munchie Crunchy

    Yee haw yippee how bout them first place Dallas Cowboys 💪🤠

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @Munchie Crunchy save it for after SNF lol

    Munchie Crunchy

    @Larry Legend is a GOAT I hope you enjoy the game tonight 🙂 Yee haw how bout them first place Dallas Cowboys 💪🤠 yippee

    Ron Mexico

    The Cardinals suck.


    @Munchie Crunchy yeee haw the Cowboys lost.


Russ throws for 240 yds with 22/28, and Murray throws for 241 yds with 22/32. The statistics were quite similar

    whatsyurprob ?

    @Allen Savage Who won?

    John Haver

    Seattle went it to running/clock burning mode. Wilson could have thrown for 400+ yards and TD’s against the Cardinals if that was the game plan but credit to you for continuing to push Murray’s passing yards with 0 wins like they mean a god damn thing.

    whatsyurprob ?

    @John Haver You mean they FINISHED, like all legit teams can do.


    GO HAWKS!!!


    John Haver

    Of course they finished. I benched Wilson in my fantasy league for Winston coming off a 41 last week. The Cardinals are a bum franchise so it was an easy lead and grind the clock. Nothing was surprising about this game.

    Go Cards someday after Keim is fired


    its not how many yards you throw..its when you get them and how you get them…cousins had something like 240 yards…couldn’t do anything til after the game was decided and the opposing defense was trading short yardage throws for time off the clock. What I don’t understand is why arizona doesn’t go bak to what got them their only kinda success they had this season in their tie in game one ….and that is illegal pass interference, including the two illegal picks that helped tie the game…and in o/t on 3rd.


Keep working hard young man. You’ll be a QB that the Cardinals can build around for years to come.


He’s got talent.

    Fins Nation

    Guttulus Rosen has talent

    roy c

    @Fins Nation Rosen is a bum. KM has showed more in his first 4 games then Rosen all last year

Vinson Quiris

Murray looks good. He has that Mahomes/Wendtz ability to scramble and throw accurately on the move


    Vinson Quiris wince 😂

    Philly Prince

    @Am L


    Am L

    John Haver

    Good lord you’re blind

Is This Rain?

Murray’s scrambling is ungodly. Him vs the 49ers d-line should be an interesting watch.


Cardinals are going to be like the 2014 Raiders. Lose a lot of games in a row but the QB got to keep playing and growing.


    Unless his line gets him killed before he can develop lol

ACamp *

“Kyler Murray Throws for 241 Yds”

In another loss

    Robert G

    Shane Pleasants Murray did throw a td a pic6

    Speaking Facts

    Kanye south then why not stick with Rosen

    Kanye south

    Speaking Facts coach wanted his own guy for his system kyler is obviously more suited for the air raid then Rosen

    Speaking Facts

    Kanye south you don’t know what you’re talking about


    @Daniel VargasHe did have a td throw…just to the wrong team.
    Its amazing the yardage u can pick up when the game is basically decided and the opposing team is trading short/med yardage in exchange for running the clock out and not allowing big plays.

7 Reasons

If they don’t draft top o lineman next year fire the whole front office

    Kevin R

    They should get fired regardless.

    Egg Shell

    It’s our gm literally all our 1 round picks are no longer on the team which made our defense good in 2015 and he needs to do better on getting linemen

    Kevin R

    Egg Shell If this continues he is insanely close to getting fired.

    John Haver

    You want to give Keim the chance to redeem himself? He’s failed again and again. It’s time for a change not another chance.


    Their first 5 picks should be linemen lmao

mike b

this guy reminds me of a faster more athletic Doug Flutie….He showed glimpses of the magic.

The Fight Scout

Lightning fast kid

Aramis Dennard

he fast asf

Cardinals4life BirdGang

Kyler seems like he’s getting better good for him

Kevin R

Keim has to go so someone can put a good team around him.

    roy c

    Keim cannot be trusted to build a team around him

lil p90 misery

Best rookie qb.


Trust the process


Control the edge and start blitzing him and he will be done.

Shervin Zangeneh

kylers good

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