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Kyler Murray Picked Off by Lions!

Kyler Murray throws an interception to Tracy Walker in his first NFL regular season start. The Detroit Lions take on the Arizona Cardinals during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Murray welcome to the NFL and in last place in the division for years to come.


    MRTUPAC 28 lmao 😂 you’re a savage I’m crying over here 😂

    Michael Thomas

    hmmm…just cuz it’s the Lions?

    Brayden Hall

    yo bud its overtime he actually came back and played well

    Al Haymon

    This comment didn’t age well.

Vikings Secondary

Minshew playing better than Kyler as of now lmao

    Escocivo 30

    Minshew at least has a offense

    i astrothunder

    can’t put that on Kyler. but since you’re hating you’ll do it anyways 🤡

    Courtney Sutherlin

    And they lost bad

Escocivo 30

The Cardinals should of started Brett Hundley! Kyler is not ready yet with this awful offense!

    BB Clover 2010

    Escocivo 30 interesting


    Vortexism Gaming alright let’s see you make it to the nfl


    @FBI Agent Good call.

    yo momma's toilet

    @Anthony Joseph Eagles and Patriots just won a superbowl with college offenses. All these predictable teams running the same old plays under center are gonna get torn apart by the pass rush. D linemen in the NFL are running a 4.6 at 280 lbs. With a line this bad, you need a pass-first qb like Kyler who can also escape the pocket.


*who here before lil mystique promotes?*


Correct me if I’m wrong, but this happened right after he was sacked… by his own lineman.

    neutral nick hotel

    no he wasn’t he was sacked by a lions player and the lineman jumped on him for some reason

    Vortexism Gaming


joker dc1162

Murray is a bust

    stigandr the warlord



    Having 308 yards passing and 2 tds is being a bust especially in his first career start ?? Man people are really stupid these days SMH🤦🏽‍♂️

Nick ______

Yeah hes a bust

Edward Stiger

My papa gonna be like There he goes!!
Gets picked* NAW That’s out of bounds

HTX 713

Poor Kyler Murray dude landed with arguably the worst team in the NFL

    Mason Winner

    @LP6 Sports murray doesnt need recivers he needs an o-line

    Jon Davis

    HTX 713
    Agree but he needs to be better


    Isn’t picking the first in the draft an award for the worst team by definition?

    Mason Winner

    @CloutCollecter huh

    Brandon Deel

    well the worst team typically gets the first pick so yeahhh

Michael Hanna

If football doesn’t go well he can play baseball next year

    Vortexism Gaming

    for the freaking ATHLETICS

    chriss nguyen

    He was actually drafted by mlb before the nfl

    Michael M

    @Vortexism Gaming who have a wealth of talent , are in position to be in the playoffs for at least a few years and are known for developing some great players (that goes on to be traded)

    Michael M

    @Jay Neumann nope , a’s retained his baseball rights

Guga Bastos

This team could have Tom Brady merged with Michael Vick as QB, and they still would be bad, Kyler will have to run to save his life

    Anthony Joseph

    Oh boy, here come the excuses. Who does Sam Darnold have to throw to? How about Josh Allen?

    the big mick

    another salty AZ fan


He’s gonna regret not playing baseball for the A’s. He could have been a special ballplayer. Mookie Betts type skillset if the hit tool developed.

    FBI Agent

    You act like he still can’t go back and play.
    They’d gladly have him back.
    He went 1st round for a reason.


    @FBI Agent He certainly could and I think that would be the right decision for him. But if he’s gonna do it he needs to it within the next year or so. Every year that he stays in football is another year of lost development and another year that his eventual free agency will be pushed back, potentially costing him tens of millions of dollars. If he were playing right now, He’d probably get to free agency by the time he was 29 or 30. Assuming he was great, he could pull a 150-200 million dollar contract at that age. If he waits 2-3 years, he likely won’t hit it until he is 32 or 33 and at that point you aren’t going to get more than a 60-70 million dollar deal, and nothing for more than ~3 years.


He’ll be playing baseball very soon

Comments on videos

The Cardinals really needed to upgrade the rest of the team before going back for a new franchise QB.

Hector Rodriguez

Kyler Murray should’ve stay in baseball

Maurice King

Murray looks like a middle schooler on the field😂

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    For the first 3 quarters


Welcome to the big leagues kid


GOAT-Boy gets “picked off”? Noooo…WTF.

LeeTravius Mckay

Kyler and Baker throwing interceptions. I can’t wait for Skip’s response on Monday


    He’ll find some excuse to defend them, and still criticize Wentz despite his 3 T’ds

    LeeTravius Mckay

    @Lugotorix fr tho 😂

Arena Football Zone

“No OnE cAn Do WhAt I dO”

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