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Kyler Murray Leads HUGE Game-Tying Drive!

Kyler Murray marches the Cardinals downfield to tie up the game! The Detroit Lions take on the Arizona Cardinals during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Receiver vs Cornerback Highlights

Larry Fitzgerald clutch as always 💯

    MRTUPAC 28

    @Larry Legend is a GOAT 😂😂 my friend is here. I’m not a Cardinal hater. I just ask where his ring was. Also 4-0 is better than 6-3.

    isaiah salazar


    Young Ghost

    Receiver vs Cornerback Highlights umm Kyler get the respect too right I mean he didn’t choke

Hector Rodriguez

Magic Murray

    Nathan Madden

    I like that one.

FBI Agent

I thought he was a bUsT?


    Yeah the Lions, top 10 Defence. He made plays to get that draw late that a lot of starting vet QB’s couldn’t do…

    Shon Swinford

    Right. Boomer Sooner!

    Adian Flores

    @Humzah Bokhary yea and then the offense started making plays. It’s not a defensive choke it’s an offensive explosion and really a lot of luck from the defensive timeout before the ball was snapped for a touchdown

    Humzah Bokhary

    Adian Flores but “top 10 defenses” don’t let the offense have an offensive explosion

Aries Anderson

Just Living like Larry …..

    Painmaker Chris Jericho


Jamaal Noland

I told Cardinal fans Bryd would be good for them and they told me he wasn’t going to make the team 🤷🏾‍♂️


    i didnt hear a single dude say that in Arizona lmao

    WeedNugs Weekly

    @DynamitezVerde yeah Byrd was already projected early to be part of the receiving core. Him and sherfield stepping up while Isabella figures things out and Hakeem Butler injured until next year. Fitz obvious number one still and Kirk solid #2

zAcK guitarist

Ayyye i love my cardinals bruh #BirdGang!

Airhawk Gaming

Making Oklahoma proud


Now try to talk about this kid like you first started.. Now u see why he is a team leader for Arizona Cardinals it’s cool to see what Kyler did just by his first game. I’m not telling that he will be magic boy but he won’t be a bust in the NFL!!


    Its alright they still figure out ways to hate


Ppl overreact to Wk 1 all the time. Just let these guys develop.

    Dan Rodriguez

    AfroKenny Murray was undefeated for 3 years in HS and won the heisman trophy for OU don’t sleep on him

Sojo R

Nuff respect for the cardernals to salvage this game into a draw.. Kyler Kirk will get better..

LeeTravius Mckay

Skip going to have a field day tomorrow

connor miller

Really pulling for Kyler. Should’ve won has they not dropped that pick.

    Tye Dunn


Harrison Jolly

Kyler and HUGE in the same title sentence…. IRONIC (Palpatine voice)

Steven P

Lions looking like the 6-10 team still, the big acquisitions on the D-line were non-factors, Cards would’ve smoked this team with their starting corners. Lions O-line was mediocre and undisciplined. They just play stupid in general, same old story. Larry Fitz just outwilled the Lions in this game. Very disappointed fan, I don’t have the lions winning more than 6-7 more games this season. Lazy unaware defense and mediocre O-line. And your 10 million dollar DTs were used as rotational players. Also nice redzone facemask by our highest paid defensive player Tre Flowers. Same lions

edgar torres

Better than Mayfield

D Lakland

Seahawk fan here. LF is just a beast. KM looks real good. Can’t wait to see RW and KM duke it out.

    stigandr the warlord

    i honestly cant wait what makes it better is murray is a huge wilson fan the murray wilson duel will be epic

    Chadason McGraw

    RW will come out on top this year. This offense has a lot to work out. I will be shocked if the Cards beat the Ravens, and surprised if they pull out a win against the Panthers. I just hope we show the Seahawks a good game. This doesn’t show the first three quarters of overthrown balls, zero separation by the widerecivers, and the horrid 3rd down conversion rate.

Camron Toney

1st game jitters were real, I expected some of the drama in this game but damn! Overcoming adversity is a huge confidence booster. Nice comeback attempt 💪.


I swear just when he threw that pick I saw sooo many busts comments

    Shon Swinford

    Ya, from soy boys who never played a down. But, their video games made it look easy.

Humble Rumble

Didn’t win, but WOW was that the best cardinal opener in a long time. 24-6 comeback is legendary for a rookies first game.

Recency Bias Radio

He’s already better than Trubisky 😂

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