Kyler Murray & Lamar Jackson Showdown in Week 2 | Arizona Cardinals Game Reel – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Larry Legend is a GOAT

This is Larry’s best start to a season in his career having back to back 100+ yard games. He wasn’t kidding when he said he felt rejuvenated with this new team. Go Cards!

That dude Joe

Good game for both uprising teams.

Daniel Corral

After watching the game the only thing I could think was, “I can’t wait for how good Kyler is going to be in year 2”. I know I shouldn’t think that, but I know that once everyone, the coaches and players, get a year under them they’ll be so much better.

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    He’s only a rookie, yet he still put up consecutive 300+ yard games. He’s only gonna get better and same with the young receivers we have. We most likely won’t be playoff contenders this year, but our future is bright

Fred Castro

The next game against the Panthers should be a W cam newton is injured

    Dakoda Lemasrsr

    I rather play cam Newton

J Mac

And to think,the Cards could of drafted Jackson.smh 🤔


    Ryan Murphy The two Cardinal fans say this lol

    Ryan Murphy

    Dingo doesn’t take a genius to figure it out lol

    nur ibrahim

    @Ryan Murphy not with that head coach

    Ryan Murphy

    nur ibrahim are you being serious? In the two games he’s coached Kliff has gotten around 650 yards from Murray with crazy production from Larry and guys like Kirk. Kliff is doing just fine if you ask me 😂 he just needs a better red zone O

    Bob Murphy

    Murray wil improve Jackson had a lot of hate last year. Murray will improve too

Brodha Sattva

AZ got to the 5 yard line 4x. But settled for FGs. Kyler is the truth, he just needs time to grow (like Lamar did).

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    I think kliff has to learn more in the redzone than Kyler tbh. He has to figure out the right plays to get us in the endzone because you’re right, we stall out too much


    Larry Legend is a GOAT Exactly I want them to find ways to get in by running the ball more deep in their opponents territory so that they wouldn’t kick field goals most of the time.

Brad P

Damn I wanted us to win that game, but we have to shift our focus on the panthers, and I know Cam doesnt want to lose another game so we better have a good game plan going into this one.


    Cam is out

Nick Norton

Murray gonna bring a ring here, just hope it is within rookie year while Fitz is still young >.<

Cards Brah

great recap guys! Cards Brah just released his Cardinals vs Panther cats Preview video! YouTube search “Cards Brah” or hit me up on the Twitter [at] Cards Brah – ty!!

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