Kyler Murray Jukes Bengals D on QB Sneak TD – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Ok ok

Hayden Reed



This isn’t a QB sneak, @NFL.

    n!x theobserver

    It’s a bootleg sneak

    BloodyBunny 99

    @n!x theobserver I thought its called a fake but I’m not sure.


    Thought the same thing!




Kyler is going to get a good QB for years to come for the Cardinals. This division will be even more competitive too.

    RJ Ante

    Unless Arizona ruins him like the Colts did to Luck.

    Baby Blu3

    I mean in the 2015-16 season the NFC West was on fire with Carson Palmer as QB and Bruce arians as coach

    bacon boi no salad

    Tru dat

lil p90 misery

They need to stop hitting his helmet like that.

    lil p90 misery

    @F’ing Alex 100k a month

    F'ing Alex

    @lil p90 misery if they get a concussion they get a check for life, it was what they got when they had that strike a while back.


    He has a head like a watermelon he’ll be good

    Lost Timing

    @juniornac1 lmao


Kyler rey get his first win today 👀

ASDF FAF 🦅🦅🦅 🏈

Aramis Dennard

mann he too fast

Larry Legend is a GOAT

He is so fast it’s crazy

    Aramis Dennard

    @Griefer king so tyreek hill not fast because his legs are short

    Aramis Dennard

    @Griefer king you sound stupid as hell

    bacon boi no salad

    @Aramis Dennard so r u

    bacon boi no salad

    @Aramis Dennard and r u in teh nfl. No. No ur not wurk on ur comebacks salty bengals fan

toyota yaris

I absolutely despise being a bengals fan.

Hector Rodriguez

Although he’s still learning in the NFL but Kyler Murray could have gone playing baseball with the Oakland A’s


Looks like the Bengals had him cold, NOPE. That guy is so elusive


Terrible defense omg

    bacon boi no salad

    Ikr ima cardinals fan 😀

Ian Good

Toilet bowl

    bacon boi no salad

    Just like u

    Ian Good

    @bacon boi no salad some players will play the rose bowl. Some the super bowl. The only bowl these fuckers are ever gonna see is the 🚽

Yacan Son of Israel

This little boy is growing up.
Keep eating your vegetables Murray so you can grow big and strong

Joseph Fox

The Bengals will have a “perfect record”

    Jose Lopez


    Jaime Argudo

    @tito thomas Those asscheeks are going to get inspected if your my patient in a prostate exam.

jj dub

*kyler murray jukes bengals D on a RB draw

Tommy Turtle

Doesn’t look like a bust!

Guardians of Gold

This is not a QB sneak.

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