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Kyler Murray Forces OT in NFL Debut | NFL 2019 Highlights

Kyler Murray led the Cardinals with 308 yards and 2 touchdowns in his NFL debut. The Detroit Lions take on the Arizona Cardinals during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Diart Musliu

Who else hates ties and thinks that it makes the record look so ugly?

    Brian Ellis

    Larry Legend is a GOAT ya I don’t know when they started that crap where they start in the red zone but it is stupid

    Toby Creation


    C. Griff

    Kliff Kingsbury actually did bring some of that college stuff to the NFL…ties 😂😂


    @Escocivo 30 my guess is it has something to do with protecting the players

    nick lenehan

    NCAA has it right. Each gets a chance to score

Escocivo 30

I got angry at the Cardinals at the 1st 3 Quarters because he and the offense was poor. But at the 4th and OT he proved me wrong. Hope Kyler succeeds and the Cardinals could try their best to not make it hard for him.

    S Sp

    @Donald Trump Jr. X Murray is trash

    Lil JxyBxndz

    Yeah they really just need to get lineman to protect him so he can play and stay healthy💯

    Greedy Monki

    Larry Legend is a GOAT Not at all. Lions defense was gassed and Matt Patricia was a clown for not calling any blitzes. Thats why Murray suddenly had more time in the pocket.

    George Morgan

    @Larry Legend is a GOAT no Arizona didn’t they ran the same offense all game

1738 Vibes

Kyler really is a stud, unfortunately the cardinals o line is going to limit his potential at times

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @Don Don they played well in thr 4th quarter just like everyone else, but they struggled early

    tito thomas

    Donald Trump Jr. X yea he was only the most electryfying qb to ever play. he wasnt great at all. u right

    ItzWallyMan 100

    *What game were you watching*
    Lmao we all watch the same game. Dude idgaf about all negative opinions, all of it is hate for the little guy 22yo did better than almost any rookie qb starting the job. We could of taken the lost but guess what he made a comback and tied the game. If anyone lost in this game was the Lions. Yes we got to see more of him.. Thats what everyone said in preseason, here he is but is not enough i agree. Ravens D.. We might lose but this kid doesn’t like to lose. And thats what i saw. ✌👊

    Humble Rumble

    @ItzWallyMan 100 24-6 comeback with 10 minutes left is insane for a rookie in his first NFL game. it may of been a tie, but every lions fan I’ve talked to felt like it was a lost, especially with Stafford throwing that int to Brock that he dropped. Murray is going to be awesome in the Ravens game and I barely wait.

    Chad Wilson

    kyler looked like Cam Newton 1.0 😂

Denzul C

“Never measure a man by the size of his stature but by the size of his heart that he plays with”💯💯

    Mr.Sarcastic OD

    Or by the size of the forehead

    Evan Foxworthy

    But true!

    Denzul C

    @Mr.Sarcastic OD 😂


*Lmao that O-Line is something else.*

    Wabi Sabi

    Except your drastically underrating the Lions D line

    John Diederich

    Creux the cardinals oline last year was worse so many injuries most starters were out

    John Diederich

    Wabi Sabi true

    Mister Jones

    Please give Deshaun Watson that same line…he would go far into the playoffs. I like Kyler…and hope he turns out really good, but he holds the ball entirely too long.

    nick lenehan

    @Mister Jones gtfoh lmao

Game Winning Drive

Kyler finally got to play a full game and once he got his rhythm it was epic


    @Carl Lennen nah that’s just common sense you rest your starters so they’re not gassed and you give your 2nd strings some time to show what they got in an actual game. I don’t Coach because you got to go to school for all that then work your way up. I’m also playing ball so why would I be coaching? You act like this isn’t a strategy that coaches use all the time as well. Stay in school son.

Sports Guru

Kyler really battled back like a soldier. Impressive.

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @Donald Trump Jr. X regardless of who he’s playing, a rookie overcoming a *3 possession deficit with only 10 minutes left to play* is pretty incredible. He made mistakes, but he’s just a rookie. He’ll get better.

    Donald Trump Jr. X

    @Larry Legend is a GOAT The Cardinals defense got them into that position to do that. All Murray had to do was make simple plays.

    Yung Melon

    Donald Trump Jr. X throwing a 27 yard touch down pass is a simple play?

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @Yung Melon he just doesn’t want to admit Murray’s potential. He’s been doing it since the preseason


    Yup, unlike Baker.

Tyler Keightley

That long pass to Fitzgerald in overtime was beautiful

    J R

    @Donald Trump Jr. X Faked an injury to get out of going to Vietnam


    that pass was a spectacle to watch

    Je Na

    I love Fitz, but saying he adjusted to the catch is slightly disingenuous and takes away from Murray’s throw.

    He didn’t have to alter his route, reach out for the ball, or fight a defender to catch the ball. That ball fell right into his chest, with no chance of the DB incompleting the pass. Fitz just happens to be Mr. Automatic lol.

    Donald Trump Jr. X

    @J R What…..

    Donald Trump Jr. X

    @Je Na Looked to me like he dived

Tucker the YouTuber

If it weren’t for that dropped interception (not on the video), the cards would’ve won by a field goal

    Jackson Sweat

    Larry Legend is a GOAT it made me feel mad when kyler was on the sideline wanting that ball back so bad

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @Jackson Sweat they should’ve went for in OT. If they converted they would be in FG range

    Stiff Jabzz

    Yup staffordisk type of play!

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @Shaq Soda yeah he broke up a pass in the end zone in OT. He saved the game, but he also dropped the win

    umm no

    @Shane Pleasants if your in the nfl you should be able to catch a wide open interception

Brufo Adjuru

Cardinals better go get some capable linemen next offseason

    Tony Telling It Like It Is

    O-line wasn’t the problem, Kyler holding the ball too long & having happy feet was causing the problems. He’ll learn as time goes on.

    Jason M.


    Billy Batson

    Tony Telling It Like It Is the o-line is was definitely a big problem,these are just the highlights,the o-line held him back so many times


    They can technically still trade till week 8 right?

    Billy Batson

    DJ MYTH!C yea that’s why I suggested it cause Trent Williams isn’t playing a snap for the redskins this season

10ExTwin 10

My guy Larry been balling since I was in Kindergarten


    Don’t forget Frank Gore and Adam Vinatieri.

    Champ Solo

    @JFISCH93 Vinatieri cost the Colts the game against the Chargers he missed 2 fgs and an extra point.

    reed Araiza

    @Champ Solo dude is 46 and won two Superbowls with GW kicks and has the most points in NFL history. Keep your mouth shut bud over one game lol




    as long as the refs don’t call those offensive pics he be catching lots of balls.both on the catch for td to tie and then another pick for another receiver for the 2pt conversion. what talent.

Ray Powell

Larry Fitzgerald still got it.


At first I thought Keyshawn came back from retirement and played again


    same here.

    The Blend Warrior

    I know right.

    Kevin Moy

    bruh same

    Shane Pleasants

    Me too I was like god damn he’s too old

Ibraheem Rao

A tie is something kliff should celebrate because he was so used to losing in college.

    monique marshall

    Don’t get why people bring that up lmao ! Kliff offense put up points Texas tech defense was trash and was hard to recruit no one is gonna come there

    Ibraheem Rao

    @monique marshall well Mike leach found a way to go way above five hundred at Texas tech with a 84-43 record from 2000-2009.


Tbh the Lions played amazing man defense for most of the game. Murrays throws were tough.

    xKcKilla xI

    I agree, that pass to FItz in OT was an absolute dime.


    Seems smart to play all man D with your back to the QB against a guy who can run like Kyler. They deserve to lose for being that stupid.

Jarvis Addison

no way kyler is 5′ 10″ more like 5’8″

    Brandon Roberts

    5’8 max

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @Nicolas Bernardini he looks so small because he’s surrounded by 6′ 5″ guys lol

    Nicolas Bernardini

    @Larry Legend is a GOAT who? His receivers are split out wide and I didn’t see any offensive linemen

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @Nicolas Bernardini his linemen are big and remember he’s also around alot of big defensive guys too

    Nicolas Bernardini

    @Larry Legend is a GOAT I didn’t see any linemen

Marvin Mosley

Give Murray his props man. People in the comments are being weird bro. This team was down 24-6. Regardless if the Lions were in a prevent defense or not, how do you come back 18 in the NFL as a rookie? That’s a tough assignment for a Vet like Brady. From what I can see, the Cardinals made adjustments and went with what they felt worked for them and stopped trying to be pretty. The Lions looked tired because the Cardinals were slowly picking at them in their 5 WR sets and trip sets. You can tell the secondary was done. Now, I think preseason has something to do with it but the Cardinals defense stepped up too. This was a very important game for a rookie head coach and rookie QB. You can’t be pretty in the NFL you have play to your strengths and do what works. If up tempo 5 WR sets works for you then do but for the love of God, go under center if you’re on the one yard line.

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    People always wanna hate on hyped players and will try to discredit everything they do

    Chad Wilson

    I tell you how you come back 16 in the 4th …just play the lions 😂… Murray looked like a mini Cam Newton 1.0….I had to make sure I was watching a NFL game at first I thought 💭 it was high school.


    Murray came back cause the referees refuse to call offensive pass interference so that fans have their offense no matter what. That 2pt conversion was so obvious an offensive pick that the announcers had to do their best to cover it up with the ‘rub’ route nonsense…aka rub route —- offense pass interference. And this is coming from someone that doesn’t care which team won..but picking a defender off for fritz to get td, and then using three receivers to run picks to get one open. Is that all the talent this team has? Is it without this kind of crap they don’t score? people must be super blind fans of arizona to pretend this is ok.

    Ethan Weeter

    Maybe Kliff Kingsbury is better coach than we all think. He usually does okay with developing QBs. Murray is great athlete, not sure he will be a shorter Michael Vick though. Pretty sure he is little slower than Vick. Way better passer though I think. Little smarter too.

Cade Burk

The talent is obvious. Get an o-line to protect him and he will ball.


Imagine if kyler didnt have to run for his life every play.

    monique marshall

    After watching the Texas game and Browns game and others cardinals O-Line wasn’t bad some of those sacks it was Murray’s fault for holding the ball to long.

    J V

    @monique marshall wrong

    monique marshall

    J V don’t know what you seen I thought they played very well

    J V

    @monique marshall saw Murray having a man running straight at him unchecked. Saw Murray’s tackles literally running into him. Hard to let go of the ball when you have that much pressure and you need to get out of the pocket.

John Young Ph.D.

I like how that Cardinals Offensive Lineman tackled Kyler Murray.

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