Kyle Van Noy: “We’re ready to play” | 1-on-1 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Kyle Van Noy: “We’re ready to play” | 1-on-1

Kyle Van Noy went 1-on-1 with Steve Burton to discuss his excitement going into week of the regular season as well as share his praise of Steelers members, Juju Smith-Schuster and Ben Roethlisberger.
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Rhifore Aditya Reply


Kevin Pawl Reply

I am ready to watch you play on my couch eating chips.

mrtyrang Reply

A very underrated player. Love him on our team. Thanks Detroit.

PatsFan89 Reply

Let’s Gooooooooooooo!

Joshua Vaughn Reply

Van Noy is a beast. Him and Hightower play well together

Jon Jacobs Reply

I love this dude on the team.

Gerardo Rodriguez Reply

We ready for #7 LET’S GO!!!!

Chupatwo Chupatwo Reply

#LETSGO week 1 reminds me how much i love the Pats, each and every year. ill be holding my breath on every snap of the football!

Xenomorph Reply

Everyone starting to bet against the Pats, exactly like last year. Enough motivation to kick their arses, lets gooo Patriots ! 👍

John Conor Reply

KVN aka real beast mode. Love that guy’s smile

Judilyn Travis Reply

KVN53 will own the endzone this season. I wanna see them knock Ben’s block off.
Brady 7
God Bless the Patriots
now LFG 🏆 🏆🏆 🏆🏆 🏆🏆

Charly Gr. v.L. Reply

Let’s go Kyle – Sunday is showtime
Best wishes !! 👍👍

Soph x Reply

I love him so much! want his jersey c; im going to ask my parents to get me it for christmas! I hope we never cut or trade him anytime soon

Rusty Gunn 7 Reply

Kyle Van Noy… my new favorite linebacker. My new “Bruschi”. I hope he sacks all the quarterbacks, one after another, all season long! Go Patriots !!!

M. Marcam Reply

Kyle van noy superbowl certified 3 years in a row with the pats.

David Sabillon Reply

This is one good dude.

Austin Ahern Reply

Let’s go Kyle!!! Let’s go Patriots!!!

Michael M Reply


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