Kyle Brandt: “I Applaud You Bills Mafia, You’re the Real Deal” | Buffalo Bills | One Bills Live – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Kyle Brandt: “I Applaud You Bills Mafia, You’re the Real Deal” | Buffalo Bills | One Bills Live

NFL Network GMFB host Kyle Brandt discussed the recent appearance of Bills QB Josh Allen on his '10 Questions with Kyle Brandt' podcast. He also discussed the Bills offseason moves on One Bills Live on April 7, 2021.

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Mateo Shullio Reply

Allen is the greatest Bills QB hands down

    The Goats Reply

    He will be don’t Disrespect Jim Kelly like that

    Mateo Shullio Reply

    @The Goats Not disrespecting Kelly but…

Troy Gabrielson Reply

Josh your a true Buffalo Bills. I’m so happy he our QB and always will be…

Riley Nguyen Reply

Sugar high josh allen is so handsome 😍😍

Crash 5485 Reply

Yeah he moved away from “Sugar High Josh Allen” and into being just “Big Sug”.

Let’s circle the wagons and bring home a Lombardi

Keith Cousins Reply

I have new videos up so…

Matt Chew Reply

The Bills are going to keep grinding in order to make sure that the #Process is worthwhile.
#BillsMafia is in it for the long haul…

Outside Looking In Reply

Why is a Pats fan on here. In his own home he laughs with his family about our franchise. Taken shots at the bills. He is as fake as they come.
Its funny how he butter balls so easily. Pats fans running the show.

    Matthew Wronkoski Reply

    Bitter loser pats fan, typical LMAO

Thomas Bromstead Reply

I think this just all goes to show that there may not be any other QB (maybe even of all players) that is as self aware as Josh Allen. It’s most of the reason, IMO, why he’s gotten better and better each season. It’s hard to get better when you refuse to admit your faults and issues. Luckily for us, all of Bill’s Mafia, Josh Allen does it the right way. He’s constantly looking at his flaws, and then doing the most important thing, he tries to improve what he’s bad at. This is the reason Josh is successful.

Chris Delagarza Reply

Josh Allen is the second coming of the Legend
Jim Kelly

Bills News Consolidated Reply

Josh has come a long way since his sugar high days

S Utecht Reply

Proud to be the 50th like

Justin Morello Reply

Hell yeah!! My mafia mount up shirt just got shipped today too!! Can’t wait to get that!

Bgs Gods Reply

Welcome to Allen Town

Adam Geiger Jr Reply

Being self aware helps you grow …

Josh being a prime example of that

London Stackhouse Reply

Josh allen 17 Wyoming mvp love you my QB great season proud of you

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