Kyle Allen: You have to keep betting on yourself – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Julian Johns

I’ll be betting on Kyle this week +4.5

Josh N

Keep pounding 💪

caden moore

The future

    Fernando Fernandez


    Owen Hovis

    caden moore no

Winter Souljah843

I’m praying he does awesome…LONG TERM for the Panthers


Kyle Allen finna be the superbowl MVP

    D train73

    BananaBro967 over hyping

I Don't Know Man

Take care of the ball fella. Be aware. Be alert. #500

Debfay Carr

PRAYING for this young man and Cam newton too

South Carolina

He wants to play. Let’s go Panthers O-line protect this man!!

    Fernando Fernandez


Marko Polo

Now that is how you do a press conference

    Isaac Punch

    Marko Polo we get it, you don’t like Cam.

    Marko Polo

    Isaac Punch wrong lol cam is a goat but I’m not the only one that wants him to take football more seriously and stop being so emotional it’s a time and place for everything

    Nabeel Ahmed

    how do you know how a press conference is done?! everyone does it their own way. cam and Kyle are two completely different individuals. if you understand something to play out aligned to your version of press conference, does not makes it the only way bruh.

    Marko Polo

    Nabeel Ahmed stop babying cam

    Marko Polo

    Nabeel Ahmed this is a business if we want a shot at a ring thus is it put your emotions aside smh and get your head in the game .and start sending Kyle positive energy stop hating on your own team . Are you panthers fan or just a cam fan ??


Win in Houston Kyle #keeppounding

Ryan Davis

Look this kids story up! He is an old school student of the game….”you give me the right call and I’ll make the right throw…” Lives, breathes, eats, football! Man, I’m pulling for ya kid!!

Richard's Outdoor World

I like this young guy’s Cool Calm demeanor  !  He seemed to have that Cool Calm Demeanor during the Game also , and I believe that’s what separates the average QB’s from the Great QB’s


Maybe we’ll have a Philadelphia quarterback situation. SB54!!!!

Cananach Pròis

Get it Kyle! #KEEPPOUNDING👊🏻👊🏻

Devin Soukey

The next Bledsoe/Brady situation?


Let’s win out KEEP POUNDING 🔥💯💯💪💪💪 Kyle Allen will be a great asset this off-season


Kyle Allen Jersey is in the Mail!!


I’m glad cam Newton is out for a while because the Panthers were losing until kyle came in.

Panther 4 Life

If our defense shows up like last week we have a good chance of walking away with a W

Stan ezen

McCaffrey is going to be the Workhorse as per usual. This game will be determined by rush yards

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