Kyle Allen Seals The Deal w/ 261 Yds & 4 TDs | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Kyle Allen Seals The Deal w/ 261 Yds & 4 TDs | NFL 2019 Highlights

Kyle Allen finishes strong with 261 passing yards and 4 TDs against the Cardinals. The Carolina Panthers take on the Arizona Cardinals during Week 3 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Santa So Reply

QB controversy coming folks

    Tyler G Reply

    iLLLOGIC cam already did lol

    iLLLOGIC Reply

    @Tyler G when he’s healthy

    Sammy Reply

    Tyler G Cam was obviously wasn’t healthy when he was playing

    KM 5173 Reply

    Tyler G Cam’s been injured since last season against the Steelers.

    Miltonman100 Reply

    You love to see it

Marcus Middleton Reply

Is Kyle Allen the real deal or is he a Matt Flynn type guy?

    Isaiah Adrian Reply

    @youso91 the saints started their starters on defence 🤔

    alexng4 Reply

    Matt flynn 2.0

    saphirejewelscoward Reply

    I think he’s a Case Keemun kind of player. This Carolina offense has weapons everywhere much like the Vikings did with Case. He can win you games and won’t make mistakes but doesn’t have that X factor to take over a game… I hope he can hold the ship together until Cam gets healthy, looks like he can

    Swish Dipper Reply

    @saphirejewelscoward nah no he’s not his ceiling is far higher than Case Keenum. The panthers have a manageable slate coming ahead for them.

Ray Powell Reply

Cam Newton job is in jeopardy if Allen continues to play like this

    Marc Barnes Reply

    Cam newton won’t be healthy again I think his glory days may be over

    all we had to do was follow the damn train CJ Reply

    I’ll bet even Cam knows his best days are behind him. You can see he doesn’t even have passion for football anymore. He used to run and make crazy plays and now he’s like ‘whatever’ …he can’t even throw to open receivers.. Time to move on Carolina

    Mr Knowitall Reply

    his job should’ve been in jeopardy regardless who’d replace him. Camernick sucks

    Club Man Reply

    @Daheixiong yes until it’s time for contract renewal.. than you gotta pick one. If allen continues to win while cam is hurt, his stock will go up..

    Capt. Morgan Reply

    I agree.

Alpha Swag Reply

Hard to tell if the kid is this good, or if the Cardinals D is this bad.

    Evan H. Reply

    justkeep’n itreal no, if they wanted him out of the game, they could’ve easily covered better. He just isn’t a prime threat on that field when compared to CMC, Moore, Samuel with their YAC ability

    justkeep'n itreal Reply

    @Evan H. 🤣🤣🤣 c’mon man, are you suggesting teams should double team Old TE’S or the coaches during film sessions are directing their defense to let the Old TE’S run free? Either way you’re wrong.

    Mr Knowitall Reply

    did you see where his passes landed? amazing passes. see where cams passes land? in the dirt, over receivers heads, not even close to receivers…can’t believe people still riding a guy(Cam), who has single handedly ruined this team

    Evan H. Reply

    justkeep’n itreal misread your comment. I thought you were saying old tight ends in particular know how to get open where others don’t. As if they’re superior at that age lol. My bad

    But yes, if his last name was Kelce, Engram, Kittle, etc, they would’ve schemed differently for him. Keeping in mind Olson just played a dreadful defense

    Soak Mike Hawk Reply

    mix of both

Jarvis Austin Reply

Should have been starting last season. After we went 6 n 2 when Cam was hurt. Allen was pretty decent in Houston University. He showed out against the saints last year.

    The Nonsensical One Reply

    I wouldn’t say he was good for Houston but he was pretty good at Texas A&M

Cam Ficklin Reply

People that are saying kyle is better then cam maybe but we have to see if he can do it consistently and not just have 1 good game the Texans is gonna rest to see what kyle is made out of the cards d is ok but not as good as the Texans

    Joe Jackson Reply

    Dodge Boos You’re basing all of this from 1 game lol you people are blind from perception

    Jamaal Sq Reply

    Cam Ficklin actually it wasn’t they had all defensive of starters on the field you can go to the highlights

    Rod Salka Reply

    cam is done – kyle allen is the future or ron rivera better update his resume. His passing mechanics are absolutely top-class. He could be the next great NFL QB and win superbowls along the way. Norv Turner has a QB in Allen that can do everything needed for his playcalling to excel

    Oliver Ward Reply

    He was the no1 recruit in 2014, so it’s not like he’s a nobody. He’s always had the talent, just didn’t show it in college

    Darius Ridgell Reply

    Cam Ficklin could he not just be a good qb without being compared to anyone?

gamemaster gary Reply

it’s amazing how so many rookie and 2nd year QBs nowadays just come in and play like super stars right off the bat. Lots of good young QBs in the league today!

    nelson shut Reply

    Because the nfl dont allow u to play defense anymore

    General G. Washington Reply

    nelson shut That May be slightly true, but the defense has nothing to do with how accurate and strong young QBs are throwing these days. They run far faster and agile too.

    Stephano Reply

    QBs have it easier than ever due to they run college systems in the nfl now.

    MrMarcus3450 Reply

    They throw the ball year round, I know in Texas they have 7 on 7 tournaments all summer long

    osu5inarow Reply

    @General G. Washington That’s because teams just have nothing on them. Give it a year or two and they’ll fade back.

Craig Ostopovich Reply

Awesome job by Allen…lets start him next game…

    Octavius Bailey Reply

    Craig Ostopovich he will. Newton is out again but he might be on his way out lol

    Capt. Morgan Reply

    They are.

ityeboi meme Reply

Whats up with the good backup qaurterbacks today.

    Inside_TV Reply

    ityeboi meme for real Daniel Jones the back up an for Jacksonville and now this with Kyle Allen

    Riko Goadlopez Reply

    Josh Rosen didn’t do to bad either

    3rdjayhawker Reply

    You shoud say 3rd string because we all know every backup will get trevor simians health at one time

    Brandon Mason Reply

    This guy was the number one recruit out of high school but had a very unlucky streak in college trying to find a place where he could actually develop. He’s definitely talented, just went under the radar bc of crappy college coaches

Mike Johnson Reply

Allen better play every game for the rest of the year. Forget that freak Newton.

Brooks Orlando Reply

People forget how highly touted this kid was 5 yrs ago coming out of HS. He has the makings of a good pro QB

    ShrekLiveActionMovie420 Reply

    We didn’t forget back home in Texas 😎

    Oliver Ward Reply

    He was the no1 recruit in 2014 iirc

    America First Productions Reply

    POS Sumlin almost ruined this kid’s future

Jody Strickland Reply

The way he plays, it reminds me of the Jake Delhomme era

    French Jesus Reply

    White guy playing QB?

    Roczilla Carley Reply

    He does people forget about jake that’s a good comparison

Rize Jaguar Reply

Hes a 52 overall in madden and smacked my team 😔

    QuelakaLilNino Reply


    Aramis Dennard Reply

    😂😂 dang

    704JG Reply

    lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂 rite i released him n my season 2 imma have 2 go pick him back up

    alexng4 Reply

    Yes, your team is that bad.

Hector Rodriguez Reply

Cam Newton is in jeopardy I think Allen played so well today

Hilljo17 Reply

I don’t think cam can get his job back if we win next game .

CoelhoCoin Tech Reply

He was the number 1 QB coming out of high school, got screwed around in college… dual threat QB with a rifle arm…big pay day coming

DBeazRN 3 Reply

AWESOME GAME for our QB2 Kyle Allen aka “Lovey Dovey!” PANTHERS PROUD🇺🇸!! #KeepPounding !!!

supratrd900 Reply

He’s that one kid that was in that commercial with Cam a few years back. Feel old yet.

cardsblues219 Reply

Cam Newton should be benched for the season.

    Ryan Hunnicutt Reply

    He needs to heal up. He’s had way to many injuries lately.

Not so fast 1 Reply

Too much FAME for CAM he’s done Kyle Allen great Job man

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