Kyle Allen praises defense in road win – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jarrell Mason

Kyle is doing a good job holding down the fort while Cam is healing up. The win streak will continue next week against the Jags. Keep pounding.

    donald louk jr.

    AMEN keep pounding never give up Panthers


    Cam is done for a while

    donald louk jr.

    @JustGhost_ I don’t like that sucks I want wanting to get back as soon as possible get his rhythm back again that’s what he needs to do I hope he gets to come back soon I miss him playing glad they won the other two and two that’s not so bad could be worse thank God it’s not


This dude is ballin. He needs to hold on to the ball. But he’s playing pretty well.


Our defense is hard

Mike Mascianica

Kyle Allen, saying all the right things since 2019! He’s def not as good as Cam when Cam is 💯, but Allen looks like a very competent second option. Keep pounding!!

    That Guy

    Michael Davis duh

    Abdulla Abu-Zayed

    He throws better than Cam

    Drew K

    If he wins next week it should be his job to lose

    Mike Mascianica

    Michael Davis Cam holds every record in franchise history. Also holds numerous league records as well. We are def a better team with a healthy Cam than we are without a healthy Cam. You can’t blame Cam for losing seasons when he doesn’t have the tools around him to win, its a team sport. Bottom line when Cam is healthy he is better than Allen, if you disagree you aren’t paying attention. That is not an insult to Allen, hes a 2nd year pro, he shouldn’t be as good as Cam but maybe one day he will be, and when that day comes I sure hope is still wearing the blue and black!

Vernon Quinn Jr.

I Like Him… I Like Him ALOT!!! NO HOMO

Vernon Quinn Jr.

You Have My RESPECT Mr Allen…

Ryan Davis

Kyle Allen is undefeated. Going back to last season, he’s 3-0. He knows where he needs to improve and owns up to it. Good kid.

    Lil Dooder

    Raising his stock value

    Ryan Davis

    @Lil Dooder right? I hope he can work on his strip sack, and continue winning.


He reminds me of Hunter Renfrow

    Deion Moore


Kendrick McMichael

Kyle is a solid Qb in the league


Shut em down D. The boys are eatin out there. Just imagine if the offense was playing with the same intensity.

    DollaSignz Jay

    MrOffroadjunkie facts we could and should be 3-0 frfr


Keep pounding Kyle, I have got faith in you. Remember last time we started 0-2, we finished like 14-3 or something. This is your season, clutch up son!

    DollaSignz Jay

    Voltron 12-4

    Robinhood Hustle

    2013 right?

    Uno Reverse Card

    I don’t think 14-3 is humanely possible

    Uno Reverse Card

    Unless ur talking about losing in the playoffs


So proud of our team! A great win on the road, especially when the talking heads said our first real game was gonna be against the Texans. Maybe they’ll start showing us a little respect. 🔥🔥🔥🙌🏼💙


3 NFL starts 6 tds 1 rushing td 0 interceptions, undrafted! As an Aggie I can confirm he is a stud

Michael Clewis

Kyle is very smart and he will keep getting wins…He is a sharp shooter!!! Reminds me of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning + fast enough to run the ball…Could be a hall of famer one day!!! GO PANTHERS!!!

Teddy Swagger

2-0 as a starter. What’cha gotta say now critics?? #HiHaters #KeepPounding #CP4L

    Wordsfromthewise 1

    Teddy Swagger 3-0 he went crazy against the saints last season

Dallen Pierson

Dj needs more targets. Makes it happen with the ball in his hands. Will definitely help out an inexperienced qb. He’s playin good though

jax bigD

Kyle, speaking on behalf of panthers nation… WE FUXXXXX WITH U HARD KYLE! U out there ballin. U r handling everything so well. So unbelievable. U have the attitude that I carry and believe in. Thanks brother. And if cam comes back and balls out, guess what, Kyle? U gon be a starting QB on one of these teams😂 and that’s fax. U gon’ get paid. U have made so many panthers fans so relieved. G.o.a.t.

Trapper Dunlap

Carolina is one tough out when they play smart!

jay lay

Man it’s going to be scary if this dude continues to get better! He’s such a stud already, the announcers are all hyping his awareness and ball placemant and he’s only started 4 games! I can honestly say I see him being our future… And thats no shot at Cam because I’m a huge Cam supporter and I hope he gets to come back 💯% healthy.. but when his time is up I am excited for Allen and his career!!!

Ardi Datway

Keep Pounding god I love this team!!

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