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He needs to protect football by climbing in the pocket instead of drifting back, but liking what I see with this kid.


    A few of those plays only succeeded because he drifted back in the pocket.

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Nacho Squeeze

Kyle Allen went all madden on JJ Watt 😂 #keeppounding

    That Guy

    Gotta love it

    187 Misfits Spade


    Mr. Clean

    Nacho Squeeze your comment deserves at least 500 likes

Boy Wonder

Allen was a top high school QB. Panthers can win by starting him and taking advantage of QB market inefficiency.

Dalton Massey

this kid can play in the nfl but he has a serious fumbling issue he needs to fix.

    Jessie Jonez

    He dont have fumble problems

    Stephen Carter

    Dude fumbled the ball like 3 times

    Jessie Jonez

    @Stephen Carter every qb fumbles against jj watt the oline caused those fumbles

    Tyler Buck

    The o line has serious blocking issues that they need to fix


    Out of the 3 he had I would say the only one that was really on him was the first where he didn’t protect it while scrambling. The other two fumbles you could see other QBs having especially the Watt one.

That Guy

You mean the 2-0 starter Kyle Allen

You mean the almost perfect passer rating Kyle Allen

You mean I just remembered he is actually 3-0 as a starter

    Some Guy

    Dude is a straight baller

    Ian Burke

    3-0 Allen

Justin He

The Number 1 QB in the class of 2014. Good to see him get his groove

Lebron Very Overrated James

Carolina and Giants playing good since they found quaterbacks

    Mac Dre

    And jags

    Stephen Carter

    😭😭😭 facts tho

    Lars Honeytoast

    Let me guess …. your’e white

The Watcher

Our LT and RT are terrible. We should spend the whole April’s draft just an O lineman

    Christian Coffield

    I like Little Though

    Michael Samuels

    The Watcher oil what you doing on here!

    Jessie Jonez

    We have had problems years now even when we went to the superbowl

Aries Anderson

If cam was playing that o line would just let him get killed
With Allen they’ll decently protect him.

    brian henry

    That because allen doesnt hold the ball as long. Its not a conspiracy against cam


    @brian henry what? Cam doesn’t hold the ball long.

    Cam Israel

    did we watch the same highlights? every snap but one the pocket was collapsing quickly. He just reads the field quicker than Cam. This offensive Line SUCKS!!!! both Cam and Kyle would like way better with a decent oline

Raheim Speight

He reminds me of Tony Romo.. I’m not worried about the the fumbles.. Ball security can be fixed.. I like him a lot

    Jessie Jonez

    Finally someone with some sense, thats all i heard he has fumble problems he dont

Raheim Speight

I think Cam would of lost them this game


The only thing this kid needs to work on is ball security, other than that, who knows! This kid could come in and land the job like Brady did when Bledsoe got injured. Could be the start of a great career…

Martin Newton

My new qb and I love him!!! Even with 3 giveaways he still managed to stay focused and help his team get a win!!!

Tenzin Passang

Hold on to the damn ball and you’ll be on your way, playboi.

    Jessie Jonez

    Yeah right, Best QB seen in years now fumbles isn’t a problem

R. Keith Putnam

It becomes obvious that the system of offense that the Panthers were using with the injured Cam Newton was not working. It appears that Allen has gotten the Norv Turner playbook down pat and is executing the same with consistency . If Allen will the decease the turnovers, then he will certainly succeed at delivering wins for the 2019 edition of the Carolina Panthers. Good luck Mr. Kyle Allen!!!!!!!


He’s better than cam newton. With cam starting I think they would lost this game

search "Bamamaman" on YT and enjoy

Allen’s user move vs. Watt without kneeing redeemed two of those fumbles imo. And I can look past the other 🤷‍♂️ good game, good win


He needs to get a better O line, after that, he will start bringing in the trophies 🔥

YOUNg Geezerrr

The cam disrespect is ridiculous 🤦‍♂️

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