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Reply NFL please

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Reply NFL please





CASS 4000



Ramsey pretending like he has back problems 😂.

Andrew Kyle

Welp Cam is now a backup

    Elena's Dad


    Brian Burns

    Cam is injured like your QB and both backup qb’s winning so shut up

    Andrew Kyle

    Brian Burns you gotta admit Kyle Allen is playing way better than Cam

    trill 1

    not in this game

    Jeremy Helms

    Andrew Kyle Kyle is not playing better lmao he only put up 7 points the only reason we winning games is because of our defense and CMC also he fumbles all the damn time cam way out of his league

Loyal Philly fan

He is winning games for the panthers.
Ride with the hot hand

    Elena's Dad

    No he’s looked like a below average game manager the last two games. If Cam is healthy you play him. period.


    @Elena’s Dad tbh his accuracy and the passes he was making is alot better than what we’ve seen of cam in the past few years. And no interceptions. Not sayingbetter than cam but if cam comes back and can’t get a win than we gotta move on


    @TheUglyEvee nah


    @Siilent_Wolf so if cam comes back loosing youd rather take a loosing cam with no accuracy than a average quarter back that has accuracy 😂😂

    SLR Route

    @TheUglyEvee nah man as you can see the last 2 games kyle is just only a good back up and the defense has picking up lately. If we want to win it all we gonna need cam . Also stop blaming all those L’s on cam man before his shoulder got severely injured he was proving to be a consistent pocket passer.

Marc Baker

If I’m being honest this team reminds me of the 2013 Seahawks. Think about it, a young game manager qb, great defense, a pretty good secondary, and the offense is led by an explosive running game. The only difference is a competent head coach.

    evan johnson

    Jeremy Helms that doesn’t matter who my team is yous are 3-2 better hope Mcraffrey doesn’t get injured because yous aren’t winning a game without him

    Vonte Ross

    evan johnson CMAC definitely winning games for us. But we can beat mediocre-good teams with Bonnafon. Our defense is still solid. And we’ll get better as the season progresses.

    Jeremy Floyd

    evan johnson yous

    SLR Route

    No the hell we dont 😂


    Great defense?


like= ur fav NFL team wins the superbowl

small youtuber btw🔥

    Weno Ps

    KingBlaze why are you spamming this same comment on different videos

Run Cmc

I mean Kyle didn’t make any highlight worthy plays 😂

    Basketball Baller United Masterxx1229 RBLX

    He does your just a ignorant person

    Finley Jeanbatiste

    Lets just be glad he made one td and this w


    Zero turnovers are more important than highlight plays. Ask Minshew 😂😂

    Truth Hurts

    @Fevo minshew still da truth win or lose you cant deny it we love him in jacksonville


    @Truth Hurts we will see in 1-2 years how good he is. he was horrendous in the preseason but so far hes looking good. still with a defense like that and a good running game and good receivers the jags should be 5-0 right now not 2-3 and get beaten by a panthers team that is struggling to win games. he had a pick (reversed) and 3 lost fumbles, theres no excuses for that. even though his passing stats look pretty now. its garbage, means nothing

Hillary LeFrere Jr.

Panthers still doo doo

    Jeremy Helms

    Who your team

    TGR Films


    Seth Lindsay

    You are

    Finley Jeanbatiste

    Whoever’s your team regardless there trash

TTrizzle 23

That’s it Carolina please bench Cam Newton or Trade him Carolina just won three straight games without Cam Newton #CamNewtonisoverrated

    Marvin Rivas

    We not ever wining a superbowl with Kyle Allen keep dreaming. Our defense is back to what we’re use to seeing and oh wait we finally running the ball effectively again that’s why we winning

Bruce Bruce




Travis Donald Stanley

Went did Newton leave?

    Please Enter A Name

    Travis Donald Stanley he is hurt

Zack S

Beautiful like poetry in motion 🔥🤣

southpark 981

Hopefully cam will be back after the bye

Truth Hurts

Kyle allen not better than minshew talent wise He winning games is good but he is an average qb yall run game is saving yall

pantherfan 4055

tom brady jr

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