Kyle Allen: A win at home was special – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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I Don't Know Man Reply

We need to beat Houston. Our Defense has to be stingy and aggressive!!!!

    Brian Burns Reply

    And smart at the same time

    DΣΛD PЦПᄃΉ Reply

    The win against the Texans starts yesterday football IQ isa must

    Sammy Reply

    Houston’s o line is pretty bad so we can get a few sacks

I Don't Know Man Reply

Love ya Kyle. You played wonderful. Be aware, alert and take care of the ball. #500

Krysta Carey Reply

Kyle is really good. I can’t wait to have Cam back though.

    Brayden Blomquist Reply

    Krysta Carey cam needa go

    LunaSYB * Reply

    Cam Newton at 100% is a top 5 qb in the league it’s great to know we’re in good hands with kyle so cam won’t have to rush to get back on the field

    Mike Jones Reply

    I’d rather have a qb that wins us some games. That’s the difference between a cam Newton fan and a fan of the Carolina Panthers.

    Brayden Blomquist Reply

    Mike Jones yup same cam just isn’t cam anymore he needs to retire while he still has some of his brain because if he scrambles he becomes a beast and if he scrambles he will eventually get hit and injured

    Kaizaro123 Reply

    @Mike Jones Yes, but the argument is that a 100% healthy Cam WILL win us games, so who’s the real fan?

THEREAL _TG204 Reply

Let cam rest let Kyle Allen play until cam is healthy

    Brayden Blomquist Reply

    THEREAL _TG204 honestly if cam gets another chance if he does bad tbh I think we should,d start kyle

    Toby Parker Reply

    Kyle Allen is starting against the Texans

    Sterrio Reply

    Yea keep allen if newton fails again

    KiDD ViDD Reply

    Let cam retire

Hiddén Shàdøws Reply

A couple games if u play well u might be starter sooner or later

    KiDD ViDD Reply

    Best back up performance ever for the Panthers.

Jai Norman Reply

The best team in the national football league.. Keep Pounding!!

    markcudi Reply


    No Reply

    1-2 record…

    Anuj Peri Reply

    No if a record determines the greatness of a team, then the cowboys who’s opponents (Dolphins, Giants, Redskins) have a 1-8 combined record are a great team. We are going to rise in the Week 4 power rankings

    No Reply

    Anuj Peri. If a team’s record doesn’t tell the greatness of a team, what does? Super Bowls won by any chance?

Dan Witzke Reply

I’m confused, they didn’t win at home…? Is Allen from Arizona?
Edit* just learned he’s from Scottsdale.
Well bring some wins back home here to Charlotte!

James Petersen Reply

With Kyle I think it was good that he played multiple options with different players. Making it hard to see where the ball was gonna go. He did well. Keep it up help us win


Let’s keep going next is Houston time to best them let’s get it

Dabking 69 Reply

Wheres shellitron new vid @

    Android Q Music Reply

    I’ve been waiting all day! Hope he’s ok…maybe he’s still in shock at how good Kyle was playing!

    Ray Cordova Reply

    Stra888888 up man

Dabking 69 Reply

Dont get me wrong I love cam but if we can win I dont care if we go with allen after cam gets healthy

hardlickah Reply

Everybody was saying cut Kyle and keep Heineke during preseason now it’s oh keep Kyle this and make him the starter that.. Keep that same energy lol #keeppounding

    Raphael Clark Reply

    On god

CarolinaGirl Reply

You did an awesome job, Kyle. I’m so proud of you and the team. Yesterday changed our momentum and I hope we can build off of it and carry it forward. #keeppounding

Donovan Lujan Reply

Hey a QB that dresses like a normal person! Great job O line and Kyle.

    Kaizaro123 Reply

    @Mr. Randomly I suppose none of the QBs in the NFL that dress “like normal people” ever get to lose games…

    Edit: Oops, that was directed at the OP, apologies.


I like having a QB that doesn’t dress like a clown

    JessMister Reply

    JUICE IS LOOSE you’re just a 40 year old hater😂

    Kaizaro123 Reply

    What does it matter on the field? What, QBs who don’t dress “like clowns” never lose games? It’s a free country. I don’t necessarily agree with his tastes but you’re allowed to wear whatever you’re comfortable wearing.

A Samurai Brotha Reply

I feel more confident now that we have a solid backup QB that can let Cam undergo the full healing process that he deserves.

Tristan Morrison Reply

I gotta say… I love cam newton but, its refreshing seeing a qb that wants to be there answering questions.

    Padan Fain Reply

    He completes sentences.

flscott Reply

Keep playing like you did against the Cards Stay focused , Cam Heal up and rest you got nothing to prove Coaches let him heal . Great Job Kyle Your Awesome.

the business handler Reply

This kid was born for this he was number one QB in high school

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