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go for it. Guzman Reply

Kris keeps his players accountable

    chuckle chuckle Reply

    Should the players hold him accountable for coaching the best techniques

    Ryan S Reply

    go for it. Guzman does he though?

DAK ATTACK from New Orleans La Reply

Hopefully DT Antwan woods help this Defense

    david Reply

    Antwan still got bullied when cj Anderson ran down our throats in the playoffs, we don’t have a true run stopping big DT

    Jfal23 Reply

    david we need someone like daron payne or snacks harrison amiright?

    DAK ATTACK from New Orleans La Reply

    @Kamryn Vanatta
    I know he can do better than what we have .

    laidbacc9 Reply

    He’s been out since week 1 and it showed…time to bounce back

    laidbacc9 Reply

    @Kamryn Vanatta you don’t know nothing about the cowboys! Woods is a run stopper


Talks with so much confidence but we have to get that middle of the d line together

    Roberto Torres Reply

    Our nose tackles were getting that 2nd rd pick DT sucks waste of a pick


    @Roberto Torres if we fix that problem out defense will be alot better towards the run teams are just running up our guts



    Brian Parker Reply

    You’re darn right, especially playing someone like Bell. A loss to the Jets would be the height of embarrassment . . .

    SwaggyD Reply

    @Roberto Torres thats right,we dont have run stoppers except for covignton and teams are running it down the middle ,this has to with scheme and player personal. Marinelli scheme is outdated ,nowadays good teams have big o -lineman so when your defense is running guys that are 295-300 pounds at dt they get pushed over by lineman that outweigh them by 25+ pounds.

crazychris7417 Reply

I’m not buying it. Have your db’s turn their damn head to catch the ball!!

    Robby Radford Reply

    Gerry Stevens Richard teaches DBs to attack the hands, not turning your head and finding the ball…

    Gerry Stevens Reply

    @Guitarslingin Zombiekiller …well my football eye tells me the issue is the run defense…comparable to the DB’s that is least. Our DB’s are playing sound football. This mans game is played with brute force. Not by the pretty boys. So, I call it as I see it. I will punch you in the mouth to get your attention Defense-wide other than being called for putting a hand on the guys hip. Man-up!

    Guitarslingin Zombiekiller Reply

    @Gerry Stevens Oh please, brute force? Lol, having db’s playing 5 yards off the receivers is a recipe for failure, db’s have ONE interception through 5 games, real intimidating, lol. You talk tough, which means you’re really soft, you could be an official member of the D line “Soft Boyz”, & their lack of “brute force” in getting manhandled by the Saints & Packers. Athough I agree with you the D lines run defense is the biggest problem, the fact the db’s cannot get turnovers (last season too) tells me Kris Richard & Marinelli talk tough (like you) but carry a small stick, lol. Fan since 1970 so spare me your condescending expertise dummy!

    Gerry Stevens Reply

    @Guitarslingin Zombiekiller <<

    Guitarslingin Zombiekiller Reply

    @Gerry Stevens Dumb comment libtard, stick to soccer and table tennis, lol.

lasay inchrist Reply


    Move on truckin Reply

    Your right about that they back is aways facing the ball

    Brian Waller Reply

    The corners are allergic to interceptions lol

    mikeymg97 Reply

    lasay inchrist they need to go up to the high point and get the football they run the drills in the combine the corners have a right to get the ball . Keep eyes on qb feel the wr and cut off the throwing lanes force bad throws smh

    Gerry Stevens Reply

    You another dumbass non knowing football dude.

    laidbacc9 Reply

    @Gerry Stevens exactly…all these YouTube GMs think they know what they’re talking about! You turn your head you’re gonna lose the receiver! This is coming from Kris Richard himself

michaeladam caira Reply

This man needs to be our HC before we lose him

    michaeladam caira Reply

    And what did Garrett do or all the other asst.coaches that are hired?,Garrett is a clown

    Yusuf Bey Reply

    j c explain to us what Garret has done please

    A Google User Reply

    Jerry has sabotaged the team continually since firing Jimmy Johnson. Another 3 SBs won without his meddling.

    michaeladam caira Reply

    Your 100% correct plus by him standing by the incompetent Garrett says it all

    j c Reply

    @Yusuf Bey who the hell is defending Garrett. Garrett is trash too.


Too much talk every week and no action!!


    thats what i said Omar, check out my comment, 2 much damn talking.

    frijolp23 Reply

    Lol it’s 2 games, the chiefs ravens and other great team’s have lost to mistakes.

PortcityCowboy 85 Reply

Chris Richard why don’t our DB’s look back for the ball while it’s in the air?? It’s like there playing the player instead of the ball.

    0621 USMC Reply

    It may not create an int but it’s the safer play. If the Db turns his head at the wrong time he will lose the receiver and it’s over at that point . Not very DBs are able to get their head around while in a receivers hip and not lose them . We may not have the talent . So the safer play is to blanket the receiver and not give up a big play instead of risking getting turned around and lose the receiver

    Monroe Godette Reply

    @0621 USMC if they don’t turn their heads, then certain refs throw the flag for interference; DAMN if you do, DAMN if you don’t

    Monroe Godette Reply

    Stop being stubborn and put Jourdan Lewis in dammit

    0621 USMC Reply

    Monroe Godette I want Lewis in . He’s better than Brown for sure.

Rhythm Styx Reply

Stop growing and start playing

Ant live Reply

Hes a disciplined soldier that demands respect and a student of the game

Glynn Hall Reply

Kris you’re suppose to have a elite defense remember no more excuses. Defense hasn’t looked elite since Rams game so either it’s the players or the coaches or both. Also tell your damn dB’s to turn their damn head around and locate the freaking ball before they set a record for pi’s in a season.

Jim Williams Reply

Cowboys MUST have the BIG man in the middle to STOP the run and we need him SOON!


    I said all long this team should of went after snacks formerly of the g-men but it was he don’t fit there system, im please !

    Kenneth Harrison Reply



    @Kenneth Harrison thanks my friend

terminalva Reply

At least HE’S accountable for his mistakes as a coach!!! As far as things being fixed, we’ll see…



Antione Wright Reply

He looks like and talks like a head coach jerry jones what are u waiting for.

Kevin Lawrence Reply

Stop blaming Richards! All can do it coach! He’s not on the field. Our DB’s were trash before he got here!

Ray Villareal Reply

The cowboys have come out flat no energy and getting beat down in the trenches last 2 weeks

IsReal 777 Reply

Still voting for Kris Richard for HC… Get the Clapper out of Dallas…

Junior D Reply

Cowboys were locked in on Rogers, and forgot about the run…

TweeZy Reply

He speaks like a surgical doctor.

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