Kris Richard: Sacks Are Going To Come In Bunches | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Manuel Eduardo Reply

Our future HC.

    Bigtyjme Reply

    Manuel Eduardo better then messi

    GCFL Staff Reply

    Would be a good choice unless they can get Sean Peyton…

Mr. Thrifty Texas Reply

We appreciate Richard make him the head coach please

    40INTENSITY Reply

    @Shawn Hardin How so?

    Dexter Christian Reply

    @2:47 is golden. “We eat crumbs, forever be hungry, never will be satisfied.”

    Jose Garcia Reply

    @thegorn68 I take it you never seen Seattle’s defense a few years back.

    Richard Coleman Reply


    Richard Coleman Reply


YourBoyReebs Reply

I feel the takeaways are coming this weekend… X gonna get a pick and so is Vander Esch, Robert Quinn FF

Linda Easley Reply

DLaw and Quinn are going to have a big night bringing down Bridgewater

    donald deluxe Reply

    Linda Easley their linebacker core and o-line is quite beat up. Some of whom are either questionable or PUP and those questionable players are not gonna be playing a full 💯 percent.

    Troy C Reply

    I hope so.

    Angel Rosario Reply

    Kamara is going to have over 220 total yards, against this porous defense. Trust & believe! Saints 31-24

Victor Blanco Reply

We gonna win and win big too many doubters out there to proof wrong

EZ Money Reply

Kris Richard is my idol!!

De Von Reply

✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ GO COWBOYS ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

alwaysopen Reply

This guy is intense and a future HC

Cecil Hurt Reply

Love hearing this guy talk football really hope we dont let this guy out of the building needs to be a dallas head coach

Robert Baratheon Reply

Coach Kris! saw him in Oxnard stretching out with the team. Future HC hopefully

Bret Baldwin Reply

One of my favorite coaches in a long time. Everything about him is great. Would love to see him as our next Head Coach if we dont do it someone else is going to. He will be a head coach somewhere next season. Book it.

    E RG Reply

    If we do anything besides make It to the big one Garrett is gone and hes our next guy

    GCFL Staff Reply

    Hopefully not at Washington but would be a great choice for the Redskins…ijs

donna ancrum Reply

CHRIS The Next Head Coach For The Dallas Cowboys!🏈🏈

Joe Morales Reply

If we could cover better, then and only then we would see more SACKS🤬🤬🤬🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

Blake lerma Reply

He is an x and o type guy. He will get our boys in line , check them when he need too, and all about the details. Hard nosed , and intelligent.

Brian Rolle Reply

For all who are hoping for Richard to be head coach must be hoping we loose because when we win the Super Bowl Garret will remain our head coach

    Andrew Garcia Reply

    Rather he gets a chance in Dallas or elsewhere i still will root for him.

Ricky Reply

Who else presses like on his interviews before it even starts?

A. Hernandez Reply

Kris Richard makes me wanna play football.

da Star Reply

Hopefully the defense steps up starting Sunday night because our schedule is getting harder but this team will get it done. Go Cowboys!

Sam Vasquez Reply

Richards is a breath of fresh air, would make a helluva head coach. Maybe our future. ⭐Dem Boyz⭐

Brandon Reply

Teddy Bridgewater still needs to prove he can throw deep pass.

    NEMoretime Reply

    When is the last season drew brees threw the deep pass? It wasnt last season.

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