Kris Richard: Raise The Bar | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Kris Richard: Raise The Bar | Dallas Cowboys 2019

Cowboys passing game coordinator Kris Richard discusses where the defense looks to improve and their upcoming matchup against the Rams.

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Been hearing that for the past few weeks

    Brian Daniel

    Can you tell me what else would you expect to hear

    Mr rell 215

    This guy is wack using that same cover defense all season long , bro use different system is not working

    Smack Ish

    @Mr rell 215 it’s just the db suck too

    Jeremy Martin

    And it’s getting old

cody preitauer

To stop the Rams u put 6 guys on the line fill all the gaps they don’t know where to run the ball when u do that and they crumble

    Parker Irish man Johnson

    Brenda Fain Ok?

    Brenda Fain

    @Parker Irish man Johnson I love the Cowboys. I have been studying this team probably before you were born handsome. Happy Holidays.

Thomas Prince

Rams have better coaching across the board. that said … oh wait enough said!!!

    Brian Daniel


Gary Devones

Don’t don’t look like you’re focusing on tackling it ain’t showing up on game day

    Parker Irish man Johnson

    Gary Devones My red hair could tackle better than that wanker Jaylon Smith


    Parker Irish man Johnson doubt it

Dahmian Moore

Reporter on the left know he needs a new Otterbox case.

    Andre Lewis

    Dahmian Moore 😂😂😂😂


    Lol 😆 I noticed that too missing pieces broken off his otterbox case of his phone📱. That’s a good one! 😆 he probably dropped the phone many of times to get like that. “Timex.. Takes a licken keeps on ticken”

PortcityCowboy 85

Well what do we do well??? Because I haven’t seen anything…. Not putting it on coach Richard but these players not dialed in

    Kelly Dardeen

    OH ! I’m Putting it on Richard and Marinelli

    Smack Ish

    Dbs do suck tho beside jourdan Lewis


    I am, he is Hot Garbage!!

    Robert Alcala

    PortcityCowboy 85 why not he gets paid too you usually know how to tackle before you get to the NFL

Chris Dantzler

We need to go get Rolando McClain coach

David Lozano

He ruined the chance to be coach somewhere the way his team played

Derek Smith Sr.

This man really dont have the personnel that would thrive in this system.

    Robert Alcala

    Derek Smith Sr. What !! He’s got some of the best talent in the league ! You seen what they did last year I hate when people take up for these losers

Asia Wiiliams

Why do i feel like jerry is really the whole problem Jason cant do his job players cant chris cant it seem like as long as jerry keep letting his ego get in the way we will never win

    Valentino Lopez

    Asia Wiiliams jerry Jones been the problem for ages


Kris Richard “We are going to keep doing what we do” fucking great!!! More missed tackles and giving up huge plays, what a concept!!

Ronnie Pugh

Tackel is the key

Louis Johnson

Cowboys better stop the run and big pass plays, including screens, or they will get blown out!!!


We gotta run some double a gap for goff 😬

All up in the videos....

Can we explain the missed tackles? Why aren’t your guys tackling?

Ausie Thompson

Tackling is heart and desire

Jeremy Martin

This team needs to start holding players accountable, if a player isn’t getting the job done he needs to be benched

Louis Staggers

Man I like this guy ‼️‼️

ILL eagle Alien

Play some defense!! DC look like a peewee football team, playing against pros. LMAO

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