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Ernest Villaseñor

Rise up

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Koetter was the greatest coach we’ve ever had. Led us to a winning season! He’s going to turn the Falcons offense into the greatest offense of all time by averaging 45 points a game.

    Lettuce Preey

    @andrew reierson I really like Koetter, I just think hes a better OC than Shanny that’s all. The superbowl, was what it was…but it doesnt erase that year…Matty was the freaking MVP, thanks to Shanahans play calling

    Lettuce Preey

    @Jay Manning yes bro, I just know I’m celebrating so hard once I see us lift that trophy…bro I may actually cry. This team has played with my freaking emotions…Average casual fan can’t love the Falcons…you wont last! Lol😂😂😂😂

    Jay Manning

    @Lettuce Preey same bro hopefully this will be the year! And on a brighter note Julio got his extension!

ZukoDaPrince Channel

Our offense is gonna be aggressive and explosive. The O-Line is definitely gonna step up & continue to grow. We gonna show them what we are gonna do. Keep everyone strong & healthy. Fight together in this brotherhood. Super Bowl in Miami is ours. ⚫️⚪️🔴🏈

Chasin Paper

How y’all let Tyreek Hill get a deal before Julio?

    Jay Manning

    They could be waiting for these other receivers to get a contract to make sure Julio’s the highest paid for sure…😏 lol I’m trying to defend them here honestly wish they’d just hurry up and get it done

    Antonio Kim

    Chasin Paper well they want to have him the highest paid Wide Receiver so they let folks get their money and then they’ll smack it on everyone

    Antonio Kim

    Chasin Paper it’s also shameful to think a player getting a huge contract upsets certain other wide outs about their current contract when they see its a higher contract than them. Unlike for Julio Jones

    Chasin Paper

    Jay Manning didn’t think of it that way 🤔

    Olzick Montfort

    So they could make sure Julio was paid more.

Julio Jones

If the press would be honest they would be like okay we’re going to just ask you questions to try to get some bad news out of you and if we don’t get enough bad news out of you then we’re just going to cut the press conference short LOL

Jay Salas

Look how well Matt Ryan played under sorry-kesian and now has Dirk back…matty ice gonna have a MVP season…🙏#riseup


    Yesssss let them know, sark was soo trash, my boy dirk koetter bout to snap with this offense


Sanu could execute the Wishbone.

Jay Manning

It’s good to see him fired up that’s definitely encouraging, I would feel a lot better if we finished the Julio contract situation, but I’m confident he will play I think the media is blowing it out of proportion, but at least football is here last night was a good game, now let’s get this win!

Nick bagnulo

More no huddle
See what Ryan can do with a strong o line and DEFENSE

    Good Looking Honkey

    It’s too hard for Ryan and Quinn to understand that. Please.

    Dustin Albers

    Ryan was good with no huddle. The first 3 games of our sb season i saw him run no huddle and did really well. Kinda Peyton Manning ish…

Trill Savage

ESPN said 9-7 but idk might be better then what they predicted we’ll see ..even said we gon make it in the play off

    Jay Manning

    If we can win a couple of these close games early on we’re gonna win at least 10 or more, because our offensive line is only gonna get better we got 2 rookies starting that’s almost unheard by the end of the season our offense should be dominating especially if Freeman stays healthy, but these 1st 2 weeks should let us know how good this team is


Hopefully…Dirk Koetter runs the ball more and cut down on the quick screens this time around.


Rise up I can’t wait to see my dirty bird to play who excited for this season

    Terrance Williams



    Terrance Williams I just can’t wait

    Dustin Albers

    Who ain’t ready?! Every Falxon fan is ready. Benn ready since late midseason last year. And the more moves we made the more i couldn’t wait. I was excited as soon as we fired Stark. The we went and got Koeter added some guys on the DL added a guard on OL drafted to BIG guys up front. Ot just kept getting better and better then…..we went and resigned MONEY Matt. We now have as close to a perfect team as possible. I can’t wait to see our healthy newly renovated D. especially Keanu Neal. And i wanna see how Cominsky is playing around mid season. I honestly think we need 3-5 ganes before we really start to gel. Once we start rolling only injuries can stop us. Tbh we can afford an injury any where on our team with all our depth but Matt Ryan has to stay healthy. He’s the only player we just can not afford to lose. And with all the new rules protecting QB’s we should be ok. #RiseUpRShutUp


First thing I heard was, ” Im ready!”….Ok! ….😆LET’S-GO!!!!

    Moose 2_the_O

    He was, in fact, not ready

Julio J

Every falcons fan need to chill out about Julio’s contract. Arthur Blank has already have Julio his word. Julio isn’t even stressing about his money and it’s his! He knows he will get paid. Y’all just worry about rising up on game day and cheering the dirty birds on.

    Jean Rosario

    Julio J yea I agree with you. If Julio ain’t worried I ain’t worried. Simple.

    Antonio Kim

    Julio J They should be thankful Julio ain’t Antonio haha coming from Antonio


Somebody gimme a link to the shirt he is wearin…please and thank you.


    its on the website..



B Strong

Welcome back Koetter!


Dirk is the man.

Nick bagnulo


please the same record but different outcome

Moose 2_the_O

Man, we looked bad Week 1…

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