Kirk Cousins: We’ve Got To Get Back On Track and Find A Way To Get A Win | Minnesota Vikings – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Kirk Cousins: We’ve Got To Get Back On Track and Find A Way To Get A Win | Minnesota Vikings

QB joined the Voice of the , , during Live on Friday night from the TCO Performance Center to look back on last week's loss to the Packers, and what needs to change this Sunday at U.S. Bank Stadium against the Oakland .

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Freeman Keyz

“We” you mean me.

    Aaron Sadlo


    Snow Tire

    I know. Quiet mind, not jittery? Gotta love PA I guess.


Reality,,, the Vikings simply out played the pack.One problem,,, offence.They could not seal it.Must pick it up.Defense is playing outstanding.These Vikings are in great shape.Better pick it up.Long way to go.


    Must pick it up???? you mean kirk has to pick it up… he’s the one losing us games. and that bullshit pass interference call when Stefon scored that was a real heart breaker

William Jackson

You know how to win…just do it!!! Go Vikings!!!!!!!!

Snow Tire

Is the Chilly Report out yet for this week?


Using the word “we” pretty loosely here.


    yeah… we… you’re the one losing us games kirk u twat lolllll *face palm*


    *kirk hasn’t ever had a game-winning drive for the Vikings* “yeah we gotta pick it up as a team”… kirk… not we… you. You are losing us games lollll


Kirk, you try to go for too much. I love your aggressive attitude, but if there’s nothing clearly open, don’t make the throw & throw it away or check down.

Ogie Gandara

Fantastic facility but Cousins.. not so much…

    Spilled Champagne

    Ogie Gandara he’s a choker

Jim Holt

I wonder which “Cousins” is going to show up this Sunday ???……In it to win it, or Just there for the money !!!

Bailey Fletcher

I got nervous kirk would make a terrible decision based on the way he plays

Joshua Cortez

Who else likes Kirk beard


    more then how he plays

    Tee Moncrief

    Joshua Cortez need to like his play

Mike Knudsen

Dude better get his poop in a group


Kirk just do your job. I am mad at your but at the same time, I’m glad your my qb. Yes our wr is good but Diggs is not the guy to throw for jump ball. Maybe Kyle Rudolph but let’s move on as a team. Move on the be a better team.


Kyle Rudolph definitely needs the ball more

    Snow Tire

    Maybe Irv Smith, don’t understand the screen passes to the slowest guy on the team who would rather run out of bounds than run thru a tackle. Defilipo probably smiled a bit this week “and the blame shifts”.

Alex Konz

Me coming out of the trenches on saturday today like.. Is it okay to support kirk still or we still goin firing squad on him lol


Well at least he takes ownership, not like big Ben, blames everyone but himself for a poor performance

    Tee Moncrief

    Lilgrandechile at least Big Ben won big games before

George Jefferson

Tfw Fox 9 has worse cameras than the Vikings

Sumit Vinod

Kirk plz be solid and semi live up to the contract

bill nye

What do you mean “we” your supporting cast is doing their job. Now do yours before 6ix9ine snitches on you for stealing….

Tee Moncrief

Can Kirk at least play half up to his contract like damn feel like a second year player lol

Steven Sampson

Kirk how about you cut the turnovers out and just play the game lets get back on track.. # skol

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