Kirk Cousins Runs the Show w/ 4 TDs & 333 Yds | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Kirk Cousins Runs the Show w/ 4 TDs & 333 Yds | NFL 2019 Highlights

Kirk Cousins had himself a day through the air with 4 touchdowns and 300+ passing yards. The Philadelphia Eagles take on the Minnesota Vikings during Week 6 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Minnesota Vikings Man 28 Reply

Anyone would be proud to be Kirk’s Cousin after this performance!!!

zmon 8426 Reply

Kirk owns the Eagles!

    Andrew Smith Reply

    Would’ve helped in the 2017 NFC championship game.


Just last week everybody was saying he’s trash how about now 🤔🤔

    BM32 Reply

    Blame the bears

    razgriz821 Reply

    Still is.. until he becomes consistent..

    AttackoftheLumbie Reply

    He’s shiny trash now

A.T. DUB Reply

2:06 this was an elite throw

    Justin Peters Reply

    @FakeUser NameTwo oh yeah what game from him to but ask the NFL for more highlight if you need more to watch ?

    FakeUser NameTwo Reply

    Justin Peters english plz?

    Justin Peters Reply

    @FakeUser NameTwo that is English ?

    FakeUser NameTwo Reply

    Justin Peters grammar plz

HonestReviews Reply

There we go about time see how good we could be?

    Jay Nicks Reply

    HonestReviews all 4 of our wins were pretty easy and dominant wins. The Eagles almost caught us but in the end we beat em soundly. They were lucky we only scored 38 points in them.

MRTUPAC 28 Reply

Cousins wins again? 🤔. Maybe he’s upset because all talk about his play. Good.

    heelp Reply

    @Adrian Barnes he is not. This was honna happend with or without getting called out and trash talked. Its the giants n eagles secondaries guys. Either way SKOL. I hopw.we can do this against good teams.

j0epark1 Reply

Damn, Adam Theilen really made Kirk Cousins go God mode after that call out lol

    Swish Dipper Reply

    @Minnesota SportsFan Detroit may not be easy because they are on of those teams that can look good one game and a mess in another game. I think the vikings could beat kc and dallas

    fizzle mygrizzle Reply

    @Minnesota SportsFan Detroit is looking pretty good…

    Minnesota SportsFan Reply

    @Swish Dipper True, especially for a division Rival never count them out.

    Mantiss Toboggan Reply

    @Minnesota SportsFan dallas not looking so tough now

    EZR Reply

    @Minnesota SportsFan So Detroit is an easy win, but somehow Dalllas is scary okkk?

Tyron Wells Reply

This is what happens if u let him Throw instead of being a Game manager

    Adrian Barnes Reply

    @You Subscribe don’t get ahead of yourself because soon as y’all u gonna be first person blame Kirk cousins

    Tyron Wells Reply

    @Adrian Barnes the problem with Kirk is he fold under pressure in a close big game

    yo momma's toilet Reply

    @Im Bory against trash teams. Go look up his stats against good defenses. But hey, at least now he’s 5-24 against winning teams lol

    yo momma's toilet Reply

    This is what happens when he plays a garbage secondary. He’s had big games like this before; it won’t last.

    Im Bory Reply

    @yo momma’s toilet Yes cause a QB is the only player on the team.

Josh Morrison Reply

2:07 That was a great throw.

    3rd Letter Reply

    Even better catch

    Dylan Thomas Reply

    Agreed. Nice grab too. All together a slick one.

Lonely Chameleon Reply

Man even Treadwell actually caught a pass

    FakeUser NameTwo Reply

    This how you know the Vikings mean business.

    Darrell Campbell Reply

    Lequan Treadwell lives on.😁💪🏾💯

    Tenno Tube2 Reply

    Yea he caught a good one too.

    Romain Reply

    I made a Laquon Treadwell highlight tape. Check it out!

Dashinn Reply

is it just me, or is cousins finally learning how to escape the pocket?

    EmilioTheB3AST Reply

    Dashinn well we running a lot more play actions now when we have him roll out. I think he’s really getting used to that.

Giffond Hall Reply

Kirk cousins > Wentz lol

Reginald Allen Reply

Cousins was amazing! Like a man possessed…

Seek Blu Reply

No fumbles, and the 1 interception was digg’s fault not his. We like that from Kirk

    Swish Dipper Reply

    Don’t forget he got robbed of that td to Theilen because Zimmer had already used one challenge

    fizzle mygrizzle Reply

    @Swish Dipper That wasn’t even close to a TD he only got one foot in

John Smith Reply


Darrell Campbell Reply

Kirk Cousins can throw a got damn ball which he prove time and time again but who say otherwise is hating on him.

    Nick Peterson Reply

    I agree man, I’m sick of hearing all this doubt on his play..our losses have been close and team losses on top of that. Now when he gets hot the haters will be acting like they loved him all along!

CarGuy66 Reply

Talking heads were PILING on him. I bet tomorrow they change their tunes lol

    Dylan L Reply

    I hope not he needs that fire

Mediocre Cousins Reply

That last pass by Cousins was nasty you can’t lie .

Kaito Uchiha Reply

Never thought I’d see the day when Kirk is now consistently hitting good targets.

Truevillany Reply

It’s like he never left Washington
Always torches us

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