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nutswweeff Reply

The only thing that would save keims career if we got jalen Ramsey

    Larry Legend is a GOAT Reply

    Trading fir Ramsey is one of the stupidest things Keim could do. We’ll get Patrick Peterson back soon and Byron Murphy should be a decent CB by at least next year. The jags want 2 1st round picks for Ramsey, and we need those picks for other things than CBs

    Lazor _US Reply

    @DestructableMe i agree we need chase young DE 🔥

AsHeel Reply

Honestly I do believe in Kliff Kingsbury as a coach the only problem at this point it’s time and a real search for a decent offence as a season progress.. Most of people blame Kingsbury for the offence but the problem is not in coaching it’s in really making it work.. The players that are in this season when it comes to o-line are not that amazing some are decent but some are trash most of them are from free-agency only some of the free-agents that Cardinals took really progressing as season is moving some are really showing no progress and Kyler and even Kingsbury see that and still trying to make that o-line atleast for this season bring some W in some games.. Next season with Kliff Kingsbury system you will see some draft picks that are going to increase the o-line even more and the d-line even more and then Cardinals will not need to take those useless free-agents into the team D or O-line.. And Cardinals will become better Kyler is the right QB in this team the only problem is players that are in the system even if it means D-line or O-line it will get better..

    Larry Legend is a GOAT Reply

    Kliff isn’t the one to blame and neither is Kyler

    AsHeel Reply

    @Larry Legend is a GOAT That’s right.. The system will progress as the offence will get better and next season as the draft starts will get some new players to make that O-line/D-line better and then we are going to talk about the problems because when the Cardinals will have the best or atleast the most decent O/D-Line players then we are going to talk about Kliff Kingsbury and Kyler Murray problems for now there is no point of blaming both the Coach and the QB for this O-line..

Brad P Reply

Murray looks good so far, but he needs better protection and most of the defense jus needs to wake up. Cardinal fans deserve better so I hope we can come out of our retirement party and come up with a plan for these seachickens.

DestructableMe Reply

Where is our great big TE??? It’s been years. Time to develop the position.

    Brad P Reply

    I agree. I hate that Kingsbury doesn’t use TE that much.

    Azc Lal Reply

    Brad P kliff actually does use the TE a decent amount, they just don’t get the ball as much but I always see either clay or max in on every play

    DestructableMe Reply

    @Brad P This is a GM Steve Kiem Drafting Issue not a New Coach Problem

    Derek Castillo Reply

    Brad P wth? Kliff uses tE a lot actually. Just the reads haven’t taken the ball there. I agree most play calls don’t have them as a primary read so maybe that should change. It’s hard to cover the TE down the seams I don’t know why everyone doesn’t just do it

Adam Davis Reply

o-line and defense, these are the problems, the o-line has been a problem for the cardinals for 10 years, this is why we have been the last dog at the bowl for 10 years, K2 is making adjustments well, he is a solid coach, he finally stopped making Kyler try to throw to the corner in the red zone an impossible throw for most qb’s to make.

    Robert G Reply

    O line can’t help Murray if he runs backwards dude needs to learn how to step up in the pocket and take a hit

    Derek Castillo Reply

    Robert G bro he’s being chased out his damn drop instantly, so of course he’s going backwards dummy. That’s what direction he starts in, the play calls won’t matter if he’s going forward in pocket right away. It’ll work itself out. I don’t know why you all put so much pressure on this team already. My logic always said take it game by game and see how it progresses. It’s a marathon man. He’s a rookie bro!!! Rookie coach. And they’re doing damn well if you ask me.

xavier lopez Reply

Only 3 more games until Patrick Peterson comes back 🙌🏼🔥🔥

Francisco Suazo Reply

Hey Coach?………. Here is your answer……. Stop being a one-sided defense!!!!!… Tell Vance to stop running the 4-3 only and to start mixing it up. Why do you think Tod Bowls defense is so successful. And many others like him. There’s your answer…..

Mauro Tanaka Reply


    bangsdagong Reply

    aint that the truth!! 8 sacks… many hits and tips and blaaaah blaaahh!!! zero blocking!!!!

Chris Redfield12 Reply

Answers should’ve been found in training camp, and 1st wk of football. Now it’s time to find out who wants the ball and what type of oline is available that wants to play.. otherwise better get used to losses. I am just saying #truth hurts

ERIK Reply

Find solutions not answer… the answer doesn’t solve your problems…

    Vanessa Trujillo Reply

    True smart

Winston Wood Reply

Defense couldn’t stop a nosebleed and the Offense need to get going with more deep shots and better protection these little dink’s and dunks aren’t getting it done we need more deep threats

    Jj Reply

    It is what Kingsbury does. No TE blocking, no pro set knowledge. All Carolina did was set back 5 yards back and wait for those dinks and dunks and Murray had no where to throw. But this should be no surprise to anyone about Kingsbury; and the front office believed he was the best candidate. This offense is in deep trouble because another HC hiring, two years in a row, lacking strong NFL experience. 0-6 NFC West 0-15-1. Problem is the Cards will not fire Kingsbury because owner does not want to admit it was a horrific choice.

dan brow Reply

Hired a coach with a losing record that got fired from Texas Tech.

Read Bible for 8 days straight challenge.

Victor Gaviño Reply

And those wide receiver screens are killing me got to stop that find a different play

Murr Plays Reply

#firekeim we need Sheldon Richardson

Ace sihatay Reply

Would you guys need to do is work on your defense or get a new defensive coach

iigacii Reply

DJ hump needs to step up and act like a round 1 pick!!! Hes getting beat way to much in a contract year step up or get out !!!! We need a better O line to protect kyler so he wont be running round like an 8 year old vs grown men ..
He seems to fall on his own feet !!!! Help az !!!

bangsdagong Reply

sad truth, they might beat bengals and then the rams in week 16 when la has locked things up. 1 or 2 wins for da cards!!!

Daniel Romo Reply

David Johnson is a good blocker and until we get a good blocking tight end. How about you line up David as tight end.

J Abdilla Reply

Holy cow. Vocal fried questions must be unbearable when you’re already reeling from an 0-3 start with a team that can’t get traction.

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