Kingsbury: Great Having Players Back on Field | Arizona Cardinals – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Kingsbury: Great Having Players Back on Field | Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury discusses QB Kyler Murray, WR DeAndre Hopkins and more as #CardsCamp powered by Cox approaches.

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    Stan ezen

    I want to see browns raiders cardinals and broncos in the playoffs this year. Rooting for y’all!!! #BirdClan


    @Stan ezen what about your team ?

    Boss of the Bosses

    @Stan ezen dare to dream.


    Stan ezen

    I want my falcons to fly hard but I’m not an arrogant fan. Our schedule is ridiculous this year!! Chiefs, Saints twice Bucs twice Seahawks, raiders bears packers. It won’t be easy. I’m hoping for at least 10-6 to make up for two 7-9 seasons in a row

Stan ezen


Stan ezen

That offense looking dangerous!!!

ryan damon


Stan ezen

Hopkins and Fitz about to go off y’all

The Dude

All we need is our defense to pull their weight as a team! if we could do that then we should win some football games! Lets do this! Go Cards! ❤

    The Dude

    @Boss of the Bosses most definatly. I think most az cards fans would agree.

    Boss of the Bosses

    @The Dude You had the #26 offense last season 😦

    #weirdarizonians (i rest my case)

    Lego builds alanis

    It’s the defense not doing there job that’s why we got new player better player

    Boss of the Bosses

    @Lego builds alanis *1)* Your rookie QB is 5’9, *2)* You have a 1st year college head coach calling plays, *3)* You have miami’s backup RB as your feature back 😂 *4)* Your top WR is almost 40yrs old, *5)* Your offense led the league in 3rd down “3 & outs”. *6)* Your defense couldn’t rest.

    Do you need me to continue bcuz i can go on if you want me to?


    @Boss of the Bosses had 2nd best avg in run game. Hopkins isnt 40.
    Cards were in every game but one. You clearly didnt watch.

Arizona Animal

Remember Steve Wilks?..Yea,me neither.

    Eddie Spaghetti



    Who’s that ? Lol


    I don’t really care about him.


Kliff & Kyler going to brew up something nice!

    Boss of the Bosses

    Bfft 😂


    @Boss of the Bosses Reading your comments, you’re clearly an idiot

    Boss of the Bosses

    @DigitallyVeiled Clearly? You have become 1 with your computer. When is the wedding?


Red Sea

Lego builds alanis

Miss going to the games


..classy paying homage to Bruce Cooper –

Jack Richardson

Yeah Max Williams can do anything except catch a wide open pass on 4th down against Tampa

    Angel lopez

    Don’t blame the guy, try staring into the sun even with the visors they use

    Jack Richardson

    @Angel lopez I was at that game, the sun wasn’t a factor where he was looking and where the ball was

Martin Peralta

I’m still wondering if there is even gonna be a season smh man I’m so sick and tired of this man made virus smh

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