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Kingdom Stories: Tyrann Mathieu

Tyrann never had it easy growing up in the Fifth Ward of New Orleans. His father was in jail for murder and his mother left him to be raised by other family members. But he did not let it define him and has grown with their relationships over the years. Hurricane Katrina displaced him as a teenager, and he’s lost so many friends and family over the years that he’s running out of places to tattoo the crosses honoring those who he now sees as “angels looking over him” on his leg.

This is Tyrann’s journey…in his words.


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Terry McBride

The perfect man for the Job!
He has overcome so much since his College days,Perseverance is what we need and that’s exactly what we will get with this Man!

Rob Jones

Great interview guys!

Frog Farmer

nice! give us the video next time!

Erick Rikard

The only player I have ever owned a jersey for even though he wasn’t a Chief. I had his Arizona jersey, and I still have 2 signed rookie cards of his that I got the very first year he was in the league. To have him on the Chiefs now is a dream come true for me.

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