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Kingdom Stories: Frank Clark

From growing up in the West Adams District of Los Angeles and having gangs shoot up the house he lived in with his single mother twice in less than a week, to spending time in a homeless shelter on Skid Row before moving out to Cleveland as a young kid, the journey of Chiefs’ defensive end Frank Clark is one of strength and perseverance.

This is Frank’s journey…in his words.


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B.C.Y NMJG Reply


Jivo Reply


Tyler Stinnett Reply

lets go CHIEFS!!!!

Ethan Proctor Reply

Chiefs gonna be deadly

Gerry Cole Reply

Let’s go chiefs ..

Raylan 69 Reply


    Frog Farmer Reply


J.J. Alleson Reply

Watch what Shady will do when there’s only six men in the Box💪🏽💥💥💥✌

    KcChief Cardinal Reply

    Fact…and open field to make 1 defender miss.. 10 to 15 yd gains consistently

AK1919 Reply

What is happening at 15:36? Are you okay bj? Lol

    dk_685 Reply

    It’s when that drip hits 😂


    Lol dude I was really really confused about that

Ernesto Calderon Reply

One game at a time #INPATWETRUST💯

dk_685 Reply

18th Street crips? Lol from LA and never heard of them. Now 18th Street is one of the biggest Hispanic hoods out here

    dk_685 Reply

    Welcome to the Kingdom though, looking forward to you balling out his season

    KcChief Cardinal Reply

    He said mexican crips somewhere in there… but that’s all I got from it. Either way glad he’s playing for us now.

tim countryman Reply

Can’t wait to see what he does on defense this year for the chiefs.. I think he brings an energy that pumps up everyone around him.. Lets go Clark

Terry McBride Reply

PFF claims Hawks upgraded over Clark with Clowney, Clark is a different Animal,a literall model of consistency.
2019 will be Amazing for KC!

    C B Reply

    PFF is garbage.

    R Donner Reply

    Pff doesn’t take into account the fact that Clark was the only playmaker on that Seahawks pass rush. Clowney benefited from the Great JJ Watt, not to mention Whitney Mercilus and Dj Reader as teammates on the dline. Who did Clark have to alleviate pressure from himself? Jarran Reed?
    Also Clark has had a higher sack production over his career, and doesn’t have the injury issues of Clowney. Don’t let people fool you; The Chiefs chose Clark over Clowney on purpose my dude!

Donald A Reply

Honestly that was really awesome. I want to hear tons and tons more just like that. If he’s half as good as I hear he is, I thank God Seattle Seahawks was stupid enough to let him go.

Tamara Russell-Czwartacky Reply

I love these podcasts!!! This new series is awesome. I love getting to know the players as people just a little bit better. Thank you, BJ. 😊 What a story Frank has and he’s grown from his past and now just wants to help people. ❤💛 And I’m sorry for the loss of your fathers, guys. I lost mine in 2002 and miss him all the time. 💕

samson gersing Reply

love mahomes, but i do understand clark, & honey badger! never new my parents, join marine corp. been fan since, Devon Cherry, since 70’s love this team ,brings hope 2 life from the “Deplorables “lmao


    God bless you 🙏🏽

Linda Adams Reply

Wow, what an amazing human being, man, father, husband, and teammate. You should be so proud! Thank you Frank Clark, for allowing everyone a glimpse into who and what you are.!

Bryan Riebel Reply

This is good stuff, REAL stuff. Kudos to both of you, and everyone else involved behind the scenes.

C B Reply

Football is catharsis for Frank Clark.

Zach Reply

I grew up in a shelter in Santa Ana (The Gang Epicenter in Orange County, CA) and It was a huge deal that my Sisters and I grow up and get an education. It’s such a big deal that someone is helping shelters like Mr Clark. 👏

John Harlow Reply

Great story have a good year Frank on and off the field

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