Kingbury on Addition of Chris Banjo, Comparing Russell Wilson & Kyler Murray | Arizona Cardinals – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Daniel Paull Reply

Need a o line. Kyler won’t have success when he’s running for his life every snap

    Wanheda Reply

    They still made it work when they were balanced with the play calling. It’s once they went one dimensional with the pass that they started to really struggle. They need to keep the run game involved for the whole 4 quarters.

Cards Brah Reply

Banjo gonna make PLAYS my dudes!! his #1 hit is Tackle Time!

Albert Ornelas Reply

I still believe in you RED SEA GO CARDNIALS

Azc Lal Reply

We’re not even getting beat by blitz the 4 pass rush gets in with different stints, the panthers do the 2 linebackers in the A-gap look and back off, we couldn’t handle that

    Robert G Reply

    Azc Lal kyler needs to learn how to step up in the pocket and not run backwards

    Azc Lal Reply

    Robert G I totally agree

    Wanheda Reply

    @Robert G He does, but the tackles also need to learn to not completely whiff on the defender rushing the outside. They aren’t getting any resistance on a lot of the pressures that they are giving up, but it is also partially on Kliff for letting the play calling get too one dimensional as well.

    GhostInhale Reply

    @Robert G if he stays in the pocket and doesn’t roll out he is going to get injured. That offensive line swallows him up so fast.

nodonny8 Reply

No o line .

jmgmarcus Reply

We need to trade for some O line pieces and get that run game going. This is ridiculous, we look like a back yard offense at the yearly turkey bowl. I thought maybe 7 games could be won, I think 3 is asking a lot now.

Ima Infidel Reply

As a YouTube commenter I firmly believe I should be the Head Coach and play quarterback, I’ve watched tons of footballing my couch. I’m. Ready.

Matthew Wilmarth Reply

Go Cards! #BirdGang

Jj Reply

All teams have to do is rush 4, cover five yards downfield with 7. K Murray does not have the accuracy, he missed many passes against Ravens. Had Sherfield wide open and threw too high. Sherfield had entire sideline to goal line open. KM needs to quit running parallel to line of scrimmage and losing yards each time. 0-6 NFC West, 0-15-1 is probable with the lame running game of Kingsbury. Draft needs to improve. Horrific job on OL picks over last decade.”We need to get better” to quote Steve Wilks. Same story in 2019. Like Wilks, Kingsbury is not ready for the NFL; he was not ready in college, so why should he have been ready for NFL? Front office needs to be turned over. Too obvious it is not functioning in best interest of the team.

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