Kickoff to the Buffalo Bills’ 60th season | Where Else Would You Rather Be? – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Timothy Sherry

Let’s go buffalo 💯💪✊

Mark Mckinney

Go Bills!!

andrew k

Marvelous Marv!

christopher sharr

GO BILLS!!! Couldn’t have picked a better person to narrate.

    John Tate

    Yeah Go Marv!!! GOBILLS!!!

Fabiano Bittencourt

That’s how much I love this team! Cheers from Brazil. GO BILLS!!!

Joe Petri

Love Coach Marv Levy!!! Go Bills!!!

Tom Gillotti


joe mel1998


Ken Simmons

Hype + history = winner

Nick Lepsch

YOURE GOD DAMN RIGHT MARV!!…there’s no other place I’d rather be!!…GO BILLS

Dennis Stender

Let’s Go Buffalo Let’s Go Bills !!

John Tate

It’s our time now, worst to first, and ever game atoss up. That’s what the NFL wants.. we are in perfect spot to win it all. Just need a couple of rolls.


Put me in, Coach!

True That Boxing

Yo!!! That gave me chills.

That was nice!

Bob Anastasia

Anyone else get the chills when Marv says “After 60 years, ill still say”.. then it pauses… and you know whats coming next.. The rallying cry of an entire Bills Mafia nation…. LETS GO BILLS!!!

Jeff Farner

Freakin love Marv

The Source

Can someone direct me to closest brick wall I can go through
#BillsMafia #BestDamnFansPERIOD

Big Dick

You’ve heard of train wrecks.
The only thing worse is a plane wreck.
The Jets & their clueless fans will come crashing back to Earth Sunday.

John McCaskey

Circle the Wagons! Cheers from Al Udeid AB, Qatar!

Dave M

17-16! how about them Bills boys n girls!!!

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