Kicking the Stigma Week – Kickoff Show – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Kicking the Stigma Week – Kickoff Show

Indianapolis Colts Owner/Vice Chair Kalen Jackson and Larra Overton help kick off Kicking the Stigma Week, a virtual fundraiser to raise awareness about mental health disorders and to remove the shame and stigma too often associated with these illnesses.

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warscout1 Reply

Let’s go my boyz

    Chris Dewayne Reply

    Yes sir

Zuo Zhen Reply

Colts are in good hands with the Irsay family.

Scott Bolander Reply

If there is no stigma to being mentally ill, then why do the Colts go through soooooo much trouble to make sure their incoming players are 100% mentally stable and functional? It sounds like Ballard thinks any “stigma” is 100% deserved.

Eightyoneduce Reply

The future of our colts franchise Katlen Irsay going to be the best female owner in the league. She cares so much about our people and everyones mental health. The real change happens when we all come together and help one another.

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